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Why do people in occults give hints?

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 06:47 PM
Greetings Pictnation

Originally posted by Pictnation
The occult has been around since time began and will be around when time ends.

It has Been around since before time began, and will BE after it ends:


METU NETER Vol. 1, Pg. 212

Amen means "concealed". (Occult/Hidden)

It is the Kamitic counterpart of the term "Subjective" as we have used it in this book [Metu Neter Vol. 1]. It corresponds to the essential nature of the Supreme Being, which is the same as the essence of Man's being. It is our unmanifested, unmanifestable, unconditioned Self – That which is the ultimate source of life and consciousness. It is the unseen and unseeable that looks out into the Objective Realm of spirits, thoughts, feelings, and physical phenomena. We must return our focus of consciousness back to it by the cessation of all thought activity. Once we have established this innermost point as our place of being – i.e., living beyond emotional influences – we will attain to the state of Hetep. This is a state in which we are able to fully ignore all emotions that may rise into our awareness, and thus attain to a peace that cannot be disturbed by any challenge in life.

In the Hindu tradition it is called Parabrahm Sarvikalpa Nirvana. This state of inner peace is the prime foundation for the functioning of the healing functions of the life-force (Ra), and is the source of all spiritual power.

© Ra Un Nefer Amen

The Supreme Wisdom Lessons:

"The said, Nation of Islam (Peace), has no birth record. It has no beginning nor ending. It is older than the Sun, Moon and Star."

My bookshelf is brimming with books that would have gotten me burned a few hundred years ago. Infact it probarly did! lol


People need to wake up to the fact that even the Bible is full of the occult. El Moses parting the Red Sea??? (Emmmm anyone think that Mose's is actually short for Ra'mose's??(Dodgy spelling), High Egyptian Priest? But thats another topic). Jesus turning water into wine etc. To me these are all works of a powerful druid/sage.

Then you'll probably love the following info:

Godfrey Higgins' Anacalypsis

…"In my Essay on The Celtic Druids, I have shewn, that a great nation called Celtæ, of whom the Druids were the priests, spread themselves almost over the whole earth, and are to be traced in their rude gigantic monuments from India to the extremities of Britain. Who these can have been but the early individuals of the black nation of whom we have been treating I know not, and in this opinion I am not singular. The learned Maurice says, "Cuthites, i. e. Celts, built the great temples in India and Britain, and excavated the caves of the former."*

And the learned Mathematician, Reuben Burrow, has no hesitation in pronouncing Stonehenge to be a temple of the black, curly-headed Buddha."

Godfrey Higgins' Anacalypsis

(the following is missing some text for some reason, and I don't have the book with me right now)

"The reputed books of Solomon, such as Wisdom and Ecclesiasticus, are full of allusions to the doctrines of (Occult)Wisdom.

A person who has read the preceding part of this work will perceive, in a moment, that they use the word wisdom as referring to an unexplained or mystical doctrine in almost every page. This was, to the doctrine of the Cabala, to the doctrine of the Emanation, of the Sephiroth, which the present Jews call the ten emanations, which are evidently, on the slightest inspection, nonsense—NONSENSE designed originally to mislead; but, perhaps, latterly believed by the ignorant. Sephiroth is ;&95. sprut, and may mean ten attributes or qualities, but it also means the doctrine of the ten sacred numbers or cycles of India, or of Virgil. 95. spr is to cipher, or count, or calculate; and ;&95. Sprut is the feminine plural of 95. spr, and means the calculations or calculated periods. It also means a symbolical or hieroglyphical or emblematical writing.* This actually conveys the meaning of the ten mythic or emblematical names. … The text of Isaiah, if correctly translated, means, that above the throne stood winged serpents; for seraph, translated, is serpent. It is only written, in our translation, in the Hebrew word seraph to disguise the word serpent, which our priests did not like. I need only remind my reader that the serpent is an emblem of a cycle or circle.

(Kundalini)Serpents are constantly seen on the Egyptian monuments, as described by Isaiah; but with wings(of the Holy Spirit), and, In India, overshadowing the icons of Cristna or Buddha, in number three, four, five, six, seven, eight, or nine, according to the number of cycles, of which the being he was protecting, was the genius."


21 "And when he was cast out, Pharaoh's daughter took him up, and nourished him for her own son."

22 "And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds."

Godfrey Higgins' Anacalypsis

"Here, I believe, we have the Cullidei; and that in the northern parts of the island, the old religion, as we might suppose, was less changed, corrupted, by Romans, Danes, later Saxons, than in the southern; that, in fact, it was the Cullidæan Christian, when Augustine came to Kent and converted the Saxons, whose religion perhaps had become much more Pagan or corrupt, to the Romish Christianity, or to the faith of the seven instead of the three sacraments;

the simple and first religion of Abraham, of Iona, in short of Buddha."

Gnostic Glossary - Alchemy

Al (Arabic, as in Allah) means "God." Also El (Hebrew) for "God." Chem or Khem is from kimia (Greek) which means "to fuse or cast a metal." Also from Khem, the ancient name of Egypt. The synthesis is Al-Kimia: "to fuse with God."

In Alchemy, it is symbolically stated that there exist Five Atomic Ingredients with a Unitive Cement in order to acquire such fusion: Seed, Honey, Wine, Bread and Milk.

Seed: Represents the Ens Seminis, the masculine and feminine creative energy.

Honey: wisely represents the Bartholin glands or greater vestibular glands. These are two glands located slightly below and on both sides of the vaginal opening in women. They secrete mucus to provide lubrication, especially when the woman is sexually aroused, thus facilitating sexual activity.

Wine: Is the same Ens Seminis, transmuted or elevated to a higher scale of vibration by means of the alchemical transmutation, which is magisterially symbolized in the biblical narration of the transmutation of water into wine in the weddings of Canaan of Galilee.

Bread: it is a clear reference to the Solar Bodies, the Existential Vehicles of the Being; the outcome of the Alchemical Work.

Milk: Symbol of the Developed Virtues.

And if certain publications are to be believed, Jesus is meant to be the grandson of one of the most powerful Magican's ever to grace this planet, who incidently features quite a bit in the Bible.

Will you explain more, or tell us which publications you're talking about?

Ooooo the joys to have a time machine, just to find out the real truth............

Or how about the Akashic Records instead?

Then you won't have to worry about getting a hold of one of these:

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 07:01 PM

Originally posted by Pictnation
Jesus is meant to be the grandson of one of the most powerful Magican's ever to grace this planet, who incidently features quite a bit in the Bible.

Ooooo the joys to have a time machine, just to find out the real truth............

Jesus was a mage and a poet, the teachings of the source that so many missed and did not know him. Remember Picnation time is not on a linear scale our perception of it is though. The past, the preesnt and future is the now.

Through-out time ignorance has always tried to destroy what it does not understand. Modern burning at the stake has become social ridicule. The occult shall always stay hidden, for now rebelious teens are trying it but they will get bored when they find they do not have the disapline to do any real workings. The Craft cannot harm those that dabble for they will never have the disapline to learn enough and to be enough to make it work.

The original OP answered his/her own question by being so judgemental. How could it not stay hidden and only be hinted at when the Christian cult went to war on the occult and made gods into devils, and took away its pureness and slandered it? You invented Satan. Thought if believe strongly enough and by enough people will take form (look at the ufo debacle) and you Christians have unwittingly unleashed evil upon us the earth did not know before.

The hints some make are for others to find you that are in the know. How else do we network and learn? We hint and hide so we can learn.

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 10:25 PM

Originally posted by RWPBR
I know some who practice alternative faiths. Some of them, but by no means all of them, are attention whores who drop hint after hint until you are forced to inquire about WHY they have a hard time getting melted black candle wax out of their pants or ask about the new tattoo/book/bumpersticker etc. Some people like to be the center of attention.

I also know many many more who keep it to themselves.

No doubt those who keep it to themselves are the ones who have truly gained from it.

People who feel the need to go around broadcasting Occult about themselves all the time are undoubtably the least informed and knowledgeable. IMO they display their own ignorance with pride because they are clearly yet to learn the very First Lesson on the path.

Another tip for you Occult hunters, ignore the Goths, the people with long black hair, the Marilyn Manson fans, the people who go around wearing T-Shirts with inverted pentagrams printed on them, to them, it's an image thing.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 09:58 AM
If the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail is to be believed then Jesus was a direct decendant from Solomon, which by all accounts could explain a few things.

And if your able to get hold of some of the works by Hall or Pike, pay particular attention to Solomon's origins, it's not written in plain English, but it's clear where Solomon once dwelled.

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 08:52 PM

There are many other very useful books, with info related to that of the authors you mention.

List of Occultists:

History of Masonic Square and Compass

Of course, all the info that is true within those books, is latent within us, within our Internal Book that only the Lamb is capable of opening.

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posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 06:46 AM
Nice post, very nice post. Looks like I'm going to be studying for a while!

Going back to the post, people in occults do not give hints, they will tell you, one way or another if they practise the antient ways. Most are free thinking and able to think 'outside the box'.

Don't look upon these new goths etc as occultists, they simply copy thier idols as they think it's cool. If only they knew what they were dealing with!

Most occultists are everyday people, get up, go to work and we all pass by them everyday. The occult is nothing to be frightened of, unless of course you believe the teachings in the past 2000 years, which is just a small ripple in the depths of time.

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 07:16 AM
Heres the deal...(or an aspect anyway.)

The world has a collective mindset, brought on by your milieu.

Are you a Christian? A Catholic? Well you might have some pretty strong dogmatic beliefs.
If someone were to come up to you and read from a Buddhist text and you were deep in the faith of Christianity, you would probably pay it no mind.

We have walls around us. Which I have written about here in my ATS blog.

You have to reach people where they are at, and in a way, that is why the teachings at the "end" of some esoteric belief systems may be "shocking" to those who first hear about it and are not 'initiated'.

Neuron-paths, that simple. We are some mighty inflexible creatures sometimes with our thoughts.

so in short, the answer comes to the person when they are ready.
Jesus said seek and you will find when you search with all your heart.
And you will, as you are ready for it...even if the info is to fresh and you have to put it to the side for awhile, at least you wont "trample it under feet" like swine.

So, in short, it can be an effective teaching method to allow your neuron network time to adjust and not throw the baby out with the bath-water.

As some others have pointed out, people in "esoteric" like to share.
I like to share, but the point is, if your not reaching people where they are at...they will miss it. Is this bad? Of course not. Are we saviors? No, I can say nothing from here on out...and the world will run as usual.

Its all stories, we are responsible for ourselves.
Love ourselves first and then we may be a light to those around us.
But a light is it...we are not the path, each person has their life path.

Hope that help,



posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 09:10 PM
If I don't fully tell you, this will empower you given the interest to bring something further to the table.

@ the end of the day no one wants to be alone and if someone takes it farther than you (which many have a hard time dealing with) maybe you can deal with it that much more at someone's misfortune?

posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 12:02 AM

Originally posted by LoneGunMan

Originally posted by pak88
Why do people that worship satan give hints instead of keeping it secret?

Satan is an invention of the Catholic church, the ultimate boogyman. It has nothing to do with the occult.

Edit to add: You show your total ignorance to what the occult is by using a plural. No such thing as occults.
[edit on 10-2-2007 by LoneGunMan]

Before you start accusing others of "total" ignorance, big shot, maybe you should consider that references to Satan being both God's accuser (or "prosecuting" angel), and the "adversary" or evil nemesis of God, predate the Catholic church by a long shot.

The latter role of Satan begins to feature after the Hebrews were exposed to Zoroastrianism during their captivity in Babylon.

posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 12:02 PM
Roark, the problem is, most "Christians" are ignorant as to what the occult really is. Too many "christians" have a habit of wanting to label anything that doesn't fit in with Judaism,Christianity or Islam, as being "satanic." They state it as a fact,yet, when you question them about what occultism really is, they haven't a clue becaus ethey have never read or studied up on the subject. They just assume it's a certain thing because that's what their priest or pastor has told them that it is. They find it al;l to easy to debase belief systems that they have absolutely no knowledge of whatsoever.

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posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 05:55 PM
Oh, I absolutely agree.

I just don't like seeing someone with only the merest inkling bringing the smackdown on a person who appears to have no malevolent intentions.

It's my OCD kicking in.

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 01:09 AM
Whats even more interesting is alot of America's leaders on one hand are members of their religious community, they go to church every sunday. And on the other hand take part in Occultic ritual. It's a worship to other Gods and entities. No Satan worship or anything.

This is where it's vitally important to study Alistair Crowley in full. His black majik practices, his membership of Studhom Masonic lodge and what have you. His whole adult life pretty much.

But as to why? The original question. Thats easy. Who here can keep a secret?

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posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 03:13 PM
In response to the original question: Why do people in occults give hints?

A simple answer to this would be that those with a secret (not just pertaining to the occult, but any subject..) know they cannot or should not talk about it to most others but enjoy the satisfaction in gaining attention while not disclosing too many facts and keeping the recipient in the dark. Enough to arouse suspicion and intrigue. Teasing if you like. Something that is in human nature from an early age I guess. Could also be a way of creating mystery and confusion.

"wouldn't you like to know"

"you didn't hear that from me"

"I've already said enough"

"keep this to yourself"

"between you and me"

Just my opinion (of course I could be lying)

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