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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 01:05 PM
For those who are into jam bands, or live music in general. has an on-line archive of live concerts here:
Literally thousands of concerts, all trade-friendly music that's FREE to download
and FREE to copy and give away. Just can't make money off it.

Jots of jam bands(over 2000 Grateful Dead shows alone), blue grass, newgrass,
blues, etc.. I havn't seen a lot of heavy rock bands, but I havn't listened to even 1%
of the bands there.

If you have a band with live recordings, you can host them there so anyone can
check them out. A lot of bands put high quality tape in the archive, some not-so-good,
but lots and lots of music, absolutely FREE.

They also archive old movies , animation, podcasts, books, and other stuff.

If you believe that LIVE MUSIC IS BETTER, check this site out.

edit; They also archive old government propaganda videos from
days gone by. I know there are people here who would enjoy those.
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