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From Anonymous Posts: best bass player of all time

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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 02:16 AM

Original Anonymous Post By: anon_94230
Yeah I have heard of Stu Hamm...session muso...played with Satch (Joe Satriani)... wears crazy shirts and long shorts with trainers...great bassist !!!

the fans pay out a bit on him though...poor Stu

Check Billy Sheehan out. He is the best I have saw in concert not leave out Steve Harris from Iron Maiden, John Paul Jones from the mighty Led Zeppelin.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 02:26 AM
Mark King Level 42, great bass player and supposedly one of the nicest blokes going.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 08:42 AM
This should be moved to BTS but while it is here:

You are forgetting some very important and great bass players.

Paul McCartney: More or less introduced a more melodic style of bass playing in a time of super simple root note style.

Mike Gordon: Bass player from Phish and is now recording and playing with Leo Kottke. Leo Kottke is one of the best guitarists to walk this earth and Gordon is equally impressive on bass.

Jaco: If you know your music then you know the name. Jaco is one of the best. His solo work was a revolutionary twiat of jazz and soul/funk. His stint with Weather Report was equally impressive.

Victor Wooten: One of the masters of the slap and pop bass playing. The man can triple and quad thump an entire song. Can use harmonics as well as Jaco and I do not think there is anyone as fast as him.

Geddy Lee: The name is almost enough said. Some wonderful prog rock bass playing from the band Rush.

John Myung: Wow. This man is some sort of special. His fretting hand moves fast and he works some impressive melody with it. One of the few people to use a 6-string like it should be used.

Les Claypool: Played with Primus. Another of the super impressive players. He is most known for his fast and complex two-hand tapping technique.

Cliff Burton: I may not be the biggest metal fan but this man revolutionized metal bass playing. Counter melodies were his trademark and he played them well until his tragic death.

Jack Bruce: A key member of the band Cream and one of the best.

Flea: Love his playing or hate it (most will bash on his almost pure pentatonic style) Flea is one of the most important bass players to have walked this earth. He has some incredible chops but more importantly he brings the bass out of the background and gets kids interested in it.

John Entwistle: The Ox and one incredible bass player. Puts some incredible bass lines into some classic Who songs. Simple when he needs to be and complex every other time.

Geezer Butler: His often driving and complex bass lines helped to give life to the low end of Black Sabbath.

Chris Squire: Playing for Yes and holding his own incrediblly well. Chris Squire was an influential and extrodinary bass player.

There are many many more but I will run out of room before I can name them all.

I haven't even touched the Jazz greats.

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