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Menwith Hill???? American/UK Secret Base..

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posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 07:59 AM
I was just wondering if there might anything eles at Menwith Hill other than the whole american spy stuff. Maybe stuff like UFO's or ET's there????

I’ve being inside Menwith Hill Base last year, me and my father where delivering some gear and we had to the truck sniffed for explosives before we even got in the perimeter. Then we finally got checked ourselves and we were given security passes to enter the base.
We drove to one of the side entrances were we got our passes checked by British armed guards.
We dropped off what we had to and then we entered a building were we took some stairs down like into and underground shopping mall. We then went into a shop and tried to buy some stuff but we wasn’t allowed because the women behind the counter who was American said that she couldn’t serve us because we are British.

Hers's a good site.

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