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So what is the next step????

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 10:25 AM
maybe im not up to date, but whats the next step on all of these conspiracy theories????i mean u can talk an awful lot, but if there isnt anything DONE after the talking, the talking is of no use. im starting to get pretty pissed off about the fact that there hasnt been done anything.

eg i heard that people want an quote indepentent unquote committee to look into the issues. where are you gonna find such an independent committee???think about it, if people are confident enough to pull off something as big as 911 then they will have the means to get u on their side, right???i think its ridiculous to look for american people as an independent committee, because theyre the easiest to control!

i think influential conspiracy theorists should sit together and think about how to set up some kind of committee. i think these people should be abroad, cuz if theyre from the US i believe its more likely that you will somehow have "problems heading your way" than someone living abroad who can not be touched as easily. but then again, if people pull off 911 maybe people from abroad are in on it also.

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 10:34 AM
I'm not sure of what laws were immediatelypassed after 9/11 to protect against law suits. I do know that some sort of law was passed to prevent victims' families from suing anybody. The U.S. governmnet basically bought out all the victims, right?

In my opinion, the next step would be to file some sort of private civil or criminal suit against the Federal government, the local Washington D.C government, the State of PA, and/or the State of NY for some sort of dereliction of duty, conspiracy, RICO act violation, etc.

The court systems will be forced to handle the suit with the proper due process. And if the suits can be filed locally, especially in a strong Demcratic area, then there is a half a chance that they won't get thrown out right away.

Too bad JOhn Murtha is such a sell-out. He'd be the perfect person to lead something like this since Flight 93 went down either in his district or near it. He's too busy worrying about making sure Nancy Pelosi gets her luxury 757 to fly back and forth to CA than to worry about something trivial like what really happened on 9/11.

posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 10:43 AM
im just asking myself what do people want to hear when they say that the government is supposed to tell them what happened on 911????they present the facts and everything as if it was an inside job. how are you gonna ask the government if it was an inside job or not?

posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 08:05 PM
Trying to force "9/11 Truth" into the current political scene via committees, lawsuits, and political candidates is like... hmmm... Oh I'm no good with metaphors, it just doesn't fit. Nearly all elites have been complicit in this (if true, which I believe) by silence, and any criticism will therefore fall on them also. And we're asking them to head the criticism and find the truth. Forget it.
We've all got our opinions on what's next, and much of these were formed before and ind. of 9/11 issues and tied in w/our individual value systems. My own opinion: deep and fundamental changes in power dynamics is needed - look beyond the immediate lies to recall our insane general direction of "progress," where technology is getting scary efficient and we're still no wiser as a species. The whole system, economy and all, needs to be restructured if we want to feel secure that our gov isn't going to blow us up - such contrivances are part and parcel of the society we have.
Foreign elites? Yeah, Hugo Chavez and the Ayattolahs in Iran could team up on this. that'll have binding results for sure.
The only people who need to know are the American people. If they can't figure out how to do what needs to be done, then it's over, at least for here and now. Chances of it ever succeeding? Slim. But since it's still possible we are, as someone once said, "prisoners of hope."
So turning back to the band-aid measures that have some real poss. of happening. Maybe it's worth a try, but none of them interest me enough to even bother thinking about much. pick whatever color you like.


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