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Christianity and dimensions....

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posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 01:13 AM
Imagine that you are living in a 2 dimensional world. In this world you have width and you have length, but you don't have height. So everything in your world has to move around everything else, there is no over or under.

Imagine life on a microscopic slide, with little bacteria or amobea sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass. This is a 2 dimensional world. everything moving on the same plane. Beings moving arund eath other and around obsticals

Now make one of the "matrix" like moves from the slide to the scientist looking down on the slide. The scientist has another dimension, he has height. He can see things on the slide that the beings on the slide cannot see .. like their insides, or whats behind the wall... by looking down on their world he effectivly has 'magical' vision.

Now imagine that he reached down with a bit of food between his tweezers and put it on the slide. To the amoeba who have no height this would have appeared miraculously in their world. from nothing to there in an instant. From invisible to visible. Suddenly without explanation something would have appeared in their world. Imagine that he looked down and because he can see inside the amoeba he fixed something in their bodies, they would have no idea what had happened, a miraculous healing!!

Ok, you get the idea, we are like the amoeba, God is like the scientist.

Lets take another of those "matrix" moves and imagine that now we see the scientist from the fourth dimension. What might we see? Well we imagine the 4th domension to be time, so we not only see the scientist at this instant but a filmstrip like series of his life, from his birth to his death ... and further. Maybe we can see a cascading like series of possibilities, or a direct line of cause and effect.

Also just as we have the ability to add to the 2D world, the being in the 4th dimension would have the same ability to add to OUR world. The same miraculous events would occur to us as we inflicted on the amoeba.

As we are not limited by the physics of a 2D world, then a 4D being may be free of the phyics such as gravity, of a 3D world. Just as we can see the materials tha tmake a 2D world, a 4D being would be ablet o see just how "real" or unreal are the structures in our world.

So what seems unbelievable to us is only because we are creations of and limited to the three dimensions.

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 01:57 AM
Actually it is VERY interesting you should bring this up....I love this "Spatial Theories" and occupy much my time to it =D

First off, I shall begin by giving you an E-book written in the 1880s called "Flatland"

An interesting book about a 2D being who learns how to travel to other Dimensions, and tries to explain this all to his fellow "Flatworlders"

Now....first off I'd like to say, we are at the very least 4th dimensional beings

There is no way we aren't, or else we couldn't percieve time in any way....but as it is theorized, in our universe, time and 3D are the same, even though they are seperate dimensions they really can't be seperated. For instance, you see the light of our sun as it was 8 minutes ago

There's actually many ways to prove we are 4th dimensional beings, and one of them that I sorta came up with is this.

A 1 dimensional being can only see points, for instance, two lines cross, he percieves ONLY the point at which they cross.

A 2 dimensional being can only see lines, if a square or cube or anything passes through his dimension, he'll only see the line at which it meets his "plane".

Likewise a 3 dimensional being can only see 2 dimensional objects, the square and such, but he can MOVE around these objects to view them from different angles. Much like the "flat" pictures on your Television.

We are fourth Dimensional beings, because we can "grasp" time but not see all of it, just as each dimension can only "grasp" its actual dimension. We can not only see in 3d thanks to our 2 eyes...but we can feel it in more ways than just touch. We are immersed in an Up Down left right forward back world.

Now it is even possible we are Multi-Dimensional beings, and are able to percieve all dimensions but just haven't identified the others.

Anyways, I see what you are getting at. I am not sure if it would apply to anything above the 3rd Dimension, because once you leave that you leave actual physical space. However have you heard of the M-Braine theories? I think that's what they are called.

I guess it ties into string theory, and basically when these Braines collide they BOOM create our universe. I tried to read some up on it but it seriously hurt my head

Also I was reading today an article that seemed to go back to us being a flat universe. As in, we are on a table. It was talking about the center of the universe, and "where is it?". Basically we know we aren't the center of the universe, so that rules out a sphere (something to do with the sphere having ALL points seemingly the center) and further suggests we are a flat universe.

Which actually would probably do the Braine theories some good too.

Anyways, I think the Braine theory is the closest thing science has to what you just stated, so I'll be looking for a source on it.

Oiy I can't find anything to do with it, but I found this odd site that has to do with "Why is there anything at all?" and a bit about god blah blah. How everyone believes in God, but people interpret it differntly. JamesG this is directed to you. Your god would simply be the big bang...but anyways...well look at the site...I think it's a scientific one, I know it's not religious, I'm just not certain WHAT it is...

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posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 09:33 AM
Whuf. I'm so totally drugged out on cold meds today that I can't think straight -- however, I did want to comment about how much I loved FLATLAND. It was one of the earliest science fiction (mathematics fiction?) novels I read, and one of the most interesting and readable.

I read it, and the sequel SPHERELAND (written a century later... no, not the same author) and found them both enlightening.

I found a rather nifty page that compares and contrasts the books and sequels in this specialized genre:

(it's a quick and easy read, even for one suffering under the influence of Nyquil (whee!))

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 04:33 PM
How do I view ppt? My browser won't open it

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 05:11 PM
Thanks Netchicken, I found that very interesting.

I would like to counter freemasons views with a simple theory aswell. If you say we are 4 dimensional beings and that we haved grasped time and are aware of it, then I say that this is not enough. To only be able to grasp time and be aware of its existence but not conquer time surley means that we are only 3 dimensional. We have conquered width, length and height, but not time. Only God is over time. To be 4 dimensional we should be equal to god concerning time. To God a thousand years on Earth is like a Day to Him. So if we were 4 dimensional then we should be able to interact with time the same as God can. Therefore because of this restriction we can only be 3 dimensional.

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 08:10 PM
Steward What is known at present includes the existence, of at the very least 10 dimensions. And we do exist in four dimensions, that we do not to an extent understand the dimension of time. Does not mean we do not exist in it in relation to a totality. Like emotions its simply difficult to visualize in regard to a mental construct.

One example of such a construct is what NC presented

That now we see the scientist from the fourth dimension. What might we see? Well, we imagine the 4th dimension to be time, so we not only see the scientist at this instant but a filmstrip like series of his life, from his birth to his death ... and further. Maybe we can see a cascading like series of possibilities, or a direct line of cause and effect.

There are probably several other issues which need to be taken into consideration. But NC does seem to be presenting the Tigers Tail

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