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The Old Testament, sumerian text, and 2012

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 04:35 PM
The old testament and sumerian text are very similar. How many of you know the 10th planet has been found?

Civilizations rice and fall with the changes of the ages. There is a divine presence in the universe. When the age turns civilizations rise and fall, this is a fact, they don't want you to know. Bible prophecy comes true because they, whoever wrote the bible knew this. Revelations directly relates to the changing of the ages. The next coming change is dec 21, 2012, but it is not the date, it is the actual event we have to watch for. We will not know the day or hour this event happens.The alignment that is. In revelations, "I come as a thief". This is what this means. The alpha and omega. Beggining and end. The snake eating the tail.
The sumerian text has been written off by some scholars as a pre-historic science fiction. Big Mistake. The solar system in the sumerian scrolls had the 10th planet in their solar system model thoasands of years ago. The cycle of civilization is 24,000 years according to the ancients. We start out advanced then descend into darkness and rise up to where we are today. Neandrathal(spelling) estimated to have lived 24,000 years ago.
If you look around you can see mankind is showing all the symptoms of collapse. Those 2012 deniers don't really understand what is going on here. Im not trying to be alarmist but you have to at least study this. B.T.W. the hindu date for the omega is 2 months after the mayan prophecy. Look at what your goverment is doing, building underground cities and FEMA camps. What do they know?
The Vatican prophecy of the popes, and we know there is only one pope to come, knows this. The entire religous system is astrotheology. The pope wears a fish hat because we are in the age of Picses.

The goverment started all the Y2K propaganda so that everyone will think 2012 is non-sense. I am glad they did too. Could you imagine what people would do if they knew we were on borowed time.? This omega(end) like I said previous is an event and not a date. I fnd it strange the 10th planet has now been found and most people do not know about it.
Realize ancient civilazation was more advanced than ours presently. The changing of the age happens 12 times in this cycle every 2,000 years or so. This next change is the entire 24,000 year cycle. It is huge.
So we have earthquakes, wars, starvation, decreased magnetice field, birds falling out of the sky, whales beaching themselves, and various other occurences. These are no coincidence. I think what we our about to be given, at least according to the myans is the tree of life. It is not death and destruction but birthing pains. The end of a long journey and we are all going home.


posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:25 PM

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by rich1974

......and the kingdom descends from the heavens, and there he will live with the people.......something like that right. kinda like a piloted ship landing home bringing forth a new order of rule. make it right again? to every end there is a means, a new begginning, the cycle of life. Time to prepare for the new paradigm i suppose, the return, age of aquarius, enki comes home to see what a worm his creation has become. seek the knowledge and find your destiny, otherwise fate will come to you. will they be waiving that book in my face then, screaming at the top of their lungs like madmen for my repentance? will they finally stop judging only to face their judgment? the chickens come home to roost i say. let the very vines that they planted come up and choke the farmer. who's ready? can you look in the mirror and synchronize your words with your actions? i can! if you dont know shut up, and dont complain about the neighbors mess until you clean up your own back yard. please mr walk in someone else's shoes, dont give me your savior while at the same time whispering to me my tragic fate! dont tell me of my tragic end, there is only one judge, and you are not it. the so called righteous are so worried about the end of times, and i wonder why? should they not accept this rapyure of theirs with open arms? unless.............. that mirror's talking to them! i say take me home, i exist in the wrong time era anyhow and im homesick!enumaelish^122112..............................


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