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Another Microbiologist Killed

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posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 11:44 AM
Police have released a composite drawing of a motorist who sped away after his van jumped the curb and killed a chemist walking on a sidewalk in the Texas Medical Center. Robert Leslie Burghoff, 45, of The Woodlands was killed in the 1600 block of South Braeswood on Nov. 20. He was studying the virus plaguing cruise ships, police said.

Cruise ships, Killer flu, SARS, militarized Anthrax....what is being manufactured in the hope of thinning the heard for world control? And what's the total of scientists in that field now dead?

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 11:57 AM
He was merely a chemist, not a true microbiologist..but he indeed was doing research on the Norwalk virus,

Norwalk virus infection is an intestinal illness that often occurs in outbreaks.
Norwalk and Norwalk-like viruses are increasingly being recognized as leading causes of foodborne disease in the United States.
The viruses are passed in the stool of infected persons. People get infected by swallowing stool-contaminated food or water. Outbreaks in the United States are often linked to raw oysters.
Infected people usually recover in 2 to 3 days without serious or long-term health effects.
To prevent Norwalk virus infection: 1) wash hands with soap and warm water after toilet visits and before preparing or eating food; 2) cook all shellfish thoroughly before eating; 3) wash raw vegetables before eating; and 4) dispose of sewage in a sanitary manner.

I can only find some very old papers he co-wrote, or better i think he was a technician in these cases but they date back to the beginning of the 90's.

Dr. Atmar supervised Burghoff, who was studying the Norwalk virus, a germ believed to have sickened dozens and dozens of cruise ship passengers.
"The project he was working on was trying to develop methods to more easily detect the virus," said Dr. Atmar.

So probably developing an ELISA, nothing special this guy [like me:], like someone said before, if u count all firefighters that are being killed everyday all over the globe there will be a conspiracy too..

[Edited on 17-12-2003 by jozuph]

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 12:08 PM
thanks jozuph.

What, in your professional opinion, would be the most logical "worst case scenario" of all the conspiracy theories being floated about the deaths in your profession? It just seems the "falling off a bridge" thingy was kind of frequent there for a while, you know?

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 03:20 PM
:], I have not really checked into the way they died. I can only say that i from a profesional point of view can not really see anything linking this deaths as in Cruise ships, Killer flu, SARS, militarized Anthrax theories :]]

I think its more a coincidence these deaths among supossed microbiologists..
U know things like human designed viruses, and the use of them in a military way, yess its possible but its also very dangerous for yourself, they are not to easy to control, a virus is a living organism and it mutates like mad..its just stupid to believe you can control something like that. Bacteria we can all grow at home, and finding bad ones to grow is also not so we all can make "militarized Anthrax"...or wors

Nuclear stuff, just visit your next door lab, security at labs is usually low, you can find big amounts of radioactive labels, more then enough to make a nice dirty is easy, why make it more difficult by designing complex viruses that destroy only gays and blacks and then later as well as in the beginning white people, yellow and probably greens..Before throwing in any conspiracy theory think bout whats the benefit for them, sars, aids..i can not see a benefit. For no one..a mistake then maybe, pff could be, but a far away could be..


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