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Invasion theory?

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 11:24 PM
I have spent sometime thinking about alien visitations to earth through evidental videos and photographic proofs, and sighting witnesses, I believe in alien existence, although my friend thinks that if the government is actually hiding something from us, it would be that they're creating some kind of weapons, and those so called "UFOs" are no other than government property of technology, but I would deny this idea of his.
Aliens do exist, and some day, the world have to face them, they can be hostile, or friendly. Well, if they're to destroy us, they'll send their army (or whatever you want to call it) to kill us one by one like in Hollywood movies or with just a blast and the Earth be will ground to dust. I know that I am not making a very positive thread
but like it or not, there will be a day when the strangers have to show up, the matter is when.

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 11:33 PM
Hmm, well im thinking that it most likely would be an invasion strategy thats somewhat like we seen in the movie ID4.
Take out the key cities with an overwhelming show of force, then put the boots or "claws" on the ground for mop up.
I guess it would also depend on what the aliens wanted Earth for. If, like the movie, they just wanted the resources of Earth, then that would be the best way.
However, if they wanted to preserve the infrastructure of the cities then they could use something like our Neutron Bomb, where only people are killed, leaving buildings intact.
Like i said though, unless we knew exactly why they wanted Earth, its hard to determine the type of invasion we see from them.
Unlike the movie though, i dont think we could "beat" them in ONE day, if at all.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 12:02 AM
Warfare has changed.

It used to be you'd gather up all your troops... land in the night, and in a massive bloody frontal assault, face death and your enemy with nothing but pure rage and sheer force.

Before that... round about the Revolutionay War Era... Soldiers actually stood in neat happy little firing lines... and took orderly turns taking and returning fire...

Let us not forget that warfare was for Genltemen (????). Therefore, at night, the war was over. If it snowed, or there were inclement weather... war was postponed.

WAR with a "rain delay"... imagine that. A more "civilized" time? Hmmm... I don't know that this argument could really be made with accuracy.


Yes sirreebob... that word that concept... it's changed...

THIS invasion has been going on for more than 2000 years. Christ himself was abducted TWICE, and it's even stated in the Bible... When Satan comes and "takes Jesus... away to the mountainous regions... to the wilderness..." and tries to get him to take the MATERIAL WORLD as a gift from his brother... Jesus, of course, says "ahhhh.... no."

THIS invasion has to do with the demolition of YOUR DNA... This demolition which has been ongoing for millenia... It's working...

WE expected a frontal assault.

WE expected them to land "on the white house lawn"

WE expected them to have a "heartlight" and to "phone home"

WE are so very gullible it makes me SCARED for Humanity.

Anybody here HUNT? You ever hunt a query you had to "OUTFOX"? You know the ones... they don't even know what hit 'em... they just feel FEAR ... immense FEAR in their last moments.

This is why "game" hunting is foolish. Nature is NOT a trophy. This utter disespect is now being revisited upon humanity.

Nature tends to find stasis.

And now...

WE have been invaded. THIS is the second time this "army" has tried to destroy us. The first time ended with this massive flood... goto ANY culture on the face of this planet and they'll tell you of a Great Flood...

Pretty weird for a God that does NOT exist, no?

The second invasion began shortly after that... and has been steadily ongoing for 2000 years...

The "very much work to do..." that one and all have certainly heard of... is relevent to DESTRUCTION of the human race.

When autism reaches pandemic stages within the US alone... and NOTHING is done immediately... it becomes obvious that this PANDEMIC is one which has been SCHEDULED. It has been PLANNED...


The invasion is one the likes of which WE have never experienced... we've done it ourselves for years. How do you think Hussein CAME to power in the first place?

You DO realize that American troops are REALLY being killed with AMERICAN WEAPONS at this very time, right?

We've been duped. We've been led to temptation which we've acted upon. Now we worship money... idols... fornication has a brand new UGLY definition with this new generation... and I thought kids were bad when I was in college!

We've been invaded.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 12:03 AM

Originally posted by bonthan
... but like it or not, there will be a day when the strangers have to show up, the matter is when.

When is irrelevant. Time is not linear. Everything in reality says time is circular. The only variable saying it's linear is humans' opinions.

If we sent out a signal .... ever

If we left a calling card .... ever

If any race of beings throughout all time, anywhere, have attained the ability to traverse time and space ....

Then we are known to them.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 12:07 AM
I figured an advanced race would use biological weopons to defeat us maby some kind of super germ that kills humans fast and spreads easily. With their ability to mostly fly undetected they could air dispense whatever they create.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 12:08 AM
I'm going to give the classic cop-out answer:

If they wanted to destroy us, they could have done it a long, long time ago. They could do it right now in a flash.

destroying humanity slowely through warfare is man's forté.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 12:31 AM
Maybe a long time ago, they did not attempt to invade us. And Esoteric Teacher + Southpaw11, I did not pretty much get what you were saying, for English is not my first language, so simplifying it would be fine.
Slickinfinity, there is a lot of ways that they can use to destroy us with that kind of advanced technologies they have. Human had dominated the planet for a VERY long time, it will soon be their turn

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 12:36 AM
When you look at the deep-field space images and try to comprehend how many life-forms there must be in just our little corner of the universe, it seems hard to believe that we would be the object of an invasion..of any sort. The elements that make up Earth, and Earth-like bodies must be very common. Also, it defies common-sense to think that beings which have gone through the phases of growth and emerged (survived) to become technicologically/mentally advanced would want to conquer another life-form that is on the same road that they have traversed. Surely, advanced beings must be intimately aware that the creator of the universe would not look kindly upon their species if they tampered with humankind in a negative manner...don't ya think?

I've been reading this fascinating forum for several weeks now. Found it during a Google Search on "Ohare". (I live 20 miles west of Ohare.) This is my first time posting. Hello all! -Bert

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 12:58 AM

Originally posted by BallOfPopulation
I'm going to give the classic cop-out answer:

If they wanted to destroy us, they could have done it a long, long time ago. They could do it right now in a flash.

destroying humanity slowely through warfare is man's forté.

Okay. This is simply amazing to me. We have talked in here REPEATEDLY about how the Bible has been altered by Man to benefit Man. Does that necessarily negate the whole thing?


YES. Some "alien invasion force" could have whacked us long ago. But this is only stating the obvious. Just as the sky appears blue... water is wet and is the softest thing in nature... just like yesterday was before today...

I mean NO disrespect in what I've said... electronic comms can be deceiving even on their face...

If Satan were pissed. Jealous to the hilt. And if he REALLY did say he was going to force mankind to turn its back on God...

If Genesis 6 REALLY happened. The Nephilim and Satan himself... cast down to earth. The women fell for the Neph. The giants were the offspring... Giants... those of Mythology. IT'S OBVIOUS.

If grays are Satans little ranch hands.

If the violent crime of abduction really exists.


don't ya get it? they take your deepest fears and joys... and then USE THEM to completely MESS WITH YOU.

If the goal is NOT to "take over" like we did in Baghdad... but rather... to simply and secretly "outta sight outta mind" create the "opportunity" for mankind to implement his OWN free will to DESTROY HIMSELF AND HIS GOD...

well... in that case.... we maybe better MODIFY OUR THINKING, no?

Whether you believe or not... you are HERE. THAT means you keep your mind open. You are vigilant. You are AWARE of your surroundings. You look for patterns. You have an "intel" mind.
(by the way, Derrel Sims has found these traits to be common among his REAL abductees)

Therefore, YOU MUST consider the option I just described as viable. You HAVE TO DEBUNK IT. Otherwise, it is NOT RESOLVED.

And IF that is a viable option. Then EVERYONE here needs to go get a blacklight. You need to start noticing ghosts. You need to start listening for noises on your roof at night. You need to stop and look around when you somehow just wake from a dead sleep at 0330 hours. You need to NOT write off the red splotches you found on your body this morning. You need to NOT write off the possibility that IF you see a UFO alone or with just a couple folks... you probably had an abduction event that night too.

We need to RIP this veil OFF our faces and FINALLY come up for air! LOOK AROUND!!! Get our bearings.

The fact that people are so "angry"... and I know y'all say you are not... but I used to wear those SAME BOOTS.... so ya can't fool me.... might fool yourself... and that's fine... I had to go at my own pace too. I used to look at it as "weak" to give yourself over to Christ too...

But then Derrel Sims suggested we pray before we eat. And THAT shocked me. All of a sudden, one of the baddestass Investigators in the entire field... the guy with the REAL evidence... and he IS getting ready to tell the world. Again, he funds his OWN operation and has been living on NOTHING for YEARS just to HELP these victims of Violent Crime.

So any person who believes it's all a "joke"... this is a man with a family who has devoted his life to HELPING HUMAN BEINGS. He doesn't charge for his services in this field. His PROFESSIONAL AND QUITE QUALIFIED MEDICAL TEAM do NOT charge a thing.

We've gotta get the blinders off.

If Humans were taking people to perform "experiments" or to "study" other humans... we'd have a BIG problem with it. I don't care who ya are. So my question is this... no matter what you've been led to believe... UNLEARN.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 01:04 AM
No matter how certain you are that they are here to HELP US... Let your mind slide to the other side just for consideration. Fair enough?

Because I HAVE thought they were here to help. I HAVE believed they travelled from another star.

I'm willing bet just about everybody here wanted to be an astronaut when they were a kid.

Another common trait among abductees.

It's also a BIG sign that we have genetic memory and that we KNOW we are to return to the stars. That our place is FAR from a physical life.

Who knows...

What we DO know is that we sit for hours days weeks and years DEBATING. Ripping each other apart. Moving FURTHER and FURTHER from TRUTH. Moving FURTHER and FURTHER from a Collective Soul.

Ya remember the age old joke... "what if the whole world farted at once?" I feel, as funny as it might seem iniitially, that THIS is the type of "sign" that exists subtly througout humanity. All over the earth. The veil. It is soooo thin. WHY would you consider that? The "whole world" doing anything at the same time?

Take it up a notch. BAM!! Moah Gahlic!!!

What if the whole world prayed at the same time? For the SAME thing? What if we had a means of KNOWING what the thing was without ANYONE uttering so much as a single word?

What if our WEAPON is UNITY?

Are you outside the box yet?

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 01:17 AM
Southpaw, stop coming into every thread here and concocting some Bible/Alien/Satan CRAP and then taking up the whole page with ramblings that you can't back up. Stop believing everything you read in a book. Just because something is old does not make it right. Why don't you go read some Buddhist texts, they're old too. What, not enough Satan and 'evil' in them for you?

Exactly WHY would aliens be coming here just to torture us? Thats really just, incredibly illogical. Because they feed on fear? Please, they could scare themselves all day, that 'feed on fear' thing is just used as a lame attempt to find a reason why they would want to torture us.

Do you really think your so important? I have never had an encounter with anything, anything paranormal, I've never been hounded by demons, no alien has popped up and fed on my energy, I've never thought that everything and everyone is out to get me. You are extremely paranoid, and you think your somehow helping us when you don't even know that your right, you only think you are. Say it once, when the thread calls for it, assert it as your opinion, and if you think its real, back it up with something rather than just RANDOM CAPITAL LETTERS.

You have to understand that maybe you are the one that needs to take the blinders off.

Please get over yourself, realize that the universe is much larger than you, the human race, and the aliens we so seek to understand.

For all you know, there could be NO aliens coming here at all. There could be many aliens coming here--- some good, some neutral, some destructive. You seem to want to put all aliens into the 'evil demons' category. You still can't prove that abductions are anything more than the government. Do you know who William Cooper is? Look him up on google video, theres a new conspiracy theory to mull over.

by the way, here is a wonderful place for you to make a million posts about what you are so passionate about.

Its all set up right there for you, go there and preach to your hearts content.

I sincerely appologize if this post offends you, but you seem to refuse to listen to anyone that isn't talking about the Bible and the evilness of aliens.

Want something else that'll make you go 'HUH?'

Hope you like reptilian theories.

Go on, click it.

Peace SouthPaw
You drive me crazy though!

[edit on 13-2-2007 by BallOfPopulation]

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 05:24 AM
Southpaw do you believe that man walked with Dinosaurs? If so, why and what is your evidence?

What evidence do you have that aliens are beings sent by Satan?

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 06:08 AM
Southpaw -

The 'Great Flood' mythology common to cultures all over the world has a very simple explanation - it's nothing to do with deities, aliens or time-travelling MIB using HAARP devices etc etc.

During the last major Ice Age (Pleistocene) and into the start of the 'modern' epoch (Holocene), a vast amount of water was locked up in Ice Sheets and Caps and global sea levels were much lower than current (i.e. up to ~150m less than today) and the coastline in many parts of the world practically extended to the local continental shelf/drop-off.

At the end of the Pleistocene, much of the ice melted causing a huge rise in sea levels worldwide - this is known as the 'Holocene Marine Transgression' (HMT). At the peak of the HMT (~6500 years ago), sea levels were actually 2-5m higher than present and subsequently stabilised at about the present level. There are many published papers in reputable journals dealing with Quaternary sea level fluctuations and geological evidence abounds....

Naturally, many coastal cultures existing 10000-5000 years ago would have been directly affected by rising sea levels (e.g. look at the drowned cities of the Mediterranean - such as those discovered off the north coast of Egypt) and would have retained a corrupted version of the 'flood' in their oral traditions.....

[edit on 2/13/2007 by Empedocles]

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 09:09 AM
Now THAT is what I like!

When somebody comes into our organization... the first thing they get told i that their skin has GOT to be THICK. That we speak candidly, and that we expect the same of our people. If there's NOT free lines of communication... then what the hell we fightin' for in the first place?

I can sum it up like this. The "Book" that you refer to has traversed 4600 years. The "Book" itself asks us to refer to ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE TO FIND TRUTH. I'll note here it is NOT refering to itself in that context either...

Enter Sumerian Texts. Enter people with 20, 30, 40, 50 years experience in their field of study... Enter Biblical Scholars with the same range of experience.

Enter Military Policeman/CIA Black Operative/Abductee. It wouldn't matter WHO this is. That description is someone first, you will trust, second, you are scared of, third, has answers you never knew existed, has experiences that go WAY beyond "internet conversation".

I would ask that you consult an expert. A TRUE expert. Call Derrel Sims and ask him about it. Ask him how you'd know if YOU are an abductee or not.

Ask yourself this: Is it POSSIBLE that there's an entire aspect to life that I've not encountered, just like most humans, b/c it is NOT in the "plan" for ME to see the details?

You have NO option but to answer YES. NONE. Now... does that mean I'm right You're wrong BS kicks in right there? No way, bro... We gotta INVESTIGATE.

Call Sims. I understand your frustration. You have no idea what I went through admitting Christ. My arguments were such as "why is it so bad to just go back to being dust?" or "why is it not enough to cherish this ONE life we KNOW we have?" etc etc...

Oftentimes, I made arguments that I thought proved there was NO God... and yet... once I read the Bible last year... I found those same arguments being made BY God... Interesting. THAT belongs in that alternate thread.

THIS is not a discussion about Faith. I am merely stating that we ALL must RESERVE JUDGEMENT completely on the "final answer". And, unfortunately, for those who have become passionately "spiteful" toward Christ, this includes the permutation that says the Bible was RIGHT ON. That says that Job WAS and abductee. That says Satan and his little monkeys HAVE been destroying Human DNA... altering it... so that we are a bunch of autistic lumps of gunk... That will WORSHIP WHATEVER TELLS US TO WORSHIP IT.


"The Target Remains..."

And backatcha Bro... don't cease the challenge. FORCE EVOLUTION.


posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 09:26 AM

Originally posted by tezzajw
Southpaw do you believe that man walked with Dinosaurs? If so, why and what is your evidence?

What evidence do you have that aliens are beings sent by Satan?

Interesting Question. I DO... but have NO evidence to this extent. THIS is one of the things in my mind... just like YOU ALL HAVE... that "flashes" before me... just a glimpse of something ... before... after... whatever...

Everybody sees stuff like this. I've asked all my life. Just think to yourself about it. Those little thoughts that you write off... you simply try to make them disappear... the "whatevers"... that is what I call them.

For me?

Thermonuclear detonation.

The surface of the moon. Structures there... FUNCTIONING. What moon? NO IDEA.


Shadow People/Watchers

Missing Time


Programmed Deviation from responsibilities and obiligations.


Endtimes Visions... BAD. (common abductee trait)

Here's a gross one... any of you used to pick your nose like you were diggin' for gold when you were a kid? Theres a reason for that.

Grays. Grays. and more Grays. Only.. they are a light brown. they've got these little moles all over them. They STINK. SULFUR. BURNT MATCHES.

Again, I'm not standing alone on this.

The "aliens" by Satan thing... Best be is to consult the EXPERT. He's reasonable, and if you've got questions about the possiblity of abduction the guy can help you out as well.

CALL DERREL SIMS. Ask him about the 2000 Abductees he's worked with. Ask him about discovering the "florescence anomoly". HE discovered that. Not Steven Greer, Roger Lier, Whitley Strieber, et al. In fact, THEY have a tendancy to BASH Sims, and then take his qustionaires, his implants, etc and use them for THEIR OWN BENEFIT. Can I prove it... Call it HEARSAY for now. But it makes me sick to my stomach. When I learned that the "deception" crept even into ufology... I felt stupid for not realizing it MUST have been that way... that greed would begin to play a role even in the hunt for Truth.


I've looked around. I've talked to THOUSANDS. Sims IS the Man.

Ask him about being abducted himself. Ask him about sending his OWN mole with a programmed TRIGGER which INDUCED TWO MASS ABDUCTIONS.

If you think this sounds too xfiles... just leave now. I honestly don't want to waste time with anybody that's NOT up to speed. Likewise, I wouldn't want you to waste your time with me yet.... See... I already KNOW that you will have been told to NOT listen to this. I KNOW that you will have an aversion to this train of thought. It is simply TOO overwhelming.

No worries. Here's our SAFETY. RESERVE JUDGEMENT. I'll do the same. When additional thoughts and arguments are presented... let's all consider them. The TRUTH is found NOT from a THING but from a THOUGHT. The THING is there either way. Without the THOUGHT you ain't gonna find the thing... even if it reaches up and bashes y'all like a fry pan on the forehead!

CALL SIMS. Goto Go SEE the evidence he has there. The website is "not all that". It's pretty sharp, but NOT for the truthseekers that you all are... BE PATIENT. SEE THE DETAILS.

AND... if you feel you may have had abduction experience(s) then CALL him and ask him what to do to get closer to truth. HE CAN HELP.

And here's the clincher... He ain't gonna charge y'all so much as a DIME. If you wanna buy his book? I think it's like 20 bucks... just like ANY book. Only THAT book gives you data you will NEVER find on the internet.

That guy was a SPOOK. Don't you think he has a "thing" for concealing the data til it's "time"?

Seriously... look into it. Until then...

PS- PLEASE DO NOT implement the technique described to "contact grays" either. You are going to have the tendancy to argue with me about this.


[edit on 13/202/07 by Southpaw11]

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 09:43 AM
The actiivity with the colors/quadrants, etc. PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE THIS. You do NOT want them coming around. As much as your mind cries out for them to come ... just so you can "see".

Trust me. You DO NOT WANT THAT.

I've already been contacted by one person HERE that tried that. It worked. And I've referred them on to Derrel Sims, Private Investigator and Alienhunter to get some answers.

I will NOT reveal that person's ID without permission. If THEY want to talk about it then that's fine. It requires alot more courage than any of us might believe to come forward. So don't expect it. And my skin is so thick, it's a vain effort to taunt me. As people say it's okay to talk about... I'll tell YOU first.

I know these are cursed words... but trust me.


posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 10:10 AM

Please lose the caps lock

[edit on 13/2/07 by masqua]

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 10:24 AM
Well I guess if there were some hostile aliens wanting to invade the earth, I assume it'd be because of our natural resources. Depending on what natural resources they wanted is what would determine their invasion tactics.

I'm going to assume they need organic materials...(since they could just mine an asteroid or uninhabited planet for metals/minerals). So they would like to salvage as much of the biosphere as possible, sans the unruly humans of course.

Viruses, plagues, etc are a great idea... but why not just smack the ball with a few big rocks and sit back for a few years to let the debris clear. Of course you might lose some diversity, but the primary objective would be completed without even showing yourself or taking any risk, and with the minimal amount of energy.

Then the alien invasion force can zip in, and do what they wanted. The remaining humans could be mopped up later after the alien beachhead is firmly established.

However I believe the Galactic Confederation frowns on such actions

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 01:03 PM
If it's through a "shock and awe" strategy, they would have to send massive fleets above all large cities, while destroying all military bases they can find. The public morale would be devastated, and the world's population would be easily submitted on a matters of days, if not hours. But if the aliens want something out of humans, that'd be risky, since millions would commit collective suicide rather than accepting total domination from outer space.

If it's through an approach of defending an occupation, and slowly, painlessly taking over, all they have to do is what they could be very well doing right now... to cloud their presence and infiltrate the elite, to the point where the elite will be entirely controlled by them! The most dangerous defensive attack is when it comes from the underground, and is aimed at the top.

I'm wondering if places like Area 51 are not, as opposed to what most people think in the UFO community, a measure of protection AGAINST the aliens... hiding underground ultra-secret fleets of ships which could be potentially used against the invaders.

The aliens have obviously read the Art of War by Sun Tsu a long time ago...

[edit on 13/2/07 by Echtelion]

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 01:56 PM
Im so sick of these crap theory that aliens is going to invade at 2012.

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