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The Dead List

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posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 02:02 AM
Ok, we all know about Anna. It's tragic indeed. What about the rest of celebrities? Who would make your list of 10 people to die this year not from natural causes?

1) Paula Abdul
She gets fed up with Simon and finally dumps on a combination of vicadin and martini's. The final straw is that she sleeps with "the panther" from this season of A.I.

2) Whitney Houston
Just look at this girl. Crack. Bobby. Nuff said. She doesn't want Anna to have all the tabloid spotlight.

3) Anna Nicole Smith
Was on my list... now gone. R.I.P.

4) Steve - O from Jackass
If he hasn't died yet, he will. I heard him on stern talking about how the crocodile hunter achieved his ultimate life goal. His kidney's will give out after 25 straight years of binge drinking.

5) Mel Gibson
After failing to rule the world, Mel admits defeat and goes D.U.I. on Santa Monica Blvd killing a soccer mom with 3 at 3pm in the afternoon.

6) Kramer
Hi career is ruined. His name is tarnished. He'll go from an overdose of Stackers and Red Bull.

7) Paris Hilton
She'll lay in the tanning bed too long reminiscent of Final Destination III. This is completely unplanned.

8) Lindsay Lohan
Drugs. Drugs. Drugs. This girl is the female AXL Rose.

9) Michael Jackson
He goes with a complication of plastic surgery. The most revealing part of his death is we find out that he HAS had gender reassignment surgery.

10) Courtney Love
Again, drugs. However, I could see Courtney turning it around and becoming Martha Stewart. Ya never know.

What's your list?

Disclaimer: If any of this actually happens it is by sheer coincidence. I don't know these people and could not affect their lives.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 01:08 PM
Maybe Whitney Houston, will probably die of a crack overdose after selling herself for a fix.

The rest will be alive for a while. That many famous young people dieing in the same year will not happen.

Nice Disclaimer

[edit on 9-2-2007 by Royal76]

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