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My Personal Sighting

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posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 10:04 PM
A lot of people post information about their sightings, so I figured that I would add my own to the mix, and see what people thought.

During the mid-nineties, perhaps 1996 or so, my father was driving me home from a meeting. The time was approximately 9:20PM or so. My parents live in southern New Hampshire, which, before the urban sprawl (and even still at my home) was very dark at night and allowed for tremendous visibility at night.

We dropped my friend off at his house, and began backing out of his driveway. This particular friend lived on the same street as me. As we backed out, I observed a black, triangular object in the sky. It appeared to be approximately 300 or 400 feet in the air. It was approximately the size of a full moon, maybe 3/4 of the size. It was moving a bit slower than a Cessna would (I have a relative who is a private pilot and have seen enough to make such a comparison), and was moving approximately east to west.

I have included a rudimentary (really rudimentary
) picture of the object that I observed.

What struck me was the peculiar arrangement of lights on the underside. It is nothing that I have seen on the underside of a conventional aircraft, even today. And I am not familiar with the configuration of lights on the underside; even the planes that have landing lights for touchdowns during the nighttime have one light, and generally brighter and more centralized. Furthermore, it did not include the FAA regulation red and green lights, which would have positively proven it to be terrestrial.

My father observed it as well, and surmised it to be an airplane preparing to land. However, we live over 10 miles from the nearest airport, and it is a small municipal airport. Even today I can't help but wonder about that sighting.

Other than just putting this out there as another piece of the puzzle, the question that I have, and one that I am hoping that people can help me with is whether the object I observed was an airplane? Whether there is some airplane known to the public that has that configuration of lights on the underside? And, of course, if anyone has seen something similar, I would like to hear about such an experience as well.

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posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 03:11 PM
I'm amazed how other people could read this and move on to other threads after thinking to themselves "Oh, another triangle shaped craft." I would kill to see such a thing moving across the night blocking out 1 or 2 thirds of the moon. It doesn't sound like a conventional craft of any kind that terrestials have i.e. no port or starboard lights, no running cental lights, etc). Some possibilities that come to mind are that you saw a black ops vehicle running some tests, extraterrestial craft making their rounds looking for someone or just going for a joyride or humans from the future going on a time travel adventure. Think Carnival Time Travel ship complete with accomodations, viewports, dining facilities and a swimming pool. I lean towards my first quasi conclusion about a recon airship in the shape of a triangle but then again you never know.
I too saw a strange object so I reported to MUFON. I spoke to a fellow on the phone from their offices and since I had no camera with me for photo evidence I never heard from them again. I haven't even bothered to list the sighting here (sighting lasted 15 minutes before it moved erractically (it zipped around in the air unlike any aircraft I ever saw) before dramactically moving upwards through the clouds. My wife and I were stunned that we we're in a public place surrounded by many people but no one even cared to look up and see what the commotion was about. People just walk around like sheep with their eyes on the ground while they carry their car keys. Anyways, I appreciate you posting this sighting because I knew that other people see them too but they are afraid of posting or alerting somebody due to their embarrassment of seeing something out of the ordinary or being labled crazy.

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