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Magic Like Never Before

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posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 05:59 PM
Magic experienced like never before, as our life together began, I had to shut the door. Never again I solemnly swear will I experience magic like when you were there. I met you too late to finish the game, my whole life since, nothing but regrets, and disgrace.

Many years later reflecting back on my past, I question my choices, and I could kick my ass. You never married- that haunts me still; now I know that “I” was the one and only magic girl. I release you My Darling, I feel like I’ve ruined your life! You’re 48 years old now, how does that make me feel? Grief, and sorrow- Why did you waste so much of your life?

I had to do it; you know that’s true! I had to choose my children or you.
God help me please! But What The Hell is a mother supposed to do?
I release you my darling…you have to let go, I have nothing more I can give you, You already own my heart, and my soul.


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