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For those who don't believe in Miracles ... (with a side of humor)

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 12:08 AM
I think miracles happen everyday, constantly. But, perhaps our culture and society has diluted the signifigance of their meaning. Perhaps we do not view certain things as being miracles, because we fail to pay attention to the details.

The intended purpose of this thread:
To share what we feel may be a miracle which happens in everday life, and when appropriate interject some level of humor into it.

So can you come up with humorous miracles in everday life and give an example of them?

It doesn't neccesarily have to be humorous. However, surely god creates humourous miracles, too.

What everyday occurance could be viewed as miracle, with or without a humorous aspect to it?

My example:

I have proof of a miracle!

Miracles are real!

Doubt it?

You are aware that porcupines reproduce, aren't you? Are you aware of how this occurs? If you don't view this as a miracle, then evidently you know nothing about trying to mate with a porcupine. I think porcupines mating is an example of a miracle.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 01:27 AM
about 3 weeks ago or so...i was talking to mom and i was saying something about 'living water will flow from your belly' and i was referring to my own chubby pot and so she knew this..the washing machine was running...

we went into the dining room and there was a HUGE amount of water coming from the laundry room!

the fill indicator thingie just didn't shut off...but it has never done it since or before.

it was a LOT of water! a mess

and one time i was talking to LGM on the phone and he said his freezer or something was just then running over with H20. It was around the same time.

it was funny!


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