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The Spirit World

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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 01:52 AM
I hope this piece by Amitakh Stanford, entitled "The Spirit World," will help and interest some of those who are interested in this topic and resonate with her energy.

Here is the link to the full piece :

All beings of the Light should feel inside their hearts and deep inside their beings for what is right. You should try to overcome programmed indoctrination and prejudice in search for the Truth. The TRUTH is WITHIN.

Here is an excerpt i feel may peak your interest

...Since the consciousnesses of human beings are trapped in this Virtual Reality, the ones who have dropped their physical bodies will reside in the various levels or dimensions of the astral world, which was created by Evil.

The astral world is a "place" where beings reside when they are not in the physical. The physical world is a "place" where the same type of beings reside when they are not in the astral.

The astral world is a complex place full of subtle entrapments just like the situation here in this physical world. In one sense it is far more deceptive than the physical dimension.

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