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Amitakh Stanford's Final Reflections

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posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 12:50 AM
Here are Amitakh Stanford's final reflections, which i would like to share with those whom are intersted, ones of great importance to all True Beings of the Light.

Here is an excerpt to, perhaps, peak your interest.

Final Reflections


Amitakh Stanford

whose pen name is D. M.

29th August 2004

...I do not expect everyone to respond positively to my message. Otherwise, there would be no need for me to write it. The True-Light beings will respond to my message even if it initially may cause them some temporary discomfort and conflict. The False-Light beings will no longer pretend to accept my writings. They will now expose themselves and commence vicious attacks upon the message and/or me. This is irrelevant as I have come to the end of my public work. I never came here to please people or gain merit points. I have come to do what I was sent here to do. I have come to seek my own and to accompany them Home, which is not about physical death at all — it is about Liberation from Darkness.

Death comes to all living things in this realm, including humans and higher forms of life. Unlike True-Light forms, which are eternal, all biological life has a beginning and an ending. Everything in the physical dimension is constructed from matter. Everything that is made from matter decays (dies). This includes minerals, vegetables, animals, humans and celestial bodies — even light in the physical realm diminishes over time and distance. Death was not created by the True Creator, it was a wicked imposition by the Usurper — Darkness.

Many philosophical and religious thoughts on death are associated with rebirth. We are told that death is like shedding a garment and rebirth is like putting on a new gown. When plants die, new ones sprout. Thus, we are told life goes on and that without death there would be no birth. This appears to be true when considering life as it appears around us. Human parents have children who produce their own children, and as the old generations die off, new ones replace them and so on. Thus the cycle of life and rebirth continues and appears to be a natural process, but what is its purpose? The truth is it has no purpose except for Darkness.

Some say we must die and be reborn onto Earth to learn because it is the schoolroom for the soul's development. Today, this concept is parroted by rote by many who claim to be spiritually awakened. These people believe that we have all come to earn merit points by our own actions, both on Earth and in the spirit world. Thus, they argue that one chooses to relate one's experiences in the afterlife in order to help others to overcome the fear of death so they may rejoice in the sacredness of the present life. Superficially, all this appears to be reasonable and believable.

The process of death and rebirth is characterised by some as a positive experience. They argue that suffering is good because it helps build character and strengthens us spiritually. They further argue that it teaches us to appreciate good. These arguments appear to be true to some extent, but they seem to work only in the counterfeit realms controlled by Darkness. This is so because all suffering causes loss of energy which Darkness needs to drive Its realm. It is also a way of weakening the will and spirit and causes beings to lose awareness and give in to Darkness. In the True-Light Creation there is no suffering, no evil and no death.

In this realm that is so heavily controlled by Darkness, there is not much we can do about avoiding physical death. However, there is a great deal that we can do to strengthen our will and not give in to Darkness until Liberation from Darkness is accomplished, and this will occur very, very soon...

© 2004 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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