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Iraq's deputy health minister and guards arrested by Americans

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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 10:06 AM
Firstly, I apologize if it's been already posted. Here is the CNN link to the story:
From the article:

U.S. and Iraqi forces arrested the Iraqi deputy health minister Thursday morning in a raid on the Health Ministry complex in Baghdad, an Iraqi Interior Ministry official said.

The Iraqi authorities don't seem to have participated despite the title, as otherwise the Iraqi health minister wouldn't have said that:

Iraqi Health Minister Ali al-Shammari criticized the way forces seized his deputy, calling the raid a humiliating blow to the dignity of the ministry and the official seized.
"We know that American people and their government respect the law. So they should respect the law here," al-Shammari said.

Also we read here that US Forces Arrested Guards

Health minister Ali al-Shemari said the soldiers arrived at 3 a.m. Sunday, broke open doors inside the building leading to his office and hauled away the seven men, who were posted there as night guards.

Notice these are two diferent incidents. I also found it strange that another deputy health minister was abducted by gunmen (dressed in Iraqi uniforms) back in November last year. Again from CNN

At least 24 gunmen -- some dressed as national police -- stormed the house of Iraq's deputy health minister, Ammar al-Saffar, on Sunday and abducted him, a Baghdad emergency police official told CNN.

Why is this 'interest' in Iraqi Health Ministry officials on American side? Add these cases to the event of the 'kidnapped' Iranian diplomat (as well as the other six Iranians arrested before). Is it only me, or is there a real shift in strategy in Iraq? Is this part of Bush's new plan for conducting the WOT? Is it, in fact, a provocation aimed at Iran? I mean, kidnapping diplomats and possibly Iranian spies, really takes the US-Iran confrontation up to a further level?

Moreover, I just heard that a popular muslim cleric was arrested in Britain. I think we are seeing a planned escalation of events right now...

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