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H5N1 strain found in United Kingdom

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posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 01:21 AM
Bird Flu has been identified as the virus that killed 2, 600 birds in a Suffolk farm last week, and as such 160, 000 turkeys in the immediate area are being culled, and a restriction zone of over 2,000 square kilometres has been set up.
Strict Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs controls on the movement of poultry flocks near the Bernard Matthews site are in force.

A three-kilometre protection zone and a 10km surveillance zone have now been set up around Holton, which is approximately 27km south-west of Lowestoft. A much wider restricted zone covering 2,090 sq km is bordered by the A140 to the west and the A47 to the north and almost to Felixstowe in the south. Farmers in this area must keep their flocks isolated from wild birds and any movements licensed.

The strain has killed 164 people worldwide - mainly in south-east Asia - since 2003.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Well, Bird Flu pretty much disappeared off the media radar for a while there. I remember a time when every single person I spoke to mentioned Bird Flu at some point in the conversation. Then it just went away. The media really hyped it up, but obviously the collective public has a very short memory. Sure, a few people got killed here and there in the mid-East, but otherwise, there was nothing to be scared of lately.

I think the media will be a lot more cautious reporting this one.

And at least it looks like the proper steps are being taken to contain the outbreak.

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