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Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell: “Roswell was real!”

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 04:22 PM
Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell: “Roswell was real!”
Summary of speech given in Boca Raton FL, Jan 23 2007,
(As reported in the Boca Raton News)

The sixth man to walk on the moon:

As the moon drew further from his vision, Dr. Edgar Mitchell began to focus on the beauty of space.

“We were so focused on the task at hand that we didn’t have time to look around and get emotional. But on the way back, I could look out the window and be a tourist. I observed the heavens for three days all the way home, Mitchell said. “There were ten times as many stars and they were ten times brighter than anything you see on Earth. They were more like what you see on a powerful telescope. It was very emotional, very wow. I felt connected to everything.

Mitchell, who was the lunar module pilot for Apollo 14, especially feels those emotions around the anniversary of his nine-day journey to the moon, which took place Jan. 31, 1971. He told his story of being the sixth man to walk on the moon at a recent Boca Raton Roundtable event. He also signed his book the “Way of the Explorer and DVD “The View From Space: A Message of Peace.

“I grew up in West Texas where people came to start a new life. The first airplane was flown when my father was born and I went to the moon, he said.

At 13, Mitchell would wash airplanes to earn flight time. He got his pilot’s license at 16.

But being an astronaut wasn’t on Mitchell’s mind at that time. In college, he studied industrial management and strived for a career in business. However, after he graduated there was a draft for the Korean War. Not wanting to be in the army, he enlisted in the Navy and went to flight school.

While on a Navy ship in the Pacific Ocean, the Soviets launched Sputnik into space. At that moment, Mitchell, then 27, knew he wanted to be in the air instead of the sea.

In 1966, he was accepted into the Apollo program. He began training for the position of lunar module pilot.

“We trained for every instance of a mission. It was the what ifs or failures that we spent 90 percent of our time on, he said. “When we went up we convinced ourselves that it was just a simulation. But we still had sweaty palms when they ignited the engines.

Fate, however, changed Mitchell’s course. He was assigned to the team of Apollo 13. But after some crew members became sick, his crew was changed to Apollo 14.

“They got the bad machine that blew up in space and we got the good machine that went to space, he said.

Mitchell and crew rescued Apollo 13 in 1970.

“We had to learn how to fly the lunar module on land and then use it to bring them home, he said. “They were our friends.

A year later, Mitchell and the Apollo 14 crew went to the moon.

Once he came back Mitchell looked at life in a new light. He began to look into the studies of consciousness and pursued it for 35 years. He also wrote books including “Psychic Exploration about his experience and his findings.

“The experience was so powerful and I was already interested in deep mental experience. I began to study parapsychology to find out what’s going into us, he said.

Life on Space?

When asked about unusual sightings in outer space, Mitchell said, “There were no UFO’s or alien type phenomenon.

“All the astronauts from the Apollo area had no space encounters, he said. “However, many old timers in the 40s and 50s told me on their death beds that Roswell was a real incident.

Exploration age
Mitchell told the audience that this is the exploration age.

“When Sputnik first went up, it began the space age, he said. “Here today fifty years later we’re going back in time and into the heavens for the first time in human history and seeing structures billion light years away. It’s a new insight into ourselves.

Mitchell added,“We’re the first generation starting to explore the universe at large. If we don’t kill ourselves off we’re likely to go outside the solar system by the end of century

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