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Saturn Worship?

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 04:16 PM
Please rich1974, you're over-generalizing.

As posted above, there are two basic ways to worship Saturn(Binah/Jehovah-Elohim):

Chaste and not-chaste.

Not all Saturn worship is "evil".

Black Magicians are the ones who invert the attributes of Jehovah-Elohim within themselves in their tenebrous rites.

And yes, Saturn is related to the KA-AB-BA of ALLAH, and also to the Philosophical Stone and the Heliogabalus.

Stones, Metals, and Gems - The Secret Teachings of All Ages

...Chief among these is the one concerning the famous black stone in the seat of the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey, which is declared to be the actual rock used by Jacob as a pillow. The black stone also appears several times in religious symbolism. It was called Heliogabalus, a word presumably derived from Elagabal, the Syro-Phœnician sun god. This stone was sacred to the sun and declared to possess great and diversified properties. The black stone in the Caaba at Mecca is still revered throughout the Mohammedan world. It is said to have been white originally and of such brilliancy that it could be seen many days' journey from Mecca, but as ages passed it became blackened by the tears of pilgrims and the sins of the world.

Heliogabalus Stone

A reference to the Cubic Stone of Yesod. Historically, a large black stone, a meteorite, that some describe from its image on coins and in sculpture as shaped like a bee-hive; others as phallic. This stone first appears in history atop its altar in the temple of Emesa on coins minted in the reign of Caracalla. It was taken by Varius Avitus Bassianus, Roman emperor (218-222), during his own reign, to Rome, and placed in a huge temple dedicated to it on the Palatine hill. Each summer, of the three he spent there, he led the stone in ceremonial procession, attended by musicians and dancers, to another palace in a garden at the outer edge of Rome. At the end of summer he would take it back to the Palatine. This is recorded in his coinage, as well as in the written sources. Varius was appointed priest of the sun-god Elagabal, whose name he adopted. Heliogabalus lived in Rome as an oriental despot and, giving himself up to detestable sensual pleasures, degraded the imperial office to the lowest point by most shameful vices, which had their origin in certain rites of oriental naturalistic religion.

The goal of the AL(LAH)-KHEM(ET)-ist or HERM-etist, is to Whiten her or his Philosophical Stone which was turned black because of fornication.

Klipoth 8: Uranus - Gnosis - Practical Gnosticism

...The Israelites in the story realize they have made a mistake (because of conscious remorse), and they appeal to Moses, to pray on their behalf so they can be healed. Moses does this. And God tells him, "Raise a fiery serpent upon a staff, and anyone who looks upon it will be healed." - A Serpent of Brass - Nahash.

Now in Alchemy, the tradition of alchemy, we have the same symbol: "Polish the brass and burn your books." Polish the brass; this is referring to Nahash, the Brass and the Serpent.

Brass (or rather, bronze) is a compound metal. You make bronze by combining copper and tin. Copper is related to Venus, and Tin is related to Jupiter. So you see: feminine and masculine. But in order to do this, alchemically speaking, these metals have to be pure; if there are any impurities that bond does not happen. The brass cannot be created if impurities are in the furnace.

So "to polish the brass" means to combine the masculine and feminine metals and perfect the metal that arises from that combination. This is what is meant by "descend into the ninth sphere," to work in alchemy, to polish those metals. And by this means, the brazen serpent is risen upon the staff, which is the spinal column.

God tells Moses, "Make a brass serpent and raise it upon a staff, and anyone who looks upon it will be healed." The symbol here is that anyone who wants to be healed of the damage, the suffering that they've incurred because of the fiery serpents, has to work in alchemy, in other words "Transmutation."...

We have to ask Binah/Orifiel/Saturn/Jehovah-Elohim, the Holy Spirit, to purify our Philosophical Stone(Yesod); and the Archangel Gabriel(who announces the Immaculate Conception) is the one who works for Oriphiel or Jehovah-Elohim within Yesod:

...While the Prophet was still but a toddling babe(Initiatically speaking), the Angel Gabriel(Yesod) with seventy wings came to him, and cutting open the child, withdrew the heart(of the Atom Nous of Christ). This Gabriel(Yesod/Generation) cleansed(through White Tantra) of the black drop of original sin(which is ejaculation/fornication) which is in every human heart because of the perfidy of Adam(related to Tiphereth) and then returned the organ to its proper place(invigorated by the Christic Fire of Kundalini) in the Prophet's body...


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posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 12:45 AM
"And the hint of Anti Semitism didn't go unnoticed."

The Zionist crimes against humanity in the past and constantly in the present didn't go unnoticed either.

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 01:23 AM
Speaking of Saturn and 6-pointed figures:

Saturn has a rotating hexagon (6 sides) on one of its poles. Four Earths could fit inside of it, and scientists think it has to do with resonant properties of Saturn and its storms/winds, but it's still not very well understood.

It was first recorded in 1979, and was still there in 2007.

More info:

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by Ghaele

Hello There!

Just some points of information for you really.

The book of Amos mentions the star Chuin Remphan. (Holy Bible)

You must consider that Heaven is what we now call outer space, that is where the Gods reside. The Heliocentric view of the Universe i.e. the Sun is standing still and all else spins around it is a fairly new vision of the operation of the Universe. Until it was put forward the Earth stood still and all else revolved around it. Thus the Sun spun around us very quickly and the object furthest from view was the planet Saturn. As we, at that time, considered Earth to be the 'bottom' of the Universe Saturn was at the top and spun around at the top of Heaven, on his throne. Saturn was at the limit of human sight. (People today are confused because they have had so many pictures of outer space and planets etc shown to them and they have, as individuals failed to recognise the difference between being an earth based human observer and a spce going technology user. That is. With your own human eye you cannot differentiate (in distance) between the stars. Thay are all white and appear to be on the inner surface of a ball (which in navigational terms is the Celestial Sphere). Gods hand (spinning Saturn) was what turned the sphere and so spin was transmitted throughout space by God.

I understand that you may find this difficult to understand and perhaps i am not being very clear however if you take the time to consider Illuminated Manuscripts of the European Medieval period I am sure that you will see what I mean.

Up to the 'discovery' of the NEW world, Europe, China, Russia, etc where all that was known in the world and it was their mathematics and desciption of the Heavenly motions which comprises the original religious texts and belief systems. Many people today from Judeo, Christian and Islamic belief systems seem to me to be quite ignorant of the entirely different way in which motion in the Heavens was described and the different technology etc that was derived from such. The Islamic book describes that 'We made all things from water', a description that was shown to be incorrect in 17-18th century England (listen to Noam Chomsky's lecture Linguistics and Philosophy from his website for further confirmation).

The New World Order is literally that. Look at the newly derived descriptions of the planetary motions (have taken several hundred years to evolve. The old paths of the stars were worked out using a system of epicycles, perfect circles with adjustments being made by the addition (somewhere) of a new cirlce.

Washington DC is a City state, having its own Laws SEPARATE from that of the land upon which the City resides. The United States Corporation is a Corporation foreign to America. The City of London is another such City state and Vatican City being the third and last. It is generally considered that Washington is the home of Defence, London that of Finances and Vatican of Religion. Please watch 'It's an illusion' by John Harris available on You Tube for more information about how this affects the people of the United Kingdom. You may also want to listen to Jordan Maxwell's audio lectures on The Law and the Men in Black.

For those who would say 'That's religion not politics, that's secret societies not law, that's not truth but opinion'.

Law came forth from religion (latin - religio - to hold back, restrain)
Secret societies are religious in nature e.g Freemasonry, Satanism, Catholicism, Protestantism
Out of all possible histories of Humanity only one occured
Look, Listen and Integrate

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by rich1974

I know its old, but the betrayal of human race happened from Saturn. We dont name this pest as " saturn " ... We call him Kronos.

there is a brotherhood of the saturn, that they consider it as the acult of the fallen.

Kronos fleet betrayed human race, instead of protecting it and he allowed the reptiles invade planet earth. Those who praise YAH (dragonian commander) or dragonian god, the chinese dragon headed and turtle body... Also praise Kronos, because all these things happened because of Kronos.

so whatever side of the coin you grab... The sci-fi one (Kronos fleet and reptile invaded earth) or the paranormal one (Kronos as a Titan and the fallen) its the same thing.

In the sci-fi part, Kronos fleet was part of the alliances through galaxies, the centrals was Andromeda council and they always send a fleet to protect worlds, Kronos was the 4th, its time andromeda sends forces to replace the old ones.. So Kronos was the 4th mission. They carried armies and schientists to search, research new worlds... also protect. In another part of the galaxy, dragonians lost and medussa fall. 2 smaller dragonian fleets, escaped the destruction and they entered our solar system. Kronos loved power and he allied with the reptiles, to allow them stay in our solar system. The reptiles tried 2 times to invade earth, one was 20.000 ago, they failed to align the LEVAN (moon) in to earths orbit and the second one was 13000 years ago. They left the hybrids into Atlantis and they corrupted the posidonians.

It was the first time they tried to implement the one world order and they failed by the Athenians. Yah got ungry and with magnetic field canons he bombard earth, he broke the crust of the earth, he sunk middle earth and atlantis... Thats how the cataclysmic event accured etc etc etc... thats the sci-fi part of the story. (Atlantis was not the true name, but Poseidonia instead).

so thats why they love kronos. The star of david is Seirios - A

And the world is split in 2... Seirios - A for us is all the bad races and abominations... the rebels.

We consider as good forces Seirios - M and some B.

I hope I helped.
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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 09:18 AM
Saturn Worship, and its Satan type anagram, or another way, SAURON, is the dark side of the coin, and what these guys are into, their symbolic or real dark star. Depends on whether you consider that Saturn may be the real Nibiru and another solar system that entered in some time ago. Don't know.

In any case, it is the the coding for El, in Caanite, for Dark Star, in Sumar, and also, the ancient uses of Sol, meant Saturn.

Now the true eye of Horus is our third eye.

For all the dark codes, there are infinite and abundant light codes, we're not supposed to be in such a fallen state we twist things around backwards.

But those mismanaging this world (so called elites) are least grown up amongst us, and are in an extremely fallen state.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 09:28 AM
I guess none of your 2million+ stars came from Jews?
Ancient Jewish Kabbalah has no fear of speaking of Planets
Moons and Stars. As a matter of fact, Astrology is a big part
of Kabbalah. The fear that if you speak of a planet, it's obviously
the Devils work, is a decidedly Christian prejudice.

How do you have 2 million stars?

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 09:43 AM
Yes, and Veda's too.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

forgot to type it.. there is so many..

all these families who pretend to be pathetic queens and marries... In our modern times we have some "leftovers" and many of them turn into politics, families who take the power through politics... We call them Kronians. We are called in our ancient books as Urinides, from Uranos (part of Mythology)...

That is also translated as traitors... They love power and they always pass it through their family members, or members from the same faction. They praise Kronos and there is stories that they merged their DNA with the reptiles to be perfected, thats what their perverted minds think.. The hybrids I wrotte in the prev message, are a combination of reptile and andromedan dna... be able to survive into earth conditions and atmosphere.. anyway there is so many things....

Other than that, rebels also have pliadians, vrills, etc... that they hide and pretending to be the messengers of light.. lol

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