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Requirements, Credentials, Employment.

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posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 04:14 PM
My rant is simple.

I've been busy reading, studying and learning for well over 7 years. IMO Much more dedicated than any college or university student. I have no credentials and no certificates.
I am very capable of helping in many counseling fields, emotion and/or addiction for an example. I already DO help people in many aspects of counseling and yet when I try to get a job or try to make a decent living instead of working at department stores or fast food joints, or the many whack services that line our golden streets I find that NO ONE will accept you for what you are without "REQUIREMENTS"
I don't have time to waste anymore working menial jobs to "Sir-Vive"
I have things that I can accomplish if I am working in a field related to what I research, otherwise I'm plagued by no sleep because I'm balancing "Sir-Viving" and furthering my research or I'm plagued by blockades to my progress because of horrible pay-rates.

Yeh I know everyone reading this is saying ... Me Too!

But really... Where can someone find a job, that allows them to help others and further their research IN THAT Field.

My main beef is that people think that school is the only place people can learn.
In my experience its a place that hinders learning until you understand HOW they're teaching you.

If anyone has any advice... I could really use some ideas of how to make money other than working a dead-end job.
If you have any positions available or need someone to help with a project you or someone else is doing let me know... I'm multi-talented.. lol

But other than that.. why is our society so geared toward what people have done, and not what people CAN do?

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