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WOT & 24

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posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 08:34 AM
After watching an episode from the latest 24 series it made me wonder is this a means of pre programming the public. Its a fairly interseting program and I have sen the other series but I cannot help but think tyhat programs such as this arent as innocent as they seem or are just another show on the TV.

By airing programs such as this it subjects are minds to the possibilty of such events, that despite the authorities actions nukes will go off and you will have those in goverment who would conspire to have carte blanche on civil liberties and freedoms.

How many of us have said I knew that was going to happen because there was a program about it once. If the goverment is employing this process to condition people dose this mean that they are aware of terrorist plots or could be the instigators of them.

If those with an agenda wish to commit terrorist acts a then blame others for it would not our conditioned minds readily accept the so called facts that were given to us. Like the police telling us in the UK that terrorist could blow up a chemical truck in a city and then the event takes place.

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