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Big Easy Becomes New Murder Capital

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posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 03:15 PM
Over a year ago, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the big easy and many other gulf coast states. Though recovery has been made certain areas have stagnated progress. By passing New York, Dayton and Baltimore, New Orleans has become the new murder capital of the US. To make matters worse, 2/3 of the cases are unsolved.

There were 161 homicides in this city last year, and there have been 18 so far this year, making New Orleans by most measures the nation’s per capita murder capital, given its sharply reduced population. Many of the victims and the suspects are teenagers. About two-thirds of the deaths have gone unsolved: the killers, in many cases, continue to walk the streets and are likely to kill again, the police say.

Other cities have plenty of murders. But only in New Orleans has there been the uniquely poisoned set of circumstances that has led to this city’s position at the top of the homicide charts. Every phase of the killing cycle here unfolds under the dark star of dysfunction: the murderers’ brutalized childhoods, the often ineffectual police intervention, a dulled community response, and a tense relationship between the police and prosecutors that lets many cases slip through the cracks.

Hurricane Katrina’s devastation loosened the fragile social restraints even further, making the city perhaps more dangerous than ever.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Is this not why we sent billions of dollars in government aid, and millions in charitable aid to solve? Hurricane Katrina was over a year ago, but the people of New Orleans have killed more of their own than the storm itself.

People complain that we should stop trying to solve the worlds problems and spend the money on our own people, but what good is money if the people aren't grateful. Yes it may be a group of bad apples...but then again what makes post-katrina New Orleans different than Post-Sadaam Iraq? In perspective, I see Iraq as safer than NO. At least they have an excuse of being bombed and a political vacuum.

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