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my freinds dream

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posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 09:24 PM
Well my friend has been having these very vivid dreams for a while now, he couldn’t wait to tell me this one. But first some back drop, my friend is very skilled at basketball but he is overweight and wants to get some fitness and training down before he tries out for the team, even though he is over weight his skill is phenomenal and his heart to the game is amazing also he has some great confidence I really think he is going to be big. He is dedicated and so am I to his training, I mean I have been helping him through out the year and he has lost a lot of weight. The things that strikes me is his commitment he is planning on getting up at 5 to run, do pushups and other calisthenics throughout the day and stretch play basketball nonstop.

There still some problems, there is a hill about 100-115 yards, it is very steep and at times it still challenges me, I for one have conquered it be he has always tried but never could only getting halfway up before he just tires out. I think that once he conquers the hill he can achieve the dream that we talked about on aim down below…

Please now that I have changed names and locations just so no one here tries to look for them, and there are some bad words used, some generally for humor.

Please tell me what you guys think of the dream, use archetypes to help split it apart, help me and my friend out. Even though it may seem funny it is serious.

myfirend): dood
Atsguy): yea
myfirend): did i tell u bout my dream last night
Atsguy): type it i will read it later bussy right now ith porn
myfirend): dood idk man this one was special
Atsguy): k
myfirend): i mean like it was so realisitc i think it was a glimspe of the future
Atsguy): #
Atsguy): k
myfirend): hurry up n bust the nut
Atsguy): lol
Atsguy): 10more min
myfirend): k
Atsguy): damn jada fire ca suck a dick
Atsguy): ok what was u dream
myfirend): i dont like her
Atsguy): lol
myfirend): omg the dream was #in crazy
myfirend): it was like a segment of like 4 yrs from my life
Atsguy): yea
myfirend): k so the first part was I was running from my house to urs n u were carryin those ipod speakers n it was playin the rocky training #
Atsguy): lol k
myfirend): n the amanda was learnin how to drive
Atsguy): yea
myfirend): n she was drivin by us
Atsguy): lol
myfirend): n i was like w,.e
myfirend): so we kept runnin n den i switched into like 7th gear like rocky does wen he runs real fast
myfirend): n i ran up that big hill
myfirend): n then we were jumpin around all happy n #
Atsguy): duder
myfirend): n i was like to amanda y the # u followin me
Atsguy): yea
myfirend): n she was like idk it seemed interestin n den i was liek u doin anytin this weekend n shes like ya b ut i can make plans n im like so you wanna go see little children
Atsguy): dude thats a #en amazibng dream actually its real pwerful
myfirend): n then it comes summer time of next year
Atsguy): yea
myfirend): n u moved down south to go to college
myfirend): n im transferin highschools
Atsguy): lol
myfirend): n me n amanda break up cuz she bein a bitch
Atsguy): dude i think ur dreams mean something
myfirend): n then i come back with my new team to versus barton high n i go up to amanda n im like this one is for u n i drop 64 with the game winning 3
myfirend): n then you move to europe to continue college
Atsguy): holy #
Atsguy): dude
myfirend): n u got a gf down their n ur all serious wit her n #
myfirend): n im at the nba draft
Atsguy): dude
myfirend): n they call me as the number one pci
myfirend): pick*
Atsguy): did u seriopusly have that dream
myfirend): ya but its not done
Atsguy): k
myfirend): n i get up there
myfirend): n take my phone out
myfirend): n i call u while ur havin sex
myfirend): n im like dood u #in retard turn on espn n tell me whos number one
myfirend): n ur like holy #in # n im like ned we did it
myfirend): n then ur little bitch bf is like wtf
myfirend): n ur like im sorry im gonna have to leave n shes like whos that on the tv
myfirend): n ur like its #in aki
Atsguy): dude
Atsguy): but im not there for ur uprising
Atsguy): dude that is a #en amazing dream
myfirend): dood but guess wat else
Atsguy): what
myfirend): its like the only dream were its been this deep
myfirend): n like i saw my self up there
myfirend): cuz ive never actually seen myself in the dreams but now i did
Atsguy): dude this is something
Atsguy): wiat wait hold up
myfirend): i can even describe the suit n errytin
myfirend): i think were onto sumtin
Atsguy): dude
Atsguy): man
Atsguy): that is #en like predictiong the future
Atsguy): u sure u were dreaming
myfirend): no it was more like seeing the future
myfirend): like wen i woke up
myfirend): i knew it was it
myfirend): i had an all white suit with a red collored #
myfirend): n i had my hair in a fro
Atsguy): lol
myfirend): n a chinstrap but it was a bit bigger then now
Atsguy): hahaha
Atsguy): what else did u seein the dream
Atsguy): who ws i #en
myfirend): she was a blonde
myfirend): buit not natural
myfirend): i didnt get the face
myfirend): u had ur long hair tho
Atsguy): really
Atsguy): #ed up
Atsguy): was i still built lol
myfirend): ya
Atsguy): so thats like 4 years from now
myfirend): ya
Atsguy): man ima take this seriously
myfirend): no #
myfirend): its official
Atsguy): man
Atsguy): anything else u can remember from the dream
myfirend): thats it
Atsguy): what team were u on
myfirend): dont kno
myfirend): i was just sitting at my tabke
myfirend): n they call me up with the first pick
Atsguy): so i guess it all starts with you conquoring the big hill
myfirend): ya
Atsguy): man
Atsguy): thats just wow
Atsguy): the best dream u had yet
myfirend): ya
myfirend): the most accurate too
Atsguy): im gonna save this conversation so in the future i can be like...he was rifght

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