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From Anonymous Posts: hello!!

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 12:21 AM

Original Anonymous Post By: anon_95244
i am a christian and i know for sure that christianity is definetely not a copy of some pagan myth ,wake up and smell the coffee!!! Christianity and paganism are totally different.I am doing a project on paganism and like i said before im a christian so i can tell differences in the religions and there are a lot! Like,pagans believe in no hell but believe in re-carnation.Christians believe in heaven and hell and eternal life and a lot of people mock us but they'll see.

Pagans do beleive in hell, and infact the pagan understanding of the afterlife is closer to what most christians today beleive. Christians today beleive that you die, your immortal soul goes into the afterlife. If you were a bad person, you'd go to a special place for bad people, if you were a good person, you could go to a paradise. Your existence in these places were pretty much like life on earth.
Whereas the original christian conception of the afterlife was that you die, and then, nothing happens. You remain in the grave and de-compose. Then, at the End of Days, all of the dead are physically resurrected, their bodies re-compose and they come out of the graves. Then god sits in judgement of them, and then their physical bodies fly off into the sky and physically exist in a material heaven. THis is NOT what most christians think of as death, the afterlife, and heaven.

THe bulk of People have generally allways thought the same thing about what happens to them when they die, whether christians or pagans.

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 08:38 PM
don't you love it when people lump "paganism" into one giant group?

i'm quite postive that egyptian paganism greatly differed from norse paganism which differed from greek paganism which differed from south african paganism which differed from central american paganism... etc etc etc

get my point?

there are similarities between the practices of the mystery cults of the time on the christian faith
particularly the whole wine thing (cult o' dionysus)

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