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Is Spirit an Interdimensional Parasite?

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 03:26 AM
Hi all. I awoke this morning with this thought.

Could spirit/soul etc just merely be a Parasite?

What I am Hypothesising is that some time back Spirit hitched a ride on some biological entity, in a similar way to Mitochondria may have done billions of years ago to Eukaryotes.

It is mostly a symbiotic relationship and like Mitochondria we don't know it is there...until we look. This I believe is why, when we believe that we are entering the Spirit realm that there is a detachment from the physical ain't ours. We just borrowed it!!

What do spirit get out of it? Maybe its a kind of holiday to them. Experience and sensations that are different in their dimension. When in a "meditative" state I note that vision, touch etc are a less focused event, experienced within and without. It could be that we are not aware of any of this generally day to day because our spirit consciousness is not fully spiritually conscious in a mere 3 dimensions.

I see it as a similar thing to time and dimension relative to the different species here on Earth. A day in the life of a 300 year old tree is not the same as a day to short lived insect. The fast moving insect would be but a blur, if a tree had eyes would it even see it? Dimension wise, is a spider mite aware of us? We could squash it and it would never know of our existence. These awareness's are our interpretations in these dimensions.

Eukaryotes are not apparently aware of the Mitochondria. Mitochondria may not be aware of Eukaryotes. But we live side by side. I wonder which of our cellular existence spirit is actually attached to, Eukaryotes or Mitochondria? Both? If you look upon Eukaryotes or Mitochondria as separate living entities could it be that two spirits can occupy the same biological unit?


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