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Why a war with Iran and the US is Inevitable

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posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 02:31 PM
The Iranian people are a proud people that consider themselves to be the greatest civilization on earth. They are the only Middle Eastern country to maintain their borders over the last 2,000 years. They were once know as the Persian Empire, united my Cyrus.

More Iranian/Persian History:

They were once are greatest allies in the Middle East. We funded them, sent our best weapons, and trained them with our best soldiers. But their leader neglected his people. With hunger rampant, the Shah led a revolution. The new Iran neglected everything they considered Western. This is when Saddam saw an opportunity to annex Iran.

He pulled a blitzkrieg on Iran. Its military and weapons were in a shabby state. He crushed through their defenses quickly and would have won if not for one of the greatest blunders in military history. He stopped; I really can’t find a reason why he did. This pause gave Iran time to bolster itself and put up a defense. Then the Shah came up with “Besiege troops” (not sure of spelling). Which were basically children who charged heavy positions with nothing but what they could pick up from dead soldiers. When the Iraqi troops ran out of bullets, they were overrun. Iraq got pushed back and was in trouble of losing its war. That was until the US moved in. The US wanted stability in the Middle East so they backed Saddam with a lot of $$. Which he used to buy weapons, and yes chemical weapons. When the Iranian navy tried to stop the US by mining the Gulf, (mine struck the Samuel B. Robert), the US retaliated. In one day the US showed it power by sinking half of the Iranian navy. The war stalemated into a withdraw, and the borders remained the same. Around 1 million people died or were maimed, mostly besiege troops.

It was the Shah’s believe that his suicide army could have overrun Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and eventually all of the Middle East. He blamed the United States for not allowing him to rule the Middle East under his flag. Since then he started having his people chant “Death to America” every night after evening prayer to instill the hatred need. He started Hezbollah to terrorize the west. Since then he has given way to a Theocratic Democracy. But they still believe the same thing. Just a couple of years ago the new guy in charge openly stated that they wanted to wipe Israel from the map.

Now in present day the United State has what I believe it really wanted buffers between Iran and the rest of the world. It has control (though semi-control) of Iraq (Iran’s Western Neighbor), and Afghanistan (Its Eastern neighbor). There will be a war with Iran and the US. It might not be for a couple of years when the dust has settled and people are not crying about seeing their son dead on TV, but it will happen.

I believe the U.S. will wait for some kind of catalyst such as news of more nuclear facilities to pop up. Then the U. S. will start airstrikes the likes of which have never been seen even in the first Gulf War. Bunker Busters that can drill through 80 feet (I believe) of concrete and take out underground facilities, will rain down.

I believe this because a ground war would be a catastrophe. Though the United States has the greatest Land military possibly in history this would be a large scale war with terrorism tactics that would use are strengths as a disadvantage. While their overall military wouldn’t put up much of a fight:

The Intangibles would. They now have a “Besiege Army” of around 7 million (I think), and the tactics would be too much. I think it would be really hard watching 7 million people run into the blender let alone be the one running the blender.

I believe that war with Iran is Inevitable. In this time or the next it WILL Happen.

I got alot of my info from watching the History channel, If you don't believe me watch this:

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posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 04:31 PM
I don't think you're going to find many people to disagree with you on the findamental point that that there will be war with Iran in the future. The actual when and how of the thing is all that's really in doubt. Lessons learned from failures in Iraq will certainly tend to make that conflict much more well planned and possibly even longer in duration.

posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 04:42 PM
I think things have to be a little more calmer in Iraq.. which is why I think Iran is causing problems there, to prolong Americas stay.. because once America is finished, America will move on Iran. We need this war to keep our economy up, but over doing it can stress it out and cause it to begin sinking again.. has to be timed just right.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 09:59 AM
Iran to hit U.S. interests if attacked
By NASSER KARIMI, Associated Press Writer

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's supreme leader said Thursday that if the United States were to attack Iran, the country would respond by striking U.S. interests all over the world — the latest sharp exchange in an escalating standoff between the two countries.


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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 03:58 PM
Hi Royal, just remember it was the US/UK who was responcible for killing of the elected president in the 50's, because he was going to nationalise the oil industry and throw the likes of BP out of the country. We had him assasinated then we put the Shah and his henchmen in power, and that leads us to the present day Iran.

The ME has had a century of UK interference and now America, some times the chickens do come home to roost.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 12:24 AM
I think you got that backwards Magic, we put the President in power, who did as he was told, and we loved the man, but he neglected his own people.. and that resulted in the Shah taking over.

Since then we have not bought a single ounce of Iranian oil.


directly anyways.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 01:26 PM
Err no, magic is correct, the US & UK had the democratically elected Mossedegh overthrown for trying to nationalize Iran's oil, and put the Shah in power. The Shah's heavy handed rule became increasingly unpopular, which led to the current theocracy (can you say "blowback?").

Similarly the OP seems to have the Shah and the Ayatollah confused.

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posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 03:20 PM
We overthrew the guy because he was going to nationalize the Oil.

Then we put his son in charge, because we knew he would think of us first.

Personally I think he was making his military larger, and larger. So that they could throw us out. If his military was strong enough, no body could say nothing.

But just like Russia, he learned that NOBODY can out spend us

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