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Oklahoma City Bombers ?you decide!!!!

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posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 06:58 PM
Perhaps you are wondering to whom i am refferring here.....
Here is my story which i swear is the absolute truth and has haunted my dreams for many years.....
I am a logger in canada,
On the day of the Oklahome bomb i was working with my logging crew on a southern BC mountain road called K50.
I was hanging around the landing waiting for my skiddermen to bring in logs for me to buck into truck length and push up with the cat into a deck.
We were skidding from about 2/3 mi away pulling blown down timber to the landing along side the road system.
My pick/up had a very good FM radio in it and as it took some what more time to make a turn that it did to buck and deck the logs, i had time to be listening for the news.
I heard the first reports about the alfred P Murragh building and was glued to the CBC radio news to hear it play out.Keep in mind, i was fifty miles from any highway and another twenty to the nearest town.
So about one hour AFTER the bomb news about Oklahoma City ......
The CBC news reported a Blackhawk helicopter exploding in the air oveer killeen Texas,with 16 army demolition team members on board.
Everyone was lost.
That is the last news report i ever heard about it.............thats it.....
I did try to convey this information to two US investigative sources...
To date nothing has come of those efforts, but if i get this information out toAmericans i will be satisfied that i have done the right thing with it.
I tried to convey this to a group trying to investigate the bombing.
I did convey it to a certain Army General who has publicly stated that the building had to be prewired to blow the way it did.
Hell it was easy, this ate my guts till i finally googled the guy up and phoned him in his retirement home in virginia.
The CBC is a goverment radio service and the report came on about shortly after the bomb blew.
About 1 hour later to be exact.
Oddly, Killeen texas is one hours flight in a blackhawk from Oklahoma City.
Now i did try to search for crash records of this, but the FAA HAS NONE!
They told me a commercial helicopter had crashed that day.....
16 men died that day, under orders of their superior officers, and
all of them must have had next of kin.
Did they perhaps become victims of the same mad men who ordered the destruction of all those innocents who did not have prior warning to not be there that day?
How too perfect!Kill all the witnesses who are the bombers in one fell swoop.Then bury the news and send out the death notices of the training accidents and other cover stories...(I doubt they were all reported killed together unless they were said to be out of CONUS on some pretext or other...)
This may be considered a sworn statement .
But it is all i know.....somebody else needs to carry it from here.

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 09:18 PM
Contact this woman she has contacts but as you can see she has taken this in a different direction. I read the book, it's good.


posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 09:32 PM
You said 3 times that you tried to "covey" this information to:

  • "...two US investigative sources..."
  • "...a group trying to investigate the bombing."
  • "...a certain Army General..."

So you tried but failed to "convey" this story to those 4 (?) entities? Did they not believe you?

Was it all the unnecessary details about logging that gave it away as a less than credible story?

Was it that your story sounds like a bad email chain letter?

Please tell!

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 10:03 PM
I'd be most interested in hearing more. Maybe get the numbers from the downed commercial and check it against anything existing. Maybe you also could fnd out who the announcer was and check with him. I know it's been a long while, but that is something one doesn't readily forget. If you take it a bit further, maybe you will get your answers.

BTW, people who jump up and yell BS immediately after one post is the sole reason why people are afraid to share their stories. Step off and see where the thread goes before you add pointless digs.

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