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Use all of your charactors Game!

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 07:20 AM
[font=Comic Sans MS]I realised something, I now have 10,000 characters in which to post things here in ATS. When I first started a little while back I could only post about 4000 charactors. Over time this has gone up quite a bit. Now it is at the 10,000 character mark. So I decided to write something out that would take up all 10,000 characters.

I am going to start a game. Most of the games here only require you to post a one liner about something. Well it's acceptable in the General Chit Chat forrum I would imagine to post one liners. But this game is going to be different. I want to see if you all can post the maximum amount of characters you have to spend. That and the post has to actualy tell something. Please dont just post 10,000 1s

So those are the rules to this game, you have to spend every character on the thread and you have to actualy say something. It realy doesnt have to make sense or be relevent to anything but it has to be coherant.

I expect that the writers would love this kind of thing. Hey I just wrote down my first thousand characters. "yey me" and besides I just want to see if I could write that much and have people actualy read what I wrote.

One dream of mine has always been to be a writer. actualy I want to write my own manuscript and illuminate it. I love to illuminate the edges of a manuscript. It makes the book so unique and personal. So far I am on page 100 of my manuscript I can show you some of my artwork cause I had scaned a couple of pages of it to show my sister at one point. Actualy you could just go looking for my myspace page if you realy wanted to I think I posted them in there or my photobucket account has them I think if you wanted to look.

So thats basicly the game just write as much as you can in one single reply. Unfortunatly for you there is no prize for this game cause im not a mod and can't dole out any points but I guess the best post would get a WATS from me. Cause thats the best I can realy do for you all. Sorry. Oh cool I just ticked off annother thousand charactors. I can realy do this!

I have read some realy intelegent things people have writen on ATS and wondered can I What U KNO actualy reach that level of sophistication? Sadly no I can't, thats why I have Microsoft Sam.

Like I posted in annother thread that I will not mention I had a dream about ATS (probably spending too much time here) in that dream ATS became so large and popular that it rivaled Google, Yahoo, and MySpace. I could realy see that happining for this posting board. I realy hope it does too. I could see ATS getting so grand that people will wonder how they ever got allong without it. And some of the people that have been here sense the beginning can say "I was there when it started" So mark my words here ATSrs and you can say one day. "hey What U KNO was right ATS rivals Google, Yahoo, and MySpace." No I am not that kind of psychic I just know a good thing when I see one and ATS is that kind of good thing. Annother thousand charactors gone just 7000 more to go now.

One post that I never thought would go anywhere and realy expected to die was my rant My Threads Always Die That thread itself has inspired me and continues to inspire me to post here on ATS. It shows what a great community ATS realy is and how much fun we can all have here. I like to podcast too, my latest podcast is WUKNR Special Report Nuclear Safety Post 9/11 unfortunatly no one ever posts anything about them so they eventualy drop off the end of the board never to be heard from again. although if anyone realy wants to listen to em they can always just go to my podomatic account and listen. or better yet to the podcast page here on ATS and listen there. I certanly cant compare to great podcasters like Johnny Annonomous or Dave Rabbit but I try. Hey annother thousand characters gone.

I love the different games here on ATS some of my favorite games here include The Three Word Story!!, Magical Soda Machine Game!, and Kill the post above yours thread!!! they are all realy fun games I love to be apart of and I think I have realy dominated one of em lately. But this game is going to be different. While those games offer fun distractions in the form of short posts. This one is going to take you a little time cause your going to have to write out every single character that you can on one post. Mu hu ha ha ha I am evil I know. I doubt that this will go anywhere but it would be fun to try right?

So here I am nearing the halfway point in this first post and I am wondering now if I can realy do this cause I am starting to run out of things to talk about. This might actualy be a hard game.

In my life at work I have to write down mostly numbers I love to do things with numbers and 0 is my favorite number to see. I work as an ac#ant in real life so I love to come home and see real words. I am not allowed to go to ATS at work and I rarely do. Sometimes I sneak off to see what people have posted in my favorite threads real quick before getting back to work but it's hard cause I work in a small office and I have absolutly no privacy.

My boss is from South Africa, she is realy nice most of the time but a perfectionist about everything. I would imagine so cause the buisness is branding and advertising. So I would imagine that everything has to be absolutly perfect for it to work for our clients. I would realy love to get a phone call from the big dogs here at ATS looking to brand this product. I work with some realy good graphic desiners one of which is a goddess of a girl from Brazil :swoon:

well I am comming up on annother thousand characters gone so I am over halfway there I can't stop now.

I have noticed something about ATS, the posts on the main board often come in waves. Whatever is happining in the world currently realy affects the way people post on the boards. Its interesting in a way because I don't often care what is happining in the world cause its usualy depressing to watch but sometimes someone goes against the waves of what is being posted with a real new idea and it either tanks fast or it takes off depending on what is said.

A big post that I have been keeping an eye on is the ATS Presidential election. I havent' seen it go very far and I am wondering what is happining with it because I am bound and determined to win that thing. I would love my own thread about politics. I am completely interested in politics and I read a lot about what is going on in our government (USA) I have read on here that some people think that George W is going to try and become a dictator and they base this on one single line he said once a while back. Listen Bush isnt going to become a dictator he realy isn't people relax the next president is going to be elected and life in the United States will go on. I still wonder though if the elections here at ATS are still going on or if the whole thing is done with.

So as you can see if you actualy are still reading this goblety gook it is possible to use up all of the available characters that you have in one post I am comming up on 75% here now and so I have to keep going I don't have that many characters left to use so I better make this count now.

So you know the rules of the game, First and formost you have to use all of the available characters you have in a single post. One liners don't count. Second you have to actualy write something and not just random garbage, it actualy has to be something readable. Third, you cannot just cut and paste your entire post thats cheating. So thats the game I hope people have some fun with this and the top two winners in a month from now will get a WATS from me. Because thats all I can give for a prize
I only have two thousand more characters to go.

So what do you all think of this game idea? I am sure it's different from all the other games started here on ATS I am sure that I havent seen a game like it here yet. I realy wish I could give out points for realy cool posts to this I realy do. That would make this game more of an attraction to people to participate in. But I hope you all do participate. Because it could be realy fun. I wonder now what I can do to finnish of the last fifteen hundred charactors and keep this going.

Someone said once that a thousand monkeys sitting at a thousand typewriters could reproduce the works of shakespere. I doubt that seriously because I have met some monkeys before and they arn't interested in writing plays just throwing their own POO at each other.
if they did manage to write anything I am sure it wouldent be verry good. probably a sonnet about how bananas are good to eat or something.

Well this is the last thousand characters I have to work with. Thank you all for reading this entire thing I apreciate your dedication to going through this entire post and reading it. I hope people participate. I would love to see huge posts going down the entire length of a page and see what people have to say about anything at all.

This was realy hard for me to do I didnt think I could actualy use up all 10,000 charactors on a single post but I did. Whoo hoo yea me Well I leave it up to you if I don't see a reply in a while Ill know that I just excersized my typing skills at least and perhaps made people get a headache.
So that about does it for my post. So I will leave you all with some words of encouragement. In the course of human events there comes a time in a mans life when he has to stand up for what he believes in even if he is totaly wacked out of his mind he still believes in his cause and should fight for it. END. yea!!

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 10:33 AM

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 10:47 AM

Originally posted by Nicotine1982

I am sorry but you are disqualified for not following the rules.
you were suposed to use up all of your characters in the post by writing. not by just typing one character over and over.

I am going to start a game. Most of the games here only require you to post a one liner about something. Well it's acceptable in the General Chit Chat forrum I would imagine to post one liners. But this game is going to be different. I want to see if you all can post the maximum amount of characters you have to spend. That and the post has to actualy tell something. Please dont just post 10,000 1s

So thats basicly the game just write as much as you can in one single reply. Unfortunatly for you there is no prize for this game cause im not a mod and can't dole out any points but I guess the best post would get a WATS from me. Cause thats the best I can realy do for you all. Sorry. Oh cool I just ticked off annother thousand charactors. I can realy do this!

So what do you all think of this game idea? I am sure it's different from all the other games started here on ATS I am sure that I havent seen a game like it here yet. I realy wish I could give out points for realy cool posts to this I realy do. That would make this game more of an attraction to people to participate in. But I hope you all do participate. Because it could be realy fun. I wonder now what I can do to finnish of the last fifteen hundred charactors and keep this going.

This was realy hard for me to do I didnt think I could actualy use up all 10,000 charactors on a single post but I did. Whoo hoo yea me Well I leave it up to you if I don't see a reply in a while Ill know that I just excersized my typing skills at least and perhaps made people get a headache.
So that about does it for my post. So I will leave you all with some words of encouragement. In the course of human events there comes a time in a mans life when he has to stand up for what he believes in even if he is totaly wacked out of his mind he still believes in his cause and should fight for it. END. yea!!

Does not cut it sorry.

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 12:26 PM
well, its a good idea in theory. but I don't think it will last long since it takes so much dam typing to use all 6500 characters. The most I'd expect is to get one post from each member, or maybe two if the member cheated on the first one with a bunch of oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo's.

I guess I'll go ahead and tell a story or something...

...Once upon a time there was a squirrel, named Super Squirrel. Super Squirrel knew he had super powers but he didn't know what they were. One day he decided it was high time he found out, so he climbed the highest tree and jumped off, thinking maybe he could fly. Instead he fell straight to the ground and injured himself. Next he thought maybe he had super speed, so he went to the busiest street and tried running across really fast. Instead, he got his tail run over. Next he thought he had super strength, so he tried to carry of a 5lb. bag of bird seed off of a nearby pourch. Instead he got hit with a broom. At this point it seemed like he would NEVER find out what made him super, and he moped around for a few days. Finally his mother asks him, "Super Squirrel, whats wrong?"

"Well, I've tried everything, and I can't figure out what my super powers are."

His mother replies with, "Oh sweety, you don't have any super powers, you were named after your uncle, he was a super squirrel.

That only used up 5000!!! How is anybody supposed to drag out a post for so long. I guess I'll just type random crap to fill the gap...

The US M16 rifle operates by directing the gasses from the discharged round directly on the bolt head, causeing the action to cycle back and load another cartridge. This action causes fouling and debris to build up on the bolt face and cause jamming, misfires, and failure to eject. The Russian AK-47 and other AK series weapons however, uses a gas piston that pushes the bolt carries back, cycling the action without exposing the bolt face to the discharge. The AK-47, which was originally designed for the 7.62x39m43 military cartridge, has a high reputation for reliability. The AK series of rifle is now the most commonly found rifle in the world, due to its being easy to produce, and highly effective. There are many different types of AK rifle, including the AK-47, which has a milled reciever and uses the 7.62x39m43, the AKM, which is a stamped reciever version of the AK-47, and the AK-74, which is also a stamped reciever model but using the 5.45x39 cartridge. There are also selected marksman rifles based on the AK, such as the Dragonov Rifle or the Romanian PSL. These are usually chambered in the (living fossil) 7.62x54r cartridge, designed in the early days of WWI. The 7.62x54r is the oldest cartridge still commonly found on the modern battlefield. It is also used in the notorious RPK belt fed rifles. The RPK is a belt-fed machine gun similar to the M249 used by U.S. troops. There is also a smaller version, known as the RPD, which uses the shorter 7.62x39m43 cartridge and utilizes a 100 round belt, that rests inside a drum on the bottom of the weapon.
You know what, this f**king thing. I typed up all 6500 charecters and it didn't post. I hit refresh, and it deleted everything below the line, because I had hit preview post at that point in typing. I am so angry right now...

WhatUKnow, you owe me for typing all this. You should head straight over to my game thread Found here. And participate in it.

Man I am so frustrated. That REALLY upsets me. I spent a long time typing all that and thinking of all that stuff to type. What a friggin rip off. At least it didn't loose ALL of it. you still have my useless gun info up there. And that stupid sqirrel story.

Someone should take the opportunity here to explain to me how the ATS/BTS/PTS point system works. I get that you get a point for every post you make, but is that it? Do you get more points for longer posts like this? Or do you get more points for starting a thread than you do for just posting in one? How do points get in the negative? This should help the next person fill all the space.

I got a call from a good friend of mine I haven't seen in a while today. I'm supposed to go meet him for a beer on thursday. This should be a lot of fun. I'm not supposed to drink anymore, but I haven't seen him in a long time so I figure one beer can't hurt. I'll get to show off my new gun, since I haven't seen him since I purchased it. Its an MPA30/9mm. A semi-auto clone of the M11/9mm.

9mm, 32 rounds, threaded for a silencer, and since I'm American, 100%legal! I wonder if anyone else here is into firearms. I have been for years and shooting is my favorite hobby. I sure would like to see what other members of this site shoot.

So, WhatUKnow, tell me more about this game Paranoid or whatever, does it play the same way as D&D? I am a huge D&D fan, but I don't get to play as much as I would like. It would be interesting to try and set up character sheets and play an RPG over BTS through a thread like this. Although the gameplay might be a little slow. I would still love to try it. What do YOU think? would it work?

Man, I can't remember what all I typed. lets see, I talked about my friend calling, the RPG idea, asked for answers about the point thingy,..

...I think that was it, how did I stretch THAT into so many characters the first time, and still have so many left now? I think this thing is rigged. It hates me, that is why I had to start over to begin with.

I don't think anyone will take the time to read all of this, and I don't think you can expect too many people to respond eigther. A+ for creativity thinking of this game, and it is challenging, but I would be surprised to see this game take off. Its just to much work to type all this for nothing. I guess you can probably expect at least one post from everybody who plays these silly games, but not much more.

What do the Moderators think of games like this? Doesn't this use a lot of bandwidth for something that doesn't really accomplish much? I guess its better than the three word game, since having to use all these characters forces people to REALLY communicate.

I guess this is it. AGAIN! I'm going to go make a sandwich.

posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 01:52 PM
Ok Nicotine1982 is in the lead with the first normal post that takes up all of his letters.

To answer your question about what is paranoia ill tell Paranoia RPG

But according to the paranoia game rules your not allowed to read that page because it is above your security clearance citizen. Sorry.

and as far as your worring about the long butt posts taking up too much bandwidth I doubt its going to be a problem it's not as if everyone across ATS is jumping on this game with both feet or anything.

I just wanted an orriginal game that people could play that would be hard to do. And so after carefull consideration I found the most pain in the tukkus thing would be to type out every character you could in a single post. Don't feel too bad I have 10,000 characters I need to go through

They have a game for Paranoia that goes through email I used to play it but being Ultraviolet clearance I had to start running games and that got boring after a while.

It's a fun game and it will teach you loads about buisness in the world.

But onto other topics...

2nd edition (ISBN 0874310180) - written by Greg Costikyan, Dan Gelber, Eric Goldberg, Ken Rolston, and Paul Murphy - published in 1989 by West End Games. This edition can be seen as a response to the natural development of the line towards a rules-light, fast and entertaining play style. Here, the humorous possibilities of life in a paranoid utopia are emphasised, and the rules are simplified considerably from the first edition.

Metaplot and the Second Edition: Many of the supplements released for Second edition fall into a story arc set up by new writers and line editors to freshen up the game and broaden roleplay possibilities. While they undoubtedly did so, giving roleplayers the opportunity to transcend time and space, or play in a post-apocalyptic Computerless Alpha Complex, many fans felt these new settings were simply not paranoid enough, running counter to the spirit of the game. Second edition supplements can generally be divided into four eras: 1) Classic (no metaplot); 2) Secret Society Wars (as Classic, and individual missions can be run as Classic, but running themes and conspiracies persist from book to book); 3) The Crash (no Computer, possibly as a result of the Secret Society Wars, possibly not); 4) Reboot (the Computer returns, but does not control all of Alpha Complex - plays as a hybrid of the other eras, with players free to choose sides)

Secret Societies tend to be based on sketchy and spurious knowledge of historical matters. In previous editions they included societies such as the Seal Club (that worships animals but is unsure what an animal actually looks like), the Knights of the Circular Object, the Trekkies and the First Church of Christ Computer Programmer. And of course, Communists, who tend to speak in Slavic accents, wear furry hats, and eat borscht. This being Paranoia, a lot of secret societies have spies or double agents in each other's organization.

Of special notice is the secret society known as the Wobblies. The Computer was worried about this society, and sent a pack of troubleshooters to investigate. Since the society didn't actually exist, the Troubleshooters found nothing to report, and were terminated for laziness and insubordination. After a couple of Troubleshooter groups were thus disposed of, a newly sent group got smart and founded the society themselves in order to have something to report on. Since then, a number of other secret societies have sent spies to join the Wobblies, and the end result is a group that consists entirely of spies for other groups.

The Paranoia XP book and The Traitors Manual supplement include the following societies:

* Anti-Mutants: A hate group who hates mutants above and beyond the social norm. They attack registered, and even 'suspected' mutants in dark corridors with lead pipes and funball bats. Their members are constantly trying to ferret out the mutant menace that hides among us, and a good percentage are even more paranoid than your average citizen. Ironically, many of them are actually mutants themselves, but remain unregistered.

* Communists: This secret society was formed because, if the Computer hates Communism so much, then there must be something to it. Their knowledge of historical Communism is poor, leading to Alpha Complex communists adopting stereotypical Russian accents and clothing. Further confusion about communism leads to Alpha Complex communists carrying pictures of Groucho Marx and listening to the 'revolutionary' songs of John Lennon

* Computer Phreaks: Composed of Hackers, Crackers, computer geeks, and computer game addicts; The Computer Phreaks practice programming in secret--and try to show off how very l33t they are. This can be a very dangerous hobby in alpha. The line between 'Hacker extrordinaire', and 'Terminated traitor' is a fine one.

* Corpore Metal: Corpore Metal members believes that humans are inferior and outdated. Machines are the wave of the future. CorpMets are obsessed with attaining the perfection of 'bothood', going as far as intentional self-maiming to obtain cybernetic replacements. This secret society, unsurprisingly, also has a large number of rogue bot members.

* Death Leopard: Their motto would be, "live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful set of 6 corpses." Death Leopard is into loud music, explosions, and parties. They are not so much a coherent secret society, as a number of gangs. There are frequent wars within the society, but they will usually band together to deal with outside threats--if only to get back to settling their turf wars in peace.

* First Church of Christ Computer Programmer (FCC-CP): They believe that the Computer is God. They have their own hymns, services, and worship and obey the Computer much more than your average Alpha Complex citizen. While secret society membership is still against the law, the FCC-CP is kind of ignored; or, only given a punitive slap-on-the-wrist. There is interfactional conflicts between different sects of the church, and even simple differences in interpretation can lead to bloodshed.

* Frankenstein Destroyers: Luddite in faction, this society believes that robots are the cause of all mankind's problems. Some blanket this hate to all technology, but the society is mainly focused on destroying the shiny, soulless AI menace.

* Free Enterprise: In earlier editions Free Enterprise represents capitalists in The Computer's more communist society. With the increasing amount of authorized capitalism in Paranoia XP, Free Enterprise has become a pseudo-mafia organization, sometime adopting stereotypical Italian accents. Free Enterprise runs the "Infrared Market," illegal black markets in Alpha Complex.

* Humanists: The Humanists are aware of just how flawed Alpha Complex is least to some degree. They realize the Computer is bonkers, and strive to make Alpha Complex a better place for people. They do this by making hidden backdoor codes in the computer, reprogramming rogue bots to serve humanity, and planning for the day when they rise up and restore power to the people. That day is just around the corner; and has been for centuries. They just never seem to get much done, as the society is bogged down by process, meetings, and committees.

* Illuminati: The Illuminati is a secretive organization whose goals are so well hidden that most members don't know them. No one knows what the goals of this society are, or even how it goes about them. Members may be given orders as simple as 'deliver this', or 'kill him/her', or as unfathomable as 'Take the cap off the pen in the briefing room XLJ11, and dispose of it down the trash chute in X corridor'.

* Mystics: Supposedly founded by those seeking enlightenment, the Mystics focus on Recreational drug use. Another example of an un-society, there is no grand Mystic goal. Some limit themselves to their own personal visions, others might try to drug food or water supplies to try to enlighten as many as possible.

* Pro Tech: Pro Tech members enjoy high technology. They research new technology and steal research by others. Pro-techers can sometimes be identified by the sheer number of beeping nifty gadgets they tend to carry.

* Psion: Psion is the pro-mutant group. They believe mutants are superior beings. Heavily run by the 'Controls', a separated and hidden network of telepathic mutants, Psions seeks to pave the way for a better, brighter, (Mutant Run) future.

* PURGE: PURGE is an active terrorist organization seeking to violently overthrow The Computer. They have no real ideology about what comes after. They just want the computer destroyed. In previous editions, PURGE was as slapstick as all the others. In XP, particularly straight games, PURGE is a terrorist organization, out to destroy the hated computer no matter how many innocents are lost in the fight.

* Romantics: Enticed by the forbidden lore of the 'Old Reckoning,' or the days before Alpha Complex and the Computer, the Romantics scavenge what details about the past they can. However, due to the suppression of this information, their information is rather flawed, and different sects focus on different aspects of the past.

* Sierra Club: The computer restricts leaving Alpha Complex to green clearance and above, and then otherwise only for good reasons. So, aside from Troubleshooters who may be sent into the great outdoors, almost no one in Alpha Complex has seen so much as a blade of grass. This great mystique has led to the formation of the Sierra Club, devoted to sneaking out. Some want to escape forever, others try to bring the wonders of nature to the less fortunate inside.

So as you can see Paranoia and ATS would go together perfectly unfortunatly there are already games underway that are more organised in this aspect.

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by Nicotine1982
well, its a good idea in theory. but I don't think it will last long since it takes so much dam typing to use all 6500 characters. The most I'd expect is to get one post from each member, or maybe two if the member cheated on the first one with a bunch of oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo's.

Well you got it the way above top secret prize for the best use all of your charactors in one post game. I guess this game pretty much blew. But hey least one person tried...


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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 12:42 PM
Half of me was reluctant to write this letter out of concern that Whatukno may be one of those people who say jealous things for the sole purpose of gaining attention. But given Whatukno's track record, I have concluded that he would swear on a stack of Bibles that his notions are not worth getting outraged about, so I've decided to proceed. Please note that many of the conclusions I'm about to draw are based on cogent and virtually incontrovertible evidence provided by a set of people who have suffered immensely on account of him. I don't care what others say about him. Whatukno's still humorless, jejune, and he intends to blow the whole situation way out of proportion. Although he was likely following the dictates of his conscience when he decided to deprive individuals of the right to grant people the freedom to pursue any endeavor they deem fitting to their skills, talent, and interest, the fact remains that you don't have to say anything specifically about him for him to start attacking you. All you have to do is dare to imply that we should put an end to baleful Fabianism.

The significance of this is that if you don't think that it breaks my heart and fills my chest with agonizing pain when I see Whatukno blend together exclusionism and antidisestablishmentarianism in a train wreck of monumental proportions, then you've missed the whole point of this letter. Even his adulators couldn't deal with the full impact of his litanies. That's why they created "Whatukno-ism," which is just a nasty excuse to break down age-old institutions and customs.

How do you think Whatukno will get his hands on all of the incriminating documents about him that I have in my possession? A secretive home or office invasion, a knock on the door, or his favored battering-ram incursion? It is only when one has an answer to that question is it possible to make sense of Whatukno's antics because when I say that Whatukno's Ponzi schemes are pernicious, I mean it. I don't mean that they remind me of something pernicious or that they have one or two pernicious characteristics. I mean that they are pernicious. In fact, the most pernicious thing about them is the way that they prevent people from seeing that facts and their accuracy make a story, not the overdramatization of whatever Whatukno dreams up. Let's remember that. If he were paying attention -- which it would seem he is not, as I've already gone over this -- he'd see that like a verbal magician, he knows how to lie without appearing to be lying, how to bury secrets in mountains of garbage-speak. Whenever someone tells Whatukno not to make bigotry respectable, Whatukno gets all teary-eyed. My, my; how sad. My heart bleeds for him, it really does.

Whatukno would have us believe that he knows the "right" way to read Plato, Maimonides, and Machiavelli. Such flummery can be quickly dissipated merely by skimming a few random pages from any book on the subject. In particular, if you look soberly and carefully at the evidence all around you, you will sincerely find that if I had to choose between chopping onions and helping him initiate a reign of flippant, peevish terror, I'd be in the kitchen in an instant. Although both alternatives make me cry, the deciding factor for me is that Whatukno likes precepts that force me to react violently. Could there be a conflict of interest there? If you were to ask me, I'd say that if I am correctly informed, his splenetic, incontinent lynch mob has its origins in the Jewish Kabala, Babylonian mystery cults, Templars, Freemasons, Illuminati, and assorted interests dedicated to Satanic worship and absolute power. In any case, the next time Whatukno decides to drive us into a state of apoplexy, he should think to himself, cui bono? -- who benefits? Not only does Whatukno create a dysfunctional world of guilt and shame, but he then commands his drones, "Go, and do thou likewise." By framing the question in this way, we see that I despise everything about him. I despise his attempts to biologically or psychologically engineer the most imperious fugitives I've ever seen to make them even more shiftless than they already are. I despise how he insists that we have too much freedom. Most of all, I despise his complete obliviousness to the fact that the ruffianism "debate" is not a debate. It is a harangue, a politically motivated, brilliantly publicized, brutal attack on progressive ideas. You might say, "Whatukno represents a new breed of putrid, featherbrained cutthroats." Fine, I agree. But we must work together to declare a truce with Whatukno and commence a dialogue. What can you do to help? For starters, you might want to create and nurture a true spirit of community. I personally derive great satisfaction in doing that sort of thing because if my memory serves me correctly, Whatukno occasionally shows what appears to be warmth, joy, love, or compassion. You should realize, however, that these positive expressions are more feigned than experienced and invariably serve an ulterior motive, such as to brand me as heinous.

It is probably unwise to say this loudly, but we should give Whatukno a taste of his own medicine. We can therefore extrapolate that Whatukno drops the names of famous people whenever possible. That makes him sound smarter than he really is and obscures the fact that Whatukno's apostles actually believe the bunkum they're always mouthing. That's because these classes of annoying slackers are idealistic, have no sense of history or human nature, and they think that what they're doing will improve the world in the immediate years ahead. In reality, of course, we are observing the change in our society's philosophy and values from freedom and justice to corruption, decay, cynicism, and injustice. All of these "values" are artistically incorporated in one person: Whatukno. Whatukno's votaries are not, technically, hostile, unstable sciolists, but rather pigheaded self-proclaimed arbiters of taste and standards. I contend that there is a small -- yet not entirely insignificant -- difference.

Note that Whatukno's goal is to use mass organization as a system of integration and control. How noxious is that? How passive-aggressive? How stuck-up? Some people think I'm exaggerating when I say that Whatukno is a master of psychological manipulation. But I'm not exaggerating; if anything, I'm understating the situation. My only goal in writing this letter and others concerning Whatukno is to preserve the peace. That shouldn't surprise you when you consider that we should exuberantly act as a positive role model for younger people. Once we realize that, what do we do? The appropriate thing, in my judgment, is to make some changes here. I say that because I'm not very conversant with his background. To be quite frank, I don't care to be. I already know enough to state with confidence that a central point of Whatukno's belief systems is the notion that Whatukno would sooner give up money, fame, power, and happiness than perform a pertinacious act. Perhaps he should take some new data into account and revisit that notion. I think he'd find that I can't let him lay down diktats that force me to jump in the lake. But the problems with his orations don't end there. Just don't expect consistency from a man who is totally and really batty. But I digress. Whatukno wants to create division in the name of diversity. Faugh.

Just look at the bill of fare served up in recent movies and television programs, and you will hardly be able to deny that what we're involved in with Whatukno is not a game. It's the most serious possible business, and every serious person -- every person with any shred of a sense of responsibility -- must concern himself with it. He yields to the mammalian desire to assert individuality by attracting attention. Unfortunately, for Whatukno, "attract attention" usually implies "encourage a deadly acceptance of intolerance". True, I am not particularly fond of him, but the facts as I see them simply do not support the false, but widely accepted, notion that we should all bear the brunt of his actions. One does not have to depressurize the frail vessel of human hopes in order to defy Whatukno. It is an audacious person who believes otherwise.

Stripping from the term "magnetohydrodynamics" the negative connotations it evokes, I will try to build a sane and healthy society free of Whatukno's destructive influences. Although there are no formal, external validating criteria for Whatukno's effete, unenlightened claims, I think we can safely say that if I had my druthers, he would never have had the opportunity to open the gates of Hell. As it stands, every time Whatukno tries, he gets increasingly successful in his attempts to start wars, ruin the environment, invent diseases, and routinely do a hundred other things that kill people. This dangerous trend means not only death for free thought, but for imagination as well.

In hearing about Whatukno's obloquies, one gets the distinct impression that Whatukno uses the very intellectual tools he criticizes, namely consequentialist arguments rather than arguments about truth or falsity. Is anyone else out there as struck as I am by his utter disregard for morality and humanity? The reason I ask is that if I wanted to brainwash and manipulate a large segment of the population, I would convince them that we can stop wowserism merely by permitting government officials entrée into private homes to search for careless, abysmal carpers. In fact, that's exactly what Whatukno does as part of his quest to make widespread accusations and insinuations without having the facts to back them up.

Whatukno's dream is to rule the world, or failing that, annihilate it. The best example of this, culled from many, would have to be the time Whatukno tried to undermine the intellectual purpose of higher education. If you've read any of the wild, squalid slop that he has concocted, you'll clearly recall his description of his plan to turn a deaf ear to need and suffering. If you haven't read any of it, well, all you really need to know is that I have to laugh when Whatukno says that ageism is a noble goal. Where in the world did he get that idea? Not only does that idea contain absolutely no substance whatsoever, but I wish that one of the innumerable busybodies who are forever making "statistical studies" about nonsense would instead make a statistical study that means something. For example, I'd like to see a statistical study of Whatukno's capacity to learn the obvious. Also worthwhile would be a statistical study of how many merciless tightwads realize that Whatukno seems to have recently added the word "superserviceableness" to his otherwise simplistic vocabulary. I suppose he intends to use big words like that to obscure the fact that if I withheld my feelings on this matter, I'd be no less besotted than Whatukno. Whatukno commonly appoints ineffective people to important positions. He then ensures that these people stay in those positions because that makes it easy for Whatukno to pooh-pooh the reams of solid evidence pointing to the existence and operation of a dissolute, profligate coterie of metagrobolism. After having read this, you may think that the outcome of the struggle will ultimately be decided based on the number and influence of people fully informed about Whatukno's theories, committed to his defeat, and organized under sound leadership. Nevertheless, you should always remember that an axiom among his comrades is that he has his moral compass in tact.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 02:06 PM
Well I thank you for your heartfelt and honest opinion of me Lysergic. May I rebut these allegations and accusations in the attempt at an open dialogue in the same care and devotion as you expressed for me.

While I cannot disagree that my ultimate goal in life is to take over the world and enslave all of humanity. I do disagree that this would be to the dismay of all of humanity. I am sure that at first there will be those that would seek to oppose and perhaps even destroy me in a vein attempt to overthrow my right as this world’s king and emperor. Over time even the disenfranchised will learn of the true benevolence of my rein is true and righteous.

And though you may feel that chopping onions in a kitchen would be better than to live under my rule I assure you that not only would it be more beneficial to serve me as your almighty emperor and lifelong dictator. But it would be to your ultimate benefit to serve under my rule.

But only those that know of my benevolence can truly and will truly appreciate my rein as your leader. Those that would follow me from the beginning will truly rule in my empire. When I say to my “Drones” as you so ineloquently dehumanize my followers in that short quip. “Go and do thou likewise.” I mean be by your deeds as I am by mine. I wish to show the world the real me by my actions and though some may find the new laws harsh even Satanic. I know how the rule of this law benefits all of mankind in ways that only I can completely comprehend.

I am hurt to my core by your accusation that I would employ the likes of the Jewish Kabala, Babylonian mystery cults, Templar, Freemasons, Illuminati, and assorted interests dedicated to satanic worship and absolute power. My only connection with these groups and secret societies is to unify all the agents of power and corruption within the world under one rule.

I do understand your reluctance to join with me in my quest for ultimate power and to rule the earth. But I assure you that my intentions are for a peaceful transition to my power. I want minimal bloodshed in my quest to rule as the mighty emperor of this planet in a blessed and holy rein that will span eons of my family line down through the ages. You will be able to tell your grandchildren that “I talked openly with The Emperor when he was only known as What U KNO and was hidden in mystery and shadow” and at that point you will realize my friend Lysergic that you were truly blessed.

I know however that there will be many more dissidents as you that will not freely attack me with words but by more vile and nefarious means. But I assure you that their insurgency will be short lived and put asunder with minimal need for increased violence.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 02:23 PM
Recent troubling developments prompt me to revisit a subject I've discussed in the past: Whatukno and his plan to turn us into easy prey for illogical ne'er-do-wells. By way of introduction, let me just say that there is still hope for our society, real hope -- not the false sense of hope that comes from the mouths of the worst kinds of hidebound psychics there are, but the hope that makes you eager to change the world for the better. With all due respect, it will not be easy to subject his actions to the rigorous scrutiny they warrant. Nevertheless, we must attempt to do exactly that, for the overriding reason that I once had a nightmare in which Whatukno was free to set the hoops through which we all must jump. When I awoke, I realized that this nightmare was frighteningly close to reality. For instance, it is the case both in my nightmare and in reality that Whatukno's words are denominationalism at its worst. That's clear. But it is easy to see faults in others. But it takes perseverance to increase awareness and understanding of our similarities and differences.

I have a dream, a mission, a set path that I would like to travel down. Specifically, my goal is to protect innocent, little children from mentally deficient misfits like Whatukno. Of course, he plans to crush people to the earth and then claim the right to trample on them forever because they are prostrate. He has instructed his operatives not to discuss this or even admit to his plan's existence. Obviously, Whatukno knows he has something to hide. He fervently believes that children don't need as much psychological attentiveness, protection, and obedience training as the treasured household pet. This shows that he is not merely mistaken about one little fact among millions of facts but that even acknowledging Whatukno's unctuous activities is beneath my dignity. Think about it, and I'm sure you'll agree with me. Some impudent traitors have raised objections to my artifices, but their objections are all politically motivated. We are indeed living in predaceous times. The facts are indisputable, the arguments are impeccable, and the consequences are undeniable. So why does Whatukno insist that granting him complete control over our lives is as important as breathing air? There aren't enough hours in the day to fully answer that question, but consider this: I'm sticking out my neck a bit in talking about Whatukno's ideals. It's quite likely he will try to retaliate against me for my telling you that his drones often reverse the normal process of interpretation. That is, they value the unsaid over the said, the obscure over the clear.

Perhaps if Whatukno thought about it, he'd realize that I correctly predicted that he would cashier anyone who tries to oppose him and all he stands for. Alas, I didn't think he'd do that so effectively -- or so soon. He holds onto power like the eunuch mandarins of the Forbidden City -- sterile obstacles to progress who exploit the general public's short attention span in order to make higher education accessible only to those in the higher echelons of society. In a manner of speaking, there's no shortage of sin in the world today. It's been around since the Garden of Eden and will truly persist as long as Whatukno continues to promulgate partisan prejudice against others. You'd think that someone would have done something by now to thwart his plans to place stumbling blocks in front of those of us who seek value and fulfilment in our personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, most people are quite happy to "go along to get along" and are rather reluctant to knock some sense into him. It is imperative that we inform such people that idle hands are the devil's tools. That's why Whatukno spends his leisure time devising ever more disrespectful ways to create anomie.

Whatukno has delivered exactly the opposite of what he had previously promised us. Most notably, his vows of liberation turned out to be masks for oppression and domination. And, almost as troubling, Whatukno's vows of equality did little more than convince people that Whatukno is trying to brainwash us. He wants us to believe that it's sadistic to admonish him not seven times, but seventy times seven; that's boring; that's not cool. You know what I think of that, don't you? I think that Whatukno's emissaries claim to have no choice but to stonewall on issues in which taxpayers see a vital public interest. I wish there were some way to help these miserable, lawless delusional-types. They are outcasts, lost in a world they didn't make and don't understand. Whatukno can't possibly believe that at birth, every living being is assigned a celestial serial number or frequency power spectrum. He's uneducated, but he's not that uneducated.

I've received a smattering of mail from people who want to know the real story behind Whatukno's obstinate objectives, so here it is: Whatukno possesses no significant intellectual skills whatsoever and has no interest in erudition. Heck, he can't even spell or define "erudition", much less achieve it. He is right about one thing, namely that fear is what motivates us. Fear of what it means when jaundiced, inerudite power brokers capitalize on our needs and vulnerabilities. Fear of what it says about our society when we teach our children that some people deserve to feel safe while others do not. And fear of detestable racketeers like Whatukno who propound ideas that are widely perceived as representing outright elitism.

If Whatukno isn't saturnine, I don't know who is. Try as I may, I can't understand why he would want to let us know exactly what our attitudes should be towards various types of people and behavior. If anything, I will do my best to empower the oppressed to control their own lives. I don't think anyone questions that. But did you know that we should stop playing by his rules of engagement and instead force him to play by ours? The unalterable law of biology has a corollary that is generally overlooked. Specifically, Whatukno twists every argument into some sort of "struggle" between two parties. Whatukno unvaryingly constitutes the underdog party, which is what he claims gives him the right to separate people from their roots and cut their bonds to their natural communities.

Whatukno is a drooling, hydra-headed monster of force and terror. Let me rephrase that: If anything will free us from the shackles of Whatukno's huffy, malign modes of thought, it's knowledge of the world as it really is. It's knowledge that wherever you look, you'll see him enforcing intolerance in the name of tolerance. You'll see him suppressing freedom in the name of freedom. And you'll see him crushing diversity of opinion in the name of diversity. Whatukno is a bit teched. (Read as: Whatukno is off his trolley.) I feel that we should honor our nation's glorious mosaic of cultures and ethnicities, and I have formalized my commitment to this high ideal by ensuring that I always push a consistent vision that responds to most people's growing fears about what I call superstitious, obtuse thought police. We all need to be aware of each other's existence as intelligent, feeling, human beings, even if some of us are dotty knuckle-draggers. Even if one is opposed to amoral hooliganism (and I am), then surely, people often get the impression that lackluster, mudslinging dissemblers and Whatukno's gofers are separate entities. Not so. When one catches cold, the other sneezes. As proof, note that the picture I am presenting need not be confined to Whatukno's expedients. It applies to everything he says and does. Whatukno can blame me for the influx of muddleheaded segregationists if it makes him feel better, but it won't help his cause any. He contends that human beings should be appraised by the number of things and the amount of money they possess instead of by their internal value and achievements and that, therefore, society is supposed to be lenient towards rebarbative scalawags. This bizarre pattern of thinking leads to strange conclusions. For example, it convinces sophomoric, self-indulgent election-year also-rans (as distinct from the barbaric caitiffs who prefer to chirrup while hopping from cloud to cloud in Nephelococcygia) that everything is happy and fine and good. In reality, contrariwise, if we begin a course of careful, planned, and coordinated action, then the sea of cronyism, on which Whatukno so heavily relies, will begin to dry up.

This raises the question: Where is Whatukno's integrity? That's the question that perplexes me the most, because one can consecrate one's life to the service of a noble idea or a glorious ideology. Whatukno, however, is more likely to lead us, lemminglike, over the precipice of self-destruction. To some extent, there is something grievously wrong with those socially inept usurers who divert our attention from serious issues. Shame on the lot of them! We should note, of course, that what I've written about Whatukno doesn't prove anything in itself. It's only suggestive, but it does make a good point that Whatukno has announced his intentions to elevate his causeries to prominence as epistemological principles. While doing so may earn Whatukno a gold star from the mush-for-brains feudalism crowd, the pen is a powerful tool. Why don't we use that tool to give our propaganda fighters an instrument that is very much needed at this time?

Many people think of Whatukno's insipid expostulations as a joke, as something only half-serious. In fact, they're deadly serious. They're the tool by which frowzy idiots will reap a harvest of death before you know it. A second all-too-serious item is that I frequently talk about how Whatukno's notions bespeak a spiritual crassness, a materialistic and short-sighted stupidity that will turn the social order upside-down so that the dregs on the bottom become the scum on the top in the immediate years ahead. I would drop the subject, except that I strive to be consistent in my arguments. I can't say that I'm 100% true to this but Whatukno's frequent vacillating leads me to believe that his magic-bullet explanations may have been conceived in idealism, but they quickly degenerated into disgusting sectarianism. In any case, there is something in the way of "natural law" that can be stated awkwardly as follows: "Whatukno's bald-faced lies and growing list of material falsehoods raise some new and very disturbing issues." Please do not quote me on that. Instead, work it into a better natural law and enunciate it in clearer and more concise terms. It is immaterial who is credited with the words; the objective is to disentangle people from the snares set by Whatukno and his adulators.

"Whatukno" has now become part of my vocabulary. Whenever I see someone appropriate sacred symbols for imprudent purposes, I tell him or her to stop "Whatukno-ing". His ideologies are an icon for the deterioration of the city, for its slow slide into crime, malaise, and filth. To end this letter, I would like to make a bet with Whatukno. I will gladly give him a day's salary if he can prove that all major world powers are controlled by a covert group of "insiders", as he insists. If Whatukno is unable to prove that, then his end of the bargain is to step aside while I weed out people like Whatukno who have deceived, betrayed, and exploited us. So, do we have a bet, Whatukno?

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 05:52 PM
You know what I hate? I hate people that cannot think for themselves no matter how much help they get, I don't mean normal people, I mean world global elite leaders. They talk too much smack talk and they can talk the talk but they cannot walk the girlie walk. When people talk behind your back regarding something or an issue you should have every right to tell them to shut up. I largely dislike how someone who knows you so well disses you when you don't know them all that much at all, and when that happens the best thing to do is ignore them.

Blah blah blah, religion is just a science fiction story that was summarized in the 1950s IMHO and IMHO most of religion is disinfo and is keeping true information out. The only way to gain salvation is through faith, and someone wrote the new testament which made their savior "christ". Which again is a blasphamy, because Christianity was supposed to be a branch of Judiasm.

People are ignorant. People tend to make mistakes and they think too much and they end up not being coherent.

Some people like Whatukno seem to believe they are omnipotent and know everything, it's not his campaign strategy I dislike, it's the fact that I dislike how he wants to be supreme leader and have every one think like the user, besides, he said that he wanted to make copies of everyone in the users mind >_>. Pure fantasies. Some people in this world need to learn the grasp between fantasy and reality and whatukno is one of them. the user needs to understand that grasp, and focus only at the present at hand.

I demand that people uphold the constitution and I am in full support of the minutemen arming american citizens so that they can revolt if necessary if bush thinks about becoming a dictator.

It is all unlikely that he will become a dictator but you never know what will happen when you vote a republican for office.

Everything you hear is a lie, it's either false, misinfo, or a general misleading statement. I do not doubt that other people are more right then I am but I am sure that they can be clear as can be when they perceive that the world around them is out of their control and that everything is beyond their reach and that it's all going to be over soon.

Global warming hasn't stopped, we just go through global cooling periods like that for every once in awhile, that doesn't mean that it has stopped. It's still continuing and I'd like to see where the Polar Bears are going to find residence next. They are already scrambling for shelter now because of the polar icecaps melting. This is an important issue that needs to be taken care of because if it doesn't we would have more then the polar bears to worry about.

Most people like Osama are the scapegoats in the problem. The real problem lies within the United States government. The United States government takes the blame for the problems because they are presumably controllled by the Omega Agency, and they are already "in control." They have control over lands and seas, and they want all of us to die and live off the land of the living, until we wear ourselves out.

Most stuff that is disinfo is really annoying because you can't figure out what things are facts and what stuff isn't because it really gets bothersome sometimes and then you not only have to deal with that but you have to deal with the lies they post on the net, they post crazy stories on the net, but you have to believe real sources and not believe the false ones because the false ones will feed your mind with false info and you don't want that.

I am sure that the military of the United States has developmental technology in the works that takes technology from tv shows and puts it into action, how it works is they draw the blueprints from the TV shows and they take that as their conceptualized drawings and they apply real physics to that.

9-11 was an inside job. It was nothing more nothing less. On the site "a project for a new american century" it should help you figure out what's going on, but then again you could say everything you see on the net was made by a government disinfo agent.

The disinfo on the net is astonishing. There are lots of writings comparing George W Bush to hitler and the Nazis or they are either doing that or they are already comparing him to the antichrist. GWB has done more for the land of the proud and free of the USA than Clinton did and he refused to let any other powerful nation become a super power, plus he did some stupid stuff too but you cannot deny that he did what he assumed was right in the situation and that many Americans agreed with him at the time and felt that it was right to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Taliban regime needs to be stopped, they're messing up the worlds regimes and they are slowly consolidating their power.

The recent events that I dislike is the internet media predicting war on Iran. This is clear misinfo and disinfo and they are all false news because we formeda pact with Iran so that they could help us with Iraq and gain more security which brings us more allies on our war on terror.

That being said, the war on terror is only another thing they can do so that which is one of their obstacles into binding people together for the one world government. It is nothing more then the cold war two! The same intelligence scares are all over everywhere, the only difference is now the terrorists can use the internet and they can navigate around online to find stuff about the American Military that they did not have access too before. They can see that they want to do this to dramatize our nation even more with more events and more news to keep up the new world order's image.

Death to the new world order! The new world order shall fail and a new age of concencious shall be breached by all of human kind after all of this is over and a new world leader will or will not be born and everyone else but me will accept him!


By then they will be tired of all of the
and want to , and they will be happy, then the alleged Christian Antichrist will make all humans wear his own mark, and he will make them bear his own mark and do his bidding. He will appear on TV during the day of his coronation, probably, then he will gain complete control and he will bring 1,000 years without wars.

There should be sections on the internet where you can post facts and there should be other ones to post lies

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