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911 press for truth

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posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 12:54 AM

Astounding documentary, first half deals with the Widows/Victims of 9/11, I already have a few people who never doubted the *official* story now telling me they are harbouring doubts for the first time, they feel there is a cover-up of some-kind.

The cover-up of *something* is made apparent during this documentary.

This isn't a *LOOSE CHANGE* docu, this is a documentary that uses main stream media and you won't be seeing this *debunked* any-time soon.

One part that is interesting is where people on the 9/11 commision complain about being restricted to the classified documents, and its revealing when you find out who has access to those on the commision, I will let you watch the film to find out.

There are some shocking moments, that I don't hear too much about.

Truly an independant investigation is needed and one where people testify under oath.

Absolute MUST SEE docu.

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posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 04:15 PM
I still haven't seen it so thanks for the tip. I'v heard its good, but been too tangled in the LC-esque MIHOP arguments. As for debunking, I'd have to be vigilant and guess this level too is likely tangled with lies, disinfo and red herrings, but harder to spot since it's politics and intel, not concrete slabs, that we're looking at. The heavy propaganda against the Saudis and Pakistanis (and in sibel Edmond's case the Turks) is one part of all that that I've already sensed. Pressing for truth is good advice, but it'll take more than presing play on a video. Nonetheless, this is one I mean to see.

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