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Freemasonry stands as Liberalism incarnate

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posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 03:23 AM
Everyone is afraid of Freemasonry and yet the British had little problem with them early on, so did anyone who rejected Catholicism's dogma.

The reason being? Freemasonry was the bearer of liberalism as were several other institutions such as the Protestant Reformation and etc. all which were tools that implimented Democracy.

Catholicism supported a heirarchical "feudal" world with Kings and Clergy.

It believed that your salvation was through the Church, then through Jesus.

Protestanism introduced a new concept, that your salvation was through your actions and through Jesus without the Church.

The anglican world took this to heart since they had been at odds with the Catholic Church for centuries.

Forward another 100 years, Freemasonry embodies this even further, not only is your salvation through your actions, but it doesn't matter WHAT religion you believe in, just as long as you do believe.

As it is best said in DOGMA: "It doesn't matter what's your faith, just as long as you have faith."

While Freemasonry is no way the necessary keeper of liberalism, it certainly is an incarnation of it. And because of it it became feared by all devout Catholics, it was chastised by the non-protestant Irish, by the Spaniards, by many French, certainly by Italians.

But by Revolutionary French it was embraced and by any German noble it was embraced, even in Russia it was embraced slightly - outside of the Catholic world.

Understanding Western Civilization's roots will help you to understand Freemasonry's position.

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