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Intelligence on Iraq: US Has Little Control

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posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 12:01 PM

Washington Post

A long-awaited National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, presented to President Bush by the intelligence community yesterday, outlines an increasingly perilous situation in which the United States has little control and there is a strong possibility of further deterioration, according to sources familiar with the document.

In a discussion of whether Iraq has reached a state of civil war, the 90-page classified NIE comes to no conclusion and holds out prospects of improvement. But it couches glimmers of optimism in deep uncertainty about whether the Iraqi leaders will be able to transcend sectarian interests and fight against extremists, establish effective national institutions and end rampant corruption.

Completion of the estimate, which projects events in Iraq over the next 18 months, comes amid intensifying debate and skepticism on Capitol Hill about the administration's war policy. In a series of contentious hearings over the past two weeks, legislators have sharply questioned Bush's new plan for the deployment of 21,500 additional U.S. troops and the administration's dependence on the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

So it looks like somebody has woken up and started to smell the coffee. Kind of late if you ask me, since it does not take an army of genious intelligence officers to see that situation in Iraq is completly out of control and that basicly not many things have gotten for the better and that it is very hard to find some Good News coming from there, since there are almost 1000 dead civilians each week.

Well this report is kind of eye-opening, even for all those skeptics, who actually belive, that US and the Coalition is doing well there and that there has been progress towards peace - but actually Iraq is just left in Pieces, while the Coalition monitors from their precious Green Zone.

Well what do you expect, when the Headlines from Iraq go like this:

U.S.: 4 Copter Losses Due to Ground Fire

The four U.S. helicopters that have crashed in Iraq since Jan. 20 were apparently shot down, the chief American military spokesman said Sunday - the first time the U.S. command has publicly acknowledged that the aircraft were lost to enemy fire.

Suicide Bomber Kills 102 in Baghdad

A suicide truck bomber struck a market in a predominantly Shiite area of Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least 102 people among the crowd buying food for evening meals, the most devastating strike in the capital in more than two months.

Yes, a very stabile and healthy enviroment for the so-called Democracy.

And while Doubts Run Deep on Reforms Crucial to Bush's Iraq Strategy and while Soldiers in Iraq view troop surge as a lost cause - and ofcourse while yet again (as always) Pentagon Alters Casualty Figures, the best thing to do right now is to attack another country in the Middle East - well at least to divert the attention from Iraq to Iran or Syria.

Now what has to happen in Iraq, that will help people to see that things down there are going very, VERY wrong...?

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