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Spiritual realms and prostitution

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posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 12:08 PM
Any ideas on what those of the spirit realm think of prostitution?

I am thinking here of both cases, service provider and customer.
The Abrahamic viewpoint is to mostly condemn the service providers to hell. But what of the real spirit realm?

Sex for lust fulfillment is of the body so surely is not of spiritual concern.
Whatever the field of manual work you are paid for the use of your body.
A soldier may kill to protect with his hands. Is there any correlation with that of those selling other parts of their body?

Surely as long as the act is consensual and neither partner is "cheating" on another it is just a bargain between the contractees. And neither party should have any fear of retribution.

Ideas anyone?

posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 12:48 PM
Your argument is sound.

Robert Monroe claimed that while he was investigating other dimensions, he saw what first appeared to be mounds of writhing worms. When he grew closer, he discovered these mounds to consist of naked, orgiastic ex-humans, frantically, desperately seeking sexual satisfaction. He claimed a large proportion of these had been nuns and clergymen who had denied their bodies' sexual needs while alive. Thought provoking.

Sex for lust fulfillment is of the body so surely is not of spiritual concern

Well, to be remembered is that many cults/religions believe that sex is a vital and empowering element within their rituals. (ala Crowley, La Vey, 'Dracula', 'satanism', etc.)

We're told many ancient religions placed a high premium on virgins (and some still do).

Science can stimulate orgasm and can demonstrate it on graphs, but a written or spoken description falls short of the real thing. So perhaps the true spark involves more than the physical body? Many might say this is definitely so.

Then there's Tantric Sex. Not of 'spiritual' concern ?

I believe there is a spiritual element within sex. Not always. But once experienced, the spiritual element cannot be denied. It's effects can be profound.

So ...... it may be that MOST often, sex is just sex. And it may be that sex with a prostitute is entirely physical. Most of the time. But not always.

After all, sex is responsible for the birth of a new soul.

Not just a new body. A soul.

How does a soul commence ...... a divine spark?

Divine? That's beginning to sound a bit spiritual isn't it.

So we have a combination of sex and creation of a soul.

I'd say sex and spirituality are therefore forever bound.

posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 11:14 AM
Yes, im sure that when a spirit gets bored they just go to heavens red light district and pick up afew hookers. Is that why the archangel micheal has several STDs. Who runs the clinic then and how many times has jesus visited it, thats what i want to know.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 03:38 AM
I agree with the concept that it is not a sin and you will be punished by God for having sex with someone, even a prostitute. As stated before as long as it is a mutual agreement. I don't understand why a prostitution is illegal but you can be a porn actor and get paid to screw for money.

I agree with both of you. I also agree that it can be spiritual, both good and bad. I just wanted to say I agree with both points of view.

I loved the sentence about the person that saw all the nuns, and priests, etc writhing like worms. That is what happens to people that have to repress their sexual desire.

The bible is full of incest, piligamy, you name it. But it was okay back then. It just totally makes it seem to me that God had nothing to do with any Bibles, Koran, and all the other books that have all the rules to get to heaven.

It's a touchy subject with many fine lines.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 03:46 AM
I don't believe that God condemns, but it is we that punish ourselves for our own wrong doings and what we inflict on others. Its our own learning experience, no doubt some people are put in that position for a reason.

I think its about moderation; sex is not a bad thing when it is not abused, but it is if you're doing it in a manner that hurts another person or yourself. That can be said about a lot of things, like eating too much.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 08:28 AM
I think there's a spiritual aspect to it...
the spiritual essence of each person has a very unique tag to it a vibration or whatever. this tag tends to vary some from moment to moment, day to day.....but usually not so much as to change the overall message of the tag, you can find someone if you know and recognize the tag....
drugs and alchohol can change it greatly, so if you don't want to be found....
of course, once found the drugs and alchohol limits your ability to protect yourself...

but anyways....what does the church say happens upon marriage?
the two become one, their tags tend to change till they are almost indistinguishable.
two spirits brush against each other during the sexual act, the tags are changed, each leaves with a small amount of the other's spiritual essence.
a new soul is created with a little of each plus a alot from god.

this is all fine and dandy if the one you are having sex with is the one you love, and that love is returned. but that little bit of essences that you will walk away with that is not yours can be used by anyone else who holds that same are more vulnerable to them. more open...whatever.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by Dock6

He claimed a large proportion of these had been nuns and clergymen who had denied their bodies' sexual needs while alive. Thought provoking.

Very thought provoking. As I see it if spirituality and sex are linked then those denying its "animal urge" are acting contrary to their spiritual good. Hence the nuns etc seeking gratification.

Originally posted by Dock6
After all, sex is responsible for the birth of a new soul.

Not just a new body. A soul.

Interesting point. My belief is that this body is but a vehicle for the soul / spirit. Now I am not saying that there is a pool of souls out there waiting to try out a new set of wheels as it were, if there were I would have chosen a better model than I got!

But equally I have a hard time believing that a soul is created by a spiritual / soul union. I think that this is because to create a soul you would need spiritual and physical bonding, if not everytime you created a spiritual bonding "soul mate" scenario surely a soul could be created?

Equally it would not seem right that a couple with a deep bonding, who medically were unable to have children should not contribute to the universal good? But there again looking at all the bad men of history, whose to say all soul creation is a matter of universal good?

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