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VACCINE RISK....What The Government Is Hiding

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 02:06 PM

As many people are aware, the increase of Anaphylactic children due to food allergies has hit epidemic levels. In addition to Anaphylactic children, there are epidemic level increases in Asthma and Autism. Although questions are being raised, the United States Goverment has refused to do a study linking Childhood vaccinations to the Auto immune responses.

Here are some fast facts that you may find interesting:

Autism or Austism Spectrum Disease:
(ASD) is 20 times higher than it was in the mid-1980s. Statistics now show that 1 in every 150 children born will develope some form of Autism.

Number of children who were ever diagnosed with asthma: 8.9 million
Percent of children who were ever diagnosed with asthma: 12.2
Number of children who had attack in past year: 4.0 million
Percent of children who had attack in past year: 5.4 million

Anaphylactic children / Children With Life Threatening Food Allergies:
Anaphylaxis = a severe, whole-body allergic reaction that can result in death.
Six to eight percent of children have food allergies and the prevalence is rising.

If you do a little research, you will find the increases are incredible. People are asking why the drastic rise. There are no answers. The United States Government and others are looking into what is called the "Hygeine Hypothisis". This is saying that we are prettyy much too clean. We use too many antibacterials, that we are not allowing our immune systems to work. Interesting huh?

Research from other countries are showing links from childhood immunizations to the past three efflictions I posted.

Being the father of a Child who has several food allergies and suffered from two bouts of Anaphylaxis, and recently diagnosed with Asthma,I felt compelled to reach out to this forum where I am typically posting on the 911 CT threads.

People when immunizing their children, feel they are doing the right thing. Protecting them from harm. Heck, anyone with children would be labled "stupid" if they didn't. 13 diseases are what we vaccinate out children from. They claim to have wipped out Chicken Pox, yet if you have children under 10 years old, you now know you have to get a SECOND shot to actually have it work. The state of Texas may be making it LAW to vaccinate girls from HPV. This is ANOTHER 3 shots.

What most parents DON'T know, is what is in these vaccinations. a preservative. the CDC claims it has been removed as a preservative yet does not deny it still being used as a bi-product.

Monkey plecenta, monkey embryo's. Formaldehyde. These are other ingredients we are putting in our childs bodies just as they first start to learn to pick their heads up.

I am not saying DO NOT immunize your child. I'm asking that you talk to your doctor. Educate yourself. Learn the facts! Look at what is happening.

I will be happy to post more information if I see that anyone is interesed in this topic.

In my eyes there is a government cover up to all of this. Please let me know any thoughts you may have.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 02:13 PM
Can you provide some links to back up the statistics you cited?


posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 02:25 PM
Here are some Sources:
This shows percentage increases up until 2000. The latest CDC numbers were just published last week. I will post them tomorrow.
(Food Allergies)

Thanks, I hope this helps.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 02:52 PM
Hi there, I understand the point you are trying to make with this. Just recently they announced the rate of Autism was more then previously thought (not necesarily caused by vaccines). There was an in depth thread last year or so that could help you further. It contains A LOT of information. Recently I posted a video link on the last page that is really interesting. However your food allergies issue may be new. I don't recall it being discussed on the thread.

Childhood Vaccinations???

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