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Commit me, Im crazy.

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posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 04:28 AM
I was born again.

Hello all,

I am probably gonna seem crazy to most of you, but I have to tell what has gone on in my life. It all started when I watched the discloser project, last november. I have no doubt in my mind the ufo's are real after watching that.
To make a long story short, I started researching conspiracy and ancient text. These conspiracy included illumantai, freemasons, kennedy, and occult symbolism. This has led me back into the old testment. I then compared the old testament to the summerian text, and it all started to make sense. I wish my new reality was different put it appears to me as truth.
Well here it goes. The summerian text indicates a reptillian alien race that created man as a slave. The symbolism includes human giant gods, snakes, serpents, greys, flying discs, and other strange creatures. They are depicted as gods.
If you go back to the old testament it speaks of gods(plural). These gods looked like man(vice-versa). They created Adam and Eve and humans were good. Then the eating of the tree of knowledge thing happened. Which caused man to fall. Could it be by DNA? Or was it Knowledge? Is the Serpent of old in the garden of eden Reptillian? Possible.
If you look at all the symbolism around us there is something going on. Here is just a few you might reconize obelisks, pentigrams, sun gods, fish gods(pope), pyramids, all seeing eye, owls, columbia godess, skull and bones, and snakes everywhere and I mean everywhere. If you doubt me I ask you this, look for snakes as you walk through life for a day. They will pop out in the strangest places. You can start by checking out Intel inside probably right on your computer. Its a snake.


I still believe in a divine creator of the universe. A loving god of positive love for all good in the heart. As for man I believe we were created by an alien race of loving highly evolved humans(sons of god). After creation the human race was hijacked by this reptillian scum and it has been manipulating mankind ever since. They operate through thirteen families, probably not human. They created religion, wars, famine, empire, and bury history so we cant know the truth.
There are other positive aliens. They have been shooting down these grey/reptillian/nordic alien ships and vice versa causing ufo crashes(interstellar war above earth). Which you can see on the nasa videos.
I have a feeling there is going to be all at war in the heavens at some point.
I hope, we as humans can overcome this someday.

I was a born again christian 8 weeks ago. Now I follow Yahweh the name of god in the old testament. Yahweh gives all good hearts salvation. The original god chosen from the three gods of our creators. The gods these manipulators don't want us to know.

Please take the time to honestly look at what I have said. Look up the symbols.(most important/start in washington) Do your homework.
In reality truth is stranger than fiction and hard to digest.

Peace be with you


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