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Dangers of Amalgam/Mercury Fillings Video - Actual Smoking Teeth Footage

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posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 10:53 AM

Originally posted by Glukoza

if something has to be treated as toxic waste when disposed of, why is it permanently inserted into peoples' mouths?

All fluids and matter removed from a patient in any clinical setting is considered biohazardous as dictated by OSHA.

Correct, but Mercury Amalgam fillings go to a toxic waste dump different category from biohazards.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 10:01 AM
Well July 29th, 2009 FDA has to admit the truth. Just and FYI they have to be very careful on their findings because this one will be bigger than when smoking was found to be bad.

The panel recommended that the FDA conduct further studies on the risks to children from dental amalgam, and that it consider a policy of informed consent for children and pregnant: that is, warning those groups of the risks associated with the fillings before installing them.

Part of the lawsuit centered on the FDA’s failure to respond to these recommendations in a timely fashion.

“This is your classic failure to act,” federal judge Ellen Segal Huvelle told the agency.

As part of the lawsuit settlement, the FDA must reach a final decision on the regulation of amalgam by July 28, 2009.

Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses. When amalgam fillings are placed in teeth or removed from teeth, they release mercury vapor. Mercury vapor is also released during chewing. FDA’s rulemaking (described in question 7) will examine evidence concerning whether release of mercury vapor can cause health problems, including neurological disorders, in children and fetuses.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 08:17 AM
Another great Study on Mercury Amalgam Fillings.

And a dentist extracting mercury amalgam fillings.

This one has some really good facts and cross references many issues.

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posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 09:30 AM
Dental amalgam controversy makes its way to Wiki.

It's funny how if even the slightest bit of mercury is spilled in a public area, it is evacuated and specialized crews with respirators need to clean the area, but in our mouths it's OK.

Ask your dentist, next time where your fillings go after he/she takes them out? Toxic landfill will be the answer.

Research on monkeys has shown that mercury released from dental amalgam restorations is absorbed and accumulates in various organs such as the kidney, brain, lung, liver, gastro-intestinal tract, the exocrine glands.[25] It was also found to have crossed the placental barrier in pregnant rats[26] and proven to cross the gastrointestinal mucosa when amalgam particles are swallowed after amalgam insertion or after removal of old amalgam fillings.[27]

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 09:37 AM

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 09:47 AM

Originally posted by Suspiria

Great info, but it still doesn't negate the fact the any amount of mercury in the human body is toxic.

Here is the problem I have with that Quack study, what they don't address is the fact, in the video when the eraser is used, more Mercury rises.

And that mercury builds up in the human bodies vital organs/tissues causing quantifiable and unquantifiable complications.

The point is mercury is not good, so why use it for fillings when so many other options are available today?

I personally know a man that tried to silver copper pennies, on the stove, and nearly killed his entire family.

What silvering is? When someone takes liquid mercury and places a copper penny, in the solution, the penny floats on the Mercury while coating it with a small layer, giving it a silver appearance, but this process takes days. Now this particular person thought it would speed up the process by heating Mercury on the stove and placing the pennies in the liquid, hence his entire family, including himself were hospitalized for over 2 weeks. Diagnosis?

Mercury contamination via airborne mercury.

His house was demo'd, since every square foot/inch was contaminated, the material from the demo'd house went to a toxic landfill.
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posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by Suspiria

while the argumentation looks superficially convincing, it should be noted that the vapor need not be lighter or heavier than air to be moved by convection. there is probably plenty of temperature differential to create convection in the video.

the following video shows the evaporation from a drop of mercury under similar conditions - please note that it also rises upwards, albeit slowly, even though it is stated that Hg v is heavier than air at the same temperature.

iow, the video is imho valid.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 01:56 PM
Had 10 fillings removed in one sitting ,.. wow.. what a trauma to the head..
Had to go to a special dentist to get them taken out. a standard ADA wouldnt do it..

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by Long Lance

That is a fantastic video.

Thanks for posting it!

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 04:09 PM
Also, I'd recommend doing some searching for a good Dentist that has Your Health
in mind when removing the Mercury.. it is a Very potentially sickening procedure.
My dentist could have done a better job, In fact I wasnt all that pleased with the process.
I did end up with mild symptoms of mercury poisoning after the procedure, but it was well worth
the removal of them.

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 12:21 PM
Must see video done by Bowling Green State U and brought to our attention by ATS member longlance

An excellent short subject video demonstrating the evolution of Hg vapor & the potential hazards of mishandling a spill. Note: the method used to visualize the Hg is very sensitive & exactly how much Hg is vaporized in the demonstration is not stated. (The visualization method is similar to that used in an atomic absorption spectrometer) A sincere thanks to Dave Heinlen Safety and Health Coordinator Bowling Green State University 102 College Park Office Building Bowling Green, Ohio 43403 for this video. Please visit their website!

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by Realtruth
Thanks for keeping this alive. it is a very important to educate this as the poison it is.
I always find it funny when most ADA dentists still keep this stuff quiet

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