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ATS "Dark Matter" Revisited... Revised... Rethunk...

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posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 01:33 PM
Whooaaaaa that was bright compared to been here, drop the lightness a few shades so the page smacks you in the face and not the brightness, well for me anyways.

For the record I view ATS in the light mode now and that is fine for me, but we all have different set ups so finding the middle ground is hard.


posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 01:52 PM
Then new layout looks fine to me. I'm new here, so it's alright. Change is good...

posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 07:51 PM
My opinion is I would rather look at a dark screen than a bright white one. That gives me a headache. -Far better to have white text on the dark background.

posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 09:04 PM
I like the dark background with light lettering I find it easy on the eyes but a button to switch back would be cool too.
But if you make it light then all the "dark matter" things would be weird i think.... oh well you do whatever and I will still come here anyway

posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 11:16 PM
Hi...I also prefer the dark matter, the one we have now.
But a friend of mine visited this site from another comp and because of his older monitor, he had a hard time seeing the site at all.

I'm sure you guys will settle with whats best for everyone in the end though.

posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 11:41 PM
I still believe that having an option of both views is the best way, at some later point when it isn't so burdensome. The allowance of customization for ATS community would be a great future option.

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 12:49 AM
My favorite websites, ATS included, all have dark themes to them. I like what we have now as it seems to synch my brain to the subject matters at hand. While a lighter theme makes the website look bigger, I don't know about everyone else but I can already spend a great deal of time with what is available and making it "appear" to be bigger may be intimidating to someone who just wants to browse through what interests them.

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 06:30 AM
I can read it fine, thanks. I sure bet there are other thing better to spend time on thinking cant say I know though

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 11:31 AM
I think both are equally appealing. Impossible to please all the people all the time.

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 06:54 PM
hmmmmm Plasma i don't mind,but i prefer black matter

Like others said it would be cool to have a button to switch back & forth between dark matter & Plasma.Unless this pressures S.O. into doing more work.
I feel bad for the older members though,since they need some light.

[edit on 6-2-2007 by tormentor]

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 08:35 PM
Oh Dearest,
Please don't change the dark/light settings, it has noticeably reduced the eye strain, for me that is, I no longer need to wear sunglasses, permanently, viewing ATS.

Esthetically I find it has a rather professional, sincere appearance.

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 10:13 PM
I really love the look of this site, including the white-on-gray print. So consider this a vote for Dark Matter.

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 11:40 PM
I lovve Dark Matter, but I can adapt to Plasma as well.

posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 02:42 AM
i personally have no problem with the dark matter, but the new one looks just as good. As long as I get my great info from the site it could be pink for all i care.

posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 07:13 AM
I love the dark matter style. There has to be a way that people who like the other style can just click a button to change it back anf forth. Don't worry about me, Dark matter seems to suit this site more than light colours.

posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 09:02 AM
The banners are just as eye catching however the text is far easier to read another ATS hit

posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 10:27 AM
I like the new format very much. I like the fact that we can upload videos from Google and YouTube.

I am a member who is always satisfied with this site and keep coming back for more. I think the new format is easy on the eye and the mind. I like the white on black. Also, you can reverse it yourself, if you prefer. I like the format, because it does add the air of mystery related to ATS.

posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 07:53 PM
I like the dark coloring and light text, it's easier for me to read. Personally, I think members should be able to switch between Plasma and Dark Matter for their own likings, maybe?

posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 11:38 PM
I dont personally like it
(used to the pre dark, still getting used to the new one), But the "light" does look alot more busy and interactive, a little less "secret" looking and more academic looking.
If it "had to be" i wouldnt oppose, It is very nice

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 04:54 AM
Plasma looks a lot better than DM and is easier on the eyes.

I'd go for the Plasma, and would be able to spend more time reading than with DM. I'm all for attention getting on the front page, be it black, white, leapord skin shag, that's cool, but what may work well to wow people is not the best for serious exchange and discussion that happens here, where wow factor is less important and being able to comfortably read.

Make the newbie grabbing pages nice and shiny with plenty of e-doohickery and whizzbangery, and once you've got their attention, provide a sensible and accessible way to exchange ideas and information.

Out of all the sites i regularly visit, none are pretty, but they have good content that's easily readable, and before pre-DM ATS was usually my first stop. Now i check the recent posts page occasionally and struggle through reading a post or two, i find my eyes try to read the dark parts and i end up looking "around" the text (only way i can describe it) and i have to force myself to focus on the light. After a short while i just can't keep reading and i quit trying.

Yay Plasma!

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