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Age Discrimination and other stuff

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posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 10:33 PM
sure, it happens to the elderly
but it happens just as much (actually, probably more) to the young

i'm 18
and, for some reason, anything i do that is against the norm is merely "a phase"
or teenage rebellion

what the hell?

i've been able to make conscious, well-informed decisions for years

i'm an atheist
"it's just a phase"
"he's just rebelling against what he was taught"

but the perfectly devout little christian kid is just a fine chap
a perfect example of how a "child" should act

that is idiotic on so many levels

the fact that i've chosen to take it upon myself to sort out my personal system of morality and belief doesn't mean i'm "rebelling"
it means that i'm actually waking the F up and doing some thinking

people older than me need to realize that at the age of 18, i am more than qualified enough to question their ideas

sure, respect your elders and all that BS

just because they have more experience doesn't mean they deserve extra respect
if my elders are telling me that i'm an immature child that is simply going through a phase, they don't get the respect they are so happy to withhold from me

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 11:49 PM
Yes Im sorry how you feel I think they judge you probably because

a) your a teenager.
b) you don't follow your 'designated' religion and believe fit their belief system.
c) and you reserve the right to question things

I say don't worry your just as good as the next kid bro.

This is a form of ignorance as you know and believe me my family is in the same boat although its not targeted directly apparently all of us 'blind' so to speak.

You can probably relate to these feelings: *WARNING RANT*

My mother Rose bought a great family home with my Dad after she got married and just before I was born (1986) soon after my grandmother had an anurysm and suffered a stroke thus could not speak, walk (Paralysed right arm and leg), and her logic function dimished. So mom being the concerned daughter sold our house and we all came over to live with grandma to keep her living in her home and mom as her full time carer. Now my Uncle John observed this all these years and never came to offer assistance once, he also has roughly 9 million in his account but that is not the point he never said anything like 'thank you for looking after mom and keeping her happy' or 'is their anything I could do'. But instead (this is were it becomes relevant to your post) He rants everytime he comes here and he always says 'you don't look after mom right' and 'you don't understand because your not as old and as wise as me'. All this constant BS for no reasonm whatsoever.

/end rant

EDIT: Just to add something this is not the case because their are extremely young mensa members in nappies blah blah blah

Also show your family this and ask them if they can do any better.

Although they have life experience yes, they should hold it within reason.

[edit on 4-2-2007 by Selmer2]

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