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Iran strike rejected by ex-generals

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posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 05:05 AM
There will be "disastrous consequences" for security in the Middle East and also for coalition forces in Iraq, if any action is taken on Tehran's nuclear crisis. The three former military officers are urging Washington to resolve this in a diplomatic fashion, by starting direct talks.
They said the crisis over Tehran's nuclear programme must be resolved through diplomacy, urging Washington to start direct talks with Iran.

The letter was published in Britain's Sunday Times newspaper.

It was signed by:

* Lt Gen Robert Gard, a former military assistant to the US defence secretary

* Gen Joseph Hoar, a former commander-in-chief, US Central Command

* Vice Adm Jack Shanahan, a former director of the Center for Defense Information

They said such action would further exacerbate regional and global tensions.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I couldn't agree more with these officers.

There is no evidence, that Iran is producing nuclear weapons. Washington must really engage Iran in serious talks, with no threats of war or sabre-rattling. And let them produce the required uranium they need. If it goes into nuclear arms instead of power...

Then start a war, by all means. But all we've got is threats of war, with no evidence of, "why?".

Any thoughts?

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posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 05:30 AM
probably just propaganda, to put the opposition of. they always need some element of surprise, and do not want to be seen as starting the war.


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