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Let us celebrate Everson v. Board of Education

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posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 09:36 PM
happy 60th to this most pivotal of church-state rulings!

THIS link goes to a story about the 60th anniversary

from the story

Why is the far right so eager to discredit Everson? The case is crucial because in it the Supreme Court laid down a concise and wide-ranging definition of the First Amendment's religion provisions that have had a profound effect on church-state law. In addition, a unanimous court strongly endorsed Jefferson's assertion that the American people, through the First Amendment, have "erected a wall of separation between church and state." For anyone seeking to undermine that wall, discrediting Everson is job one.

in a country where 15% is non-religious, this ruling is important

now, i personally find this law to be protecting me and my rights as an atheist and a student in the United States of America

if anyone would like to view the ruling, here's a LINK from FindLaw

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