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I'm Intrepid and I'm appearently a racist.....

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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 09:26 PM
I've brought this up before.. What I'm calling "New Racism". The term "Reverse Racism" doesn't quite fit because it's not about blacks acting out against white. In New Racism, a person like myself who REALLY does see all people as equally deserving, a person who doesn't judge someone by their skin color, a person who calls for true acceptance and equal treatment ... is somehow seen as a racist.

You see, it's because I don't feel guilty and take responsibility for what other people of my skin color did many years ago. It's because I don't support special treatment of blacks. It's because I don't find racism against blacks in every commercial I see on TV... Because I don't always agree with Malcolm X and Spike Lee that I am called a racist.

It's because I either want blacks and whites to have "history months" or neither of them. It's because I want TRUE equality. It's because I I act like we are truly equal that I am called "Miss Scarlett" aka "The Lyncher"...

Yet if I called a black person "Prissy" or "tar baby", I would be chastised. And for good reason.

It's this blatant double standard practiced by some people in this country as regards racial treatment that I have a problem with. I'm not afraid of it or anything, but I have noticed more and more that what's perfectly acceptable for a black person to say or do, gets a white person called a racist.

As to the Original Post topic, I have a RL example: I was at an outside party with my black boyfriend of over a year. There was a basketball hoop and I was shooting some hoops. A young black man walked up and asked "Where'd you get the ball"?

I smiled, shot and said, "Who wants to know"? (I was being flirty, I thought.)

He scowled at me, called me a name and said, "Forget it" and turned to walk away.

I said, "Heyyy! What's up? I was just playing with ya."

He replied, "You treat me like that because I'm black and you want to know what my problem is"?

I called after him and even walked toward him to explain, "Hey, man, I didn't mean anything..." but he was having nothing of it. He turned and walked away.

I STILL (20 years later) feel kinda guilty for that scene. Even though I wasn't discriminating (I was at the party with my black boyfriend, for Christ's sake!) I can't help but think if I had been just a little more sensitive to his 'blackness' he wouldn't have been hurt. If I had treated him specially because of his blackness, it never would have happened. But like a total jerk, I treated him as an equal.

I was treating him like eany other guy in the world. I thought that's what I was supposed to do...
But I've learned since then that many black people I've met want to be treated specially. And I don't do that... So...

My name is Benevolent Heretic and I'm apparently a racist...

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 09:31 PM

Originally posted by TrueAmerican
For every one that might do that to you, there are 100 that don't. Kinda no use bitching about the onesies twosies.

I just want to thank you for saying that. Sometimes I forget about that. For me, the one or two people who think I'm a racist, tend to get all my attention and focus and that's just not right. I guess it's kind of like hearing 50 people praise something you did and then that one person says you suck and that's what you carry around...

But thanks for that perspective.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 09:43 PM
Sorry if I offend, but I find this thread an entire waste of everyones time, including yours Intrepid. It should not bother you if you are not holding regret or ressentment.

Racism is an accuse for people to embrace their fears and unhappiness with themselves. Threads like these just give people a reason to confront their hatred, or lack thereof.

We have ignore buttons for reasons.

Everyone is equal. Peoples actions distinguish their worth.

Everyone should just smile and forgive each other.


posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:03 PM
foxywhiskers you make some good points about the situation here in Australia, aboriginal people do recieve a lot more assistance from the government than other Australians. And I say that as someone who entitled to those benefits as I am of aboriginal descent, I choose not to accept them as for me, it encourages racism.
I do not deny my heritage even when it may cause me problems in social situations or work situations, even when I know that I am in a room full of people who will automatically judge me by that heritage.
But I refuse to take any kind of blood money from the government. I will not trade off of my heritage, and really can the Aboriginal culture remain a proud one when it is accepting these types of payments for attrocities committed decades ago?
I don't know why the government can't see that treating any class/race of citizens differently (wether positivly or negatively) only encourages these types of problems. Maybe if we were treated equally here we could begin to see ourselves as such.

My personal experience with this:
Australia is facing a lot of accusations of racism for the way we label people according to their land of origin - note that it is not based on skin colour, but on origin. If you are black, white or any other colour and come from Britain Aussies will call you a pom.
I was recently labelled a racist and intolerant in a chat room because I referred to an American as a Yank (with no idea of their actual racial background). Another chatter not involved in our discussion took it upon themselves to berate me for my behaviour.
The thing I tried to explain to them was that Australians generally use these labels affectionately - it's like a nick name to most of us. Some people do use the terms in a derogatory manner, but I have also seen the word 'mate' used whilst instigating a fight.
This is a part of our culture, the way we were raised, it is not intended to be offensive, but some people still manage to take it that way. Calling an American a yank or an Italian a wog is just the same as referring to myself as Aussie.
The person who labelled me a racist would not accept these cultural differences as any thing more than a lame excuse.

I think some people just like to bandy the term about because they feel that it places them in a position of power - there is no way to put a person on the defensive as quickly as to call them racist. We then have to qualify our remarks and justify any comments we make, rather than addressing any other issue at hand.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by ilandrah

I don't know why the government can't see that treating any class/race of citizens differently (wether positivly or negatively) only encourages these types of problems. Maybe if we were treated equally here we could begin to see ourselves as such.

I am sorry to have offended if that is the case. I am not instigating racism here with my comments on inequality. I am 100% with you on each point you have made. "BLOOD MONEY" thats a great way to describe it and that is exactly what it is. The biggest shame is denying ALL australians the truth about how this land was REALLY occupied. Kids in high school should be learning curriculum about the White Australia Policy so they know how rogue their leaders can be. so they learn to question everything. Our Kids are being "dumbed down" Global learning is on the rise and so too will be online learning and assessment, consumerism is the take hold on society, who will be filtering what our kids learn.. BIG BUSINESS?? unreal. Its no longer about people. How are our kids going to learn the truth. Its going to be up to us to spread the word. One day will these stories be nothing more than "did that REALLY happen?"

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:18 PM
I am white. I am a racist. Even though my people never had slaves, I am to be blamed for slavery. Even though my people WERE SLAVES for several hundred years to - Asian people. But, still, somehow, I am a racist.

I know why. I am a racist because I DO NOT FEEL GUILTY FOR RACISM. I am a racist because I like "white" history and culture.

I am also a racist because I NOTICE THE RACISM THAT CHINESE AND BLACK PEOPLE ARE SO PROUD OF. If I were not a racist, I would never notice this.

I am a racist because I strongly believe that NOBODY SHOULD BE ADMITTED TO A UNIVERSITY ON THE GROUNDS OF THEIR SKIN COLOR (M.L.King said that).

And, last but not least, I AM A RACIST FOR NOTICING THAT ONLY WHITE RACE IS DISAPPEARING FROM THE PLANET, FAST! If I were not a racist, I would not care if white race is the only race that will no longer exist in the near future. Who cares?!

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:24 PM
Is this how we all should recognise ourselves if we are white or is this sarcasm. Im sorry. I have missed detecting your position on this

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:27 PM

Originally posted by Benevolent Heretic
For me, the one or two people who think I'm a racist, tend to get all my attention and focus and that's just not right. I guess it's kind of like hearing 50 people praise something you did and then that one person says you suck and that's what you carry around...

Or kinda like the US government focusing on terrorism when you are far, far more likely to get killed in an auto wreck, not to mention our own domestic problems that go unaddressed....and unfunded, ahem.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:30 PM
foxy, your nick is well chosen!

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:37 PM

Originally posted by swimmer
foxy, your nick is well chosen!

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:52 PM
No offence taken on my part at all foxy. Actually I debated whether I should post here at all for fear of my comments causing offence, it's just such a sensitive issue and all kinds of way to inadvertantly hurt someone elses feelings, particuarly through text.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 11:05 PM
Well, I'll chime in on this one, I had an experience before Christmas that left me bewildered to say the least, I live in atlanta and I walked to the store one night to get some smokes and dr. pepper. On my way back to my apartment there was a car on the side of the road with it's hazards on, so I proceeded to walk up and asked if they were o.k. like I would do any other time anyone was in trouble. Well, the fellow in the passenger seat hopped out and shoved a matte black pistol to my head and proceeded to say, "give me yo money you cracka mutha Fu%&*#" that phrase was the only one I remember verbatim but there was some other things said about "I got to make my money" and I think there was a "i'll waste you for playin wit my money"

So, I said be cool and you can have my money and be on your way. I guess that never comforted him enough to move the gun any further than 3" from my head. But, fortunately for me I only had about $20 on me and after a little bit he was content to leave with the little money I had and cigarettes and my precious dr. pepper
. Prior to his leaving he left me with the comforting words of "F%^* you you cracka yada yada" I didn't get the last part as his slamming the door and the driver squealing tires kind of muted it out. So I got back home with my life and was thankful for that.

Looking back my thoughts are this

1. the next time I see a black male in a heavy jacket with a hood, am I stereotyping by thinking he might have bad intentions?

2. When I say I don't like rap music it means I am biased for always hearing about "making money, taking money, guns" and associating that with having a pistol to my head and having similar lyrics recited to me?

3.Is it wrong to feel resentment for someone robbing me and calling me a "cracka" on more than one occasion in the process.

4.To look at a car on the side of the road and not offer help because there are two black men in there.

All the things I stated and more I practice, am I racist? If I am let me know. I feel awful to have these knee jerk reactions that I did not have before when it comes to these racial issues but none the less they were imparted upon me. So I guess I have to join (or be pushed rather) into the racist crowd with the rest.

And for those of you who think having a gun pointed at you head is not a reasonable reason to cast judgment in the ways stated. Try it sometime, it will give you a different outlook to say the least. Maybe it was my fault for not knowing better than to walk to the store after dark. True story and my two cents

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 11:49 PM
Glad to see some Australians weighing in on this issue.
Because it is an issue in Australia IMO, and i wish things would change.

As was said earlier, racism goes both ways. In Australia, it seems that it is the average Anglo-Saxon being disadvantaged now.

This example is a bad one, and i apologize if i offend anyone, but i've seen this happen in RL several times.

An Aboriginal family will be given a commission house to live in until they are financially able to find their own home / rental property. The house they are given is utterly destroyed inside and out. They are given another property. Rinse and repeat.

A white family is given a commission house... it is destroyed... they go to jail.

Sadly it does happen. I think it is all in FEAR of being called a racist. It is not that anyone is racist, but the fact that the word holds so much power these days causes people to fear being labeled as such.

In my town i know, that there are certain Aboriginal gangs and children that get away with horrible things because they cry racist and innocent if you retaliate.

I bet someone comes out now to call me a racist for what i posted above now as well, simply because i want EQUALITY, not a system that favors one skin colour over another.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 12:07 AM

Originally posted by intrepid
........ because I'm white.

Alternate title of this thread:

Sins of the Father and the Grandfather and his Father.....

I'm going to use this thread to address certain issues on this as opposed to derailing other threads. I'm getting REALLY tired of posts like this:

Originally posted by name removed
Like Foxy said, stop blaming the victim, BH.

I don't see why you can't get it through your damn head. We're talking about people who were treated like animals for generations. People who, despite trying to make something of themselves since the end of the Civil War, have been hindered again and again and again and again.

I seems like you relish blaming poor black Americans, as you gloss over the impact of whites who established and maintained the system for generations.

Who did I victimize? Who did I hinder?

Let me tell you about a RL episode. I was working as a floor walker about 12 years ago. These 2 guys came into this store with an open duffle bag. One was black the other white. I was watching them both. They were pro's. They found me out and the black guy says that I'm watching him because he was black. I almost kicked his ass on the spot for calling me a racist. I was watching them because they came in with an open duffle bag.

I'm tired, DAMN tired of being accused of being a racist because of the colour of MY skin.

GREAT POST intrepid. Really good man. I to am getting sick and tired of it ..especially considering my family has been farming PENNSYLVANIA!!! since we got here! We lost many men in my family, their names on the Pennsylvania Memorial in Gettysburg PA from the battle there. Don't give me this "You enslaved us!" BS when you cannot prove my ancestors enslaved yours, or that your even a descendant of a slave!

Did any one watch The Colbert Report tonight?

I saw the ABSOLUTE perfect sign of racism on the show tonight.... Stephen interviewed a black women (from what ever group) talking about Obama. Her take on Obama.........

Not black.

Yeah thats right, hes not black. His father immigrated from Kenya in 56, but because he is not descended from slaves he cannot be considered black by the black community, because his father moved here. Gee.. I thought racism was rampant in the 50's! She didn't even care his mothers white, just that he can trace is ancestry back other wise.

Its the "black experience" where you grow up in the "ghetto" and your "gangsta" and all the white folk keepin ya down, every one hates you for your color..
Because your great great great grand daddies daddy was a slave, it some how embedded it's self into your genes that you can never overcome being raised in poverty. Please. The racism that comes from the black community disgust me sometimes.

Whats the really bad part? Is that kids fall for this crap, then "gangstas" and "rappers" and all the ghetto fabulous role models get in it as well, about how tough it is to be a black man on the streets, throwing money in the air, bitch slappin da hoes, flashin the bling bling and the grills while in an escalade. OMG. . ya, white folk really keeping you down huh, considering the largest purchaser of rap is middle aged white men.

You will never surpass your past, untill you can get over your self in the present to make a better future for tomorow.

Just my opinion.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by intrepid
See "name removed"? OK, you want to hear this, no prob. In the light of this thread tell me, how do I wear this mark of past generations? I'm not a racist in any manner, no matter how you would colour me. THIS is the bottom line of this thread. I've done NOTHING against ANYONE but I've been portrayed as a person that "doesn't get the black perspective." No, I can't get that. Can YOU get the white perspective that's tired of being castigated for what happened before we were even born?


What is your problem?

Are you high?

I didn't say a GD thing to you. Yet, you get on here and start running your mouth about how I called you a racist. Taurus feces. Why don't you highlight your tag, "Intrepid," in that post of mine you quoted. Matter of fact, put that sucker in bold and the biggest font on here, so we all can see.

Why don't you keep my tag or my "anonymous" quotes out of your posts on here in the future if I don't say a GD thing about you, okay?

STOP LYING! I didn't say a damn thing about YOU being a RACIST. Maybe you got me confused with somebody else, but I still don't appreciate that spit. In fact, this thread is friggin pointless, as far as I'm concerned; you used MY post to establish why YOU are apparently racist. Get outta here.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 02:33 AM
Not for nothing, but SO WHAT if white peopel are 'tired' of being treated differently for the colour of their skin. They did if for a thousand years and conquered the whole world while using that ideology. Yes, a person today sure as heck ain't responsible or guilty of the errors of people in the past. But still, so what, white peopel are FREAKING OUT over the tiniest degree of racism, just imagine what it was like for the rest of the planet. White people freak out that a black guy might get a job through affirmative action. So what, white people slapped together ships, and sailed across the world to another continent to purchase people and make them slaves.

Honestly, any racism is wrong, but seriously, whites should pay attention and realize that if they are 'chaffing' under this 'suffering', wtf was it like for the people that were actually being hauled off in chains, had their countries become colonies, etc??

I mean, why, in the world, should anyone have any sympathy for whites who feel that they are being oppressed?? And its not like racism is 'dead' amoung whites now anyway.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 02:39 AM
[this is not all being directed at you chisller or BH]

Originally posted by chisslerYet time and time again I am proclaimed a racist for calling a penalty against a hockey player who happens to be native

Gosh thats horrible.

Its just like that sihk in texas who was beaten to a pulp because they thought he was a muslim for his turban.

Or its just like how a few years ago these two kids pretended to hire these two hispanic labourers, and then beat them to death and chopped them up for kix, because they were hispanic.

I mean, the oppression of racism, its so burdensome, white peopel can't enjoy a hockey game, hispanics get murdered, man, when will it end. White people really need to stand up for themselves so they can run to the other side of the street when a black guy in a bandana is walking by without being called racist. But if mexicans start marching with their flags, whoa whoa, hold on now, this is 'merca, get back to work.

I have RL experiences as well as many experiences here on ATS of when I was accused of being racist because I am white.

Egads, how terrible, to be accused of being racist, such oppression. Its just like when a black guy gets strung up by an angry mob in the streets, so terrible. *raises hand to forehead as if to swoon* Oooohhhhh damn the racism that upsets white people, its so terrible, how can anyone bear it.

I think that any black person would trade 'real life experiences of racism' with a white person in a split second, and I don't think any white people would, say, accept affirmative action working for them, if it meant that they were treated like blacks are in general.

I mean really, who's getting the short end of the stick with racism here? And yet whenver guys like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton (and yes, I can't stand either one of them either) complain about racist cops gunning down blacks without a second thought, they're told to shut up and stop 'playing the racism card'.

[edit on 9-2-2007 by Nygdan]

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 02:49 AM

Originally posted by truthseeka you used MY post to establish why YOU are apparently racist

WTF Intrepid aint' racist. Why are you complaining about him implying that you said he was racist, and then saying in that complaint that he is racist????

Intrepid is not racist. The suggestion is laughable.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 03:55 AM
This thread is very interesting to me. I notice a trend.

People try to 'do right' (whatever that is) and are repeatedly told that they've failed to accomplish the goal (whatever that is). After enough negative reinforcement, those people say, "WTH, I might as well stop trying."

Is that what happened, intrepid and BH (and whoever else wants to answer)?

*Ngydan, if I could give you a WATS, I would. I rarely agree with you, but when I do, you are SO right!

edit to add:

I forgot who mentioned it, but I also saw the Colbert Report tonight and I thought that woman sounded stupid. In general, black people from the Caribbean and Africa do not consider themselves "African-American," mainly because they don't wish to be associated with us. They call themselves a whatever-American, or black. However, when they choose to identify themselves as "African-American", historically, the community has accepted them. So, if Obama is calling himself African-American, I don't see any reason for all this discussion about it. Just my opinion.

[edit on 9-2-2007 by HarlemHottie]

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 04:01 AM
Calling someone a racist is no different than calling them another insultive name and is against the principles of ATS.

To deem another member a particular "thing" as in a judgement word is not condusive to denying ignorance. All to often the racist issue is used as a smokescreen to cover other subjects and their discussion. It is used to deflect resonsibility by the person using that shallow response to information presented. Frequently it shuts the person accused down in their tracks.

We don't know who is or isn't what, so get over it and move on to something more productive and stop calling each other names.

An individuals beliefs are their own and what each chooses to share in a public forum should be taken in it's written context and not judged as "racist" or "mean" or "ugly", etc. These are judgements of one's character and aren't usually useful on this site unless being used to expose a lie or something like that.

Most of us who consider ourselves to be modern thinkers like to allow for all kinds of different people, cultures and religions and don't like being associated with "racist" folks who think like the bigot of the 70's Archie Bunker. It is a cheap shot usually used to discredit someone.

Dig deeper if you want to make someone look bad.

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