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Bangkok cops on alert for underage Valentine's kissing

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 10:16 AM
Beware Minors! No kissing in public on Valentines Day! (When you're in Bangkok)

News Source

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A word of advice to young Thai lovers on Valentine's Day: No kissing in public.

Bangkok police say they plan to protect underage couples from the sting of Cupid's arrow, and will crack down on what is deemed to be "inappropriate" behavior.

"If we find teenagers below 18 engaged in inappropriate behavior like kissing, we will give them warnings and report to their parents so they can pick them up," he said. "Alcohol is definitely a catalyst for this kind of behavior, so we will keep an eye on underage drinking."

My oh my, I have tried living in 3 communist countries. None ever get close to this.

I am not criticizing it. They have their own reasons for doing so. I am just surprised

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