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Some questions to ponder concerning the war in Afghanistan

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 06:14 AM
1) Dose the coalition continue the war against Taliban thou out the Afghan Winter ?

2) If the coalition dosnt continue the fight against the Taliban out the Afghan Winter why is this the case ?

3) Will the American military ever adopted a hearts and minds approach to defeating the enemy ?

4) How long will the tribal regions of Pakistan continue to act as a haven for the enemy ?

5) Will the coalition expand the war into the tribal regions of Pakistan ?

6)If the Coalition expands the war into Pakistan when will this occur ?

My answers.

1) & 2) Unsure of the exact answer to number one but I think that the Coalition is failing to apply enough pressure to the enemy during the winter months. Sure NATO could provide troops that specialize in winter warfare.

3) American military leaders tend to be to set in there mind set to adopted new ideas it cost them in Vietnam and it could well cost them again. I can only hope that US military leaders become more open to ideas and willing to put those ideas into practice.

4) For as long as the Coalition and Pakistan governments permit this to happen.

5) I cant see this happening in the near future but it needs to be done ASAP.

6) see above.

Now post your thoughts and answers.

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