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Practically free energy VS Large oil companies!

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posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 06:16 PM
Anyone who has read any of my previous threads will probably think i come up with ideas that sound great in theory but would never work in reality.. well heres another one.

A website i read recently said that the emissions created from making hydrogen are no better than if we were to use hybrid engines using bio-diesel.

From my understanding, H2O has two hydrogen atoms to every single Oxygen atom and we can separate them by electrolysis. If we were to use sea water, which we are definitely not short of (saltwater also conducts better than fresh water), we could convert this into hydrogen by means of hydro-electric power. ie the water used in the electrolysis could be used to drive the turbines before going through the electrolysis process. This would create practically free energy and would be unlimited. The only by-products would be oxygen from the production which would go back into and heal the atmosphere and water would be created when the hydrogen is burned.

Why is there no major proression towards this? Do we have to wait until we can't breath or we finally run out of oil? I personally think this would be a huge step forward and would also mean that any country in the world with access to water could do it. The only losers would be the oil companies .. are they the only reason that no real effort into doing something like this has been made?
what are your thoughts?

EDIT - Just for the record, i know someone who came up with a similar idea and a patented method and sold it to Shell. They shelved the idea shortly after buying it.

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posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 09:51 PM
Electrolysis of sea water does NOT produce hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, it produces hydrogen gas, chlorine gas and caustic soda.

It takes a lot of power to break the hydrogen and oxygen bond in water. The hydro plants in this country are pretty much running at capacity to produce electricity right now.


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