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110 inches of snow with more to come! (pic)

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 01:02 AM
The city of New York has received 110 inches of snow with 30-40 inches more to come. The snow is almost rooftop high, with impending fear of roofs collapsing. To fully grasp the height of the snowfall you must view the pictures from the news article. This is amazing stuff.

To read more on this story and view more pictures go to News Link

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 01:25 PM
They used the term "biblical proportions" on the weather channel or one of the news channels for the snow. The fact that they had green on the ground before this, see that's a big problem. These irregular weather systems are not good.

We barely get enough snow to put a sled on anymore, where I live. I think we are looking at a wintery mix on Tuesday. I just don't get that excited about a wintery mix. It's better than drought, but I want to see some white on the ground.

9 feet of snow is a bit much though. You would have to keep it shoveled or you couldn't get out of your house.


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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 02:41 PM
Yeah it hasn't snowed here much either. We got about 3 inches last week and that was a lot for us. I am just amazed at the magnitude of it all. The pictures are amazing, I have never seen anything quite like it. I guess they finally broke the record for the most snow. Last I checked it was 9.5 ft deep.

One article I read said it was accompanied by an unusual electrical storm with thunder and lightning. How weird is that?

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 03:29 PM
Even more snow is expected.

The Governor declared a state disaster emergency.

Thats just a crazy amount of snow.

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