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Man on the Moon

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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 03:46 PM
I know much has been said re the moon landings but I have always had a theory as to what was really going on, so here goes.

America/Russia were locked in a technology race, the US wanted to be on top but the Ruskies beat them to it in 1961 by putting the first man in space. America now has to up the stakes. Kenedy states we'll put a man on the moon by 1996.

But was that possible, its one thing to fly around in low Earth atmosphere and another landing on another celestial body. Russian rocket technology is still superior to the US's even today, America uses Russian designed engines to power its rockets.

But back in the cold war years there was no sharing of technology, so with America wearing egg on its face had to do something. The logical thing to do is to have two plans runing along side each other. One being a real attempt to be able to get to the moon the other a fake landing filmed in a studio if the real plan goes tits up.

The chances in 69 of getting men to the Moon, land there and get back must have been the equivalant of trying to go to the deepest part of the ocean in 1800 magnified a thousand times. The real plan went ahead America could certainly get a man into orbit but that was no good, can we get him to the moon.

Its logical when setting out on these types of endevours to practice till perfect, and just as astronauts are now training to go to Mars and are working in a Mars type environment the same goes for the moon.
Realistic sets would be built, and harsh environments would be used to simulate he conditions on the Moon. All this would of course be filmed for research and training. All perfectly logical and understanably for an unknown environment.

But somewhere along the line the question is asked what happens if it goes wrong, what happens if the watching World see's our guys getting fried in space, or pulverised on the moon. The impact on Americans would be massive but more so for those who were out to beat the Russians. It would be a propaganda disaster, one that the US would take years to recover from.

So just like the movies it all works out fine in the end, Two rockets go up, one stays in earths orbit where its safe the other heads for the moon. Does it reach the moon, who know's till we get the real proof no one will know but if it missed or crashed on the Moon then its roll the film.

It was this film that was shown to the world, a combination of real footage from space and film from the training set, that was what was sold to the public. The biggest hoax of all mankind and as I type there are probaly the bones of those brave men who were sent to their deaths in the name propaganda, just to get one over on the Russians. But with all exploration there is a price to pay, its a pity we dont even know there names.

Has America returned to the Moon no, Russia who was far ahead in the space race never even tried and one has to ask the question why. The space station sits in near earth orbit well away from the sterilizing Van Allen belts. I did here a story that the US tried to blow a hole through them with nukes to clear a path for the astronauts back in 69, it didn't work it just increased the radiation levels.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 08:59 PM
I think you may be correct on one account. A television set was made for some reason or other.

Here is one of the sets used for practise: Image

I think a television set was set up specifically in the event that something major went wrong with either the actual moon mission, or the communications.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 09:18 PM
Well, with all the technology today, it is fairly easy to see that there was no "Moon Landing" and that the whole thing was staged.
If you read posts from golemina and other authors on the original Moon Landing topic, you will see that Russians had many reasons to stay silent about American "Moon Landing" - they have faked and staged some very important space myths, also.

And one more thing...since there are more and more people who understand these things, maybe the rulers of the world will organize another "World War", to get rid of a few hundred million people and then rule the ignorant (and terrified) survivors happily ever after.

Or, just wait until jra's shift starts, and he will answer here with a lot of "scientific" details...and explain everything

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:10 PM
Warning: You are falling down the rabbit hole. What you see here can not be unseen.

The following films contain scenes some viewers may find disturbing. The content includes; the moon landing movie studio, the moon landing models, the moon landing effects --How to-- , astronots phaking footage, and more.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Boooo weeeeee ooooooooo

This clip is "Secret Space". Discusses serious problems with radiation. Shows how they used models to fake moon landing footage. I especially love the seen of "the approach" which was partially broadcast to millions of TV viewers as Apollo 11 "approached" the moon for the landing. What they didnt show on tv was that the camera was on a track, and the camera guy had to pull the camera off and you see the entire inside of the studio room, including the camera man. He then turns the camera around for another angle which was used for "the landing"... Also discusses NASA ufo footage. 1:09:45 shows how they faked the moon landing. Whole doc is awesome though!!

Google Video Link

What happened on the moon? All around awesome 2-part doc that pics apart the moon hoax piece by piece by piece. Must SEE! Discusses radiation, wires seen attached to astronots "on the moon". Discusses the apollo 13 hoax, and more.

Part I

Google Video Link

Part II

Google Video Link

Classified Nasa Video - Astronots Phaking Footage. Previously classified video shows astronauts of Apollo 11 using trick photography to fake their voyage to moon. An image of the earth was ... all » phaked by darkening the interior of the capsule and focusing the camera, from the opposite side of the capsule, on the circular window in the hatch. The astronots likely never left low earth orbit, and hence needed to phake an image of the earth that appears to be distant. However, the size of the apparent earth image appears way too small. Earth's image is smaller than size of the moon as seen from earth.

Notice, later parts of video show interior shots of capsule and earth still brightly visible outside every window that camera pans across.

Earth also visibly outside windows on later missions, like apollo 13 when they are supposedly orbiting moon in the LEM, earth is still outside window. Apollo 13's "landing" coincided with the wrong part of the lunar cycle. Landing zone was in shade for the duration of the days planned for the EVA's....THEY CAN'T LAND IN THE DARK!!! Surviving in the earth's shadow on the moon would require massive energy expidentures for heating! Dark parts of moon go as low as -280ºF! When sun is shining heat is over 260°F!!

Google Video Link

A funny thing happened on the way to the moon. Seriously.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 02:42 AM
I personally believe that the apollo missions were faked.

The evidence against it far outweighs the evidence for it.

For example: The craft would have had to pass to specific belts of radiation. Known as the Van Allen belt. Now the first field of radiation is 272 miles from earth. Also interesting is that the amount of radiation in the belt varies and increases when the suns magnetic field flips to produce it's sunspot cycle. This happens every 11 years. Funny how between 1969 and 1970 the sun was at it's peak in it's sunspot cycle, thus raising the amount of radiation in the Van Allen belt.

Something that supports the danger this belt poses for craft not protected by the earths magnetic field is this:

In 1998, the Space Shuttle flew to one of its highest altitudes ever, three hundred and fifty miles, hundreds of miles below merely the beginning of the Van Allen Radiation Belts. Inside of their shielding, superior to that which the Apollo astronauts possessed, the shuttle astronauts reported being able to "see" the radiation with their eyes closed penetrating their shielding as well as the retinas of their closed eyes.

Also your right about the US goverment trying to blast a hole in the Van Allen Belt.

Did you know that the US Government tried to blast a hole in the belt 248 miles above Earth in 1962? During Operation Starfish Prime a Megaton Nuclear Bomb was used to try and force an unnatural corridor through the Van Allen Belt... Unfortunately, the radiation levels actually got worse, not better. What they created was a third belt that was 100 times more intense than the natural belts, and as estimated by Mary Bennett in 'Dark Moon - Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by 2002 this artificial zone will still have 25 times more radiation than the other 2 belts.

By the way, I don't yet know how to create a hyperlink to the site i got this info from.
Any help would be appreciated.


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