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1,000 turkeys in Suffolk UK died from bird flu

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posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 07:32 PM

About 1,000 Turkeys found dead at a Bernard Matthews farm in suffolk (Great Britain) confirmed to have died from Bird flu!!

This is very disturbing, for me, because i have a packet of Bernard Matthews turkey ham sitting in my fridge

Anyone no if there is any chance of transmission from eating infected meat?

Seems like this problem is spreading fast!!

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 08:02 PM
2nd time in a year that its happened there,

there still in the testing stage to see what strain it is, but I really would not worry to much at the sec,

unless you are living with them bird then I don't feel that there is reason to be to concerned,

Guess just be couscous,

Dont worry about that packet meat
Just make sure tyou cook your chicken and turkeys well,

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 08:48 PM
Google Maps Link

Google Earth Link

Location (from what i can make out) and 1 mile exclusion zone marked on maps.

Ill get a network link up in the next 24hs, got a bad feeling we might need it

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 10:55 PM

Originally posted by undercoverchef

This is very disturbing, for me, because i have a packet of Bernard Matthews turkey ham sitting in my fridge

When I herd the news I was eating two soft boiled eggs - no kidding!!

IMO you shoudn't worry about eating bird produce, espically if its well cooked. From what i've seen it seems to be direct contact with ill animals when the flu is transmitted.

God help us if the status quo changes tho.

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posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 05:13 AM
Confirmed - H5N1

News just in on BBC News 24... 2,600 bird confirmed dead... Tests have been carried out and it IS the H5N1 strain of flu.


posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 05:47 AM
Here a link.....

Source: H5N1 strain at UK farm


posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 05:53 AM
Asala - you say this is the 2nd time it's happened there? When was the first?

SKY news are showing Bernard Matthews factory and trucks, this supplier provides poultry to every supermarket in the UK.

It's a bit disturbing that it was announced by the EU and not the UK or DEFRA the UK organisation that is in control over this. If it was known Tuesday then why didn't the UK make announcement?

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 06:02 AM
May need to correct what i said, Its the 2nd time that this has happened here, and not far from Suffolk,

In May last year, more than 50,000 chickens were culled after an outbreak of the H7 bird flu in farms in the neighbouring county of Norfolk.

One member of staff at the farm contracted the disease and was treated for an eye infection.

The Government are meeting this morning to see what plans are going to have to be pit in place,

That will be on the news shortly,

The nexts steps ill be haveing the workers tested to make sure,

And also to work how this has got in to the farm,

and then they will look at how far they need to get the zones bigger,

Its odd as this even there is very well contained we are led to believe,

heres a map of the Area,

What we have to remember is not to panic,

There is little risk to the public,

Unless you live of work with the animals then you should try and not worry to much,

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posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 06:12 AM
kickoutthejams the first outbreak in the uk was last may/jun in Cellardyke in Fife Scotland.

A swan was found in the harbour by a local.

What is funny in my mind about the whole affair is the facts that....

A. As we watched the disease travel west from china, the supposed disease was found in all cases in either Buzzards or Swans.

B. In the case of the uk outbreak on the same day the government was carrying out a tabletop bird flue outbreak drill, what are the chances of that really happening?

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posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 06:40 AM
Yes I was aware of the Scotland swan, ah the other was the H7 outbreak fair enough.

It's intruguing that these were Bio-secure units though, an expert says a small bird carrying the virus must have got in through a ventilator or something similar. Which does suggest that this site may well not be the only site as a Biosecure unit is unlikely to be point of origin.

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 07:08 AM
OMG Run for the hills.......bird flu is coming.........

My word this....."Deadly H5N1 Virus"......."PANDEMIC".......(media words not my'n) has killed nearly 150 people throughout the entire world

More people are killed on roads in the world every HOUR......

Total media hype......another "food scare"......absolutley ridiculous

Although......other important issues seem to have conveniently dissapeared for the government.........


posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 07:15 AM
I'm not advocating panic but I highly doubt this is a staged 'scare' as this one has Bernard Matthews written all over it. They would have been better off having an unnamed farm not a household brand. The economic damage of this will be huge because of the brand. I can't see any company that size being in on a scare when it's gonna cripple them.

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 07:29 AM
I dont think it's staged either.......

It's just being blown out of all I said more people are killed on the worlds roads every hour than have ever been killed by H5N1....

DEFRA's inactivity earlier in the week is a good indication of how serious they think it is......

They are only doing something now the media is latched on to the subject.......just awaiting another unecessary mass cull like foot and mouth.......

I wonder what DEFRA will change their name to after this one......


posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 07:44 AM
what I don't get about it is how it originates in a bio-secure environ? That's like having the black death break out in an isolation ward isn't it?

or is it bio-secure just isn't that secure?

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 08:36 AM
Could have walked in stuck to some careless boot.
tho i am not sure just how serious the Bio-security really is.....
The stuff surfaced in Japah again recently....few days ago....
And horror of horrors in cats and dogs in indonesia...
Not that they are going to go mad and bite people, but it is a lot closer to people from their pets.
It isnt that 150 died,its 150 out of 2-300 human cases have died.+/-
Human to human transmission, has taken place too.
If you think about it its those who handle the raw meat that have come down with it as well.
ala the turkish kids using the head of a duck for a baseball etc.
Lets see....that makes weasels and birds and dogs and cats and some humans......pigs too....
This baby seems like it might just go all the way to widespread human transmission sooner or later..
Then it supposedly will come in three waves....the second one being the worst .....
Panic may be uncalled for but prudence is .....................
A virus that can persist even in a bio secure facility is not to be sneared at,even if Chaney and co are cashing in on huge profits on it.
NWO wants a world pop of 500 million...
see the new diseases pop up...
drug resistant TB
resistant strains of staph...
I remember the polio when i was young it was a very devastating scene for those infected...
If bird flu comes to anything like it only thousands of times worse it wont take a ww3 to crack our infrastructure,just a tiny bug.

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 09:00 AM
I wouldn't personally risk eating any poultry products that came from that supplier. A lot of the human cases so far have come from people eating infected poultry in third world countries. They didn't have much choice but to eat their birds that were too sick to sell in a market, but we do...

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 10:16 AM
Could NK be responsible for this bio terrorism ??

I think NK but if not then who ??

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 12:56 PM

Originally posted by reaper2

Could NK be responsible for this bio terrorism ??

I think NK but if not then who ??

You are joking right?

Where the hell do you get bio-terrorism from?

Yea with all the sabre rattling the US are doing over NK, Iran etc the obvious target would be the 51st state wouldn't it? Oh wait there the UK ain't officially the 51st state yet is it?

God this place is so full of paranoiac fups. I should know I'm one.

Its actually a US black op to divert attention from Iraq Afghanistan and 911, nudge, nudge wink, wink say no more. Mums the word...

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 12:59 PM

I wouldn't personally risk eating any poultry products that came from that supplier. A lot of the human cases so far have come from people eating infected poultry in third world countries. They didn't have much choice but to eat their birds that were too sick to sell in a market, but we do...

Eating a well cooked bird kills the strain, there is no risk at all unless you are eating raw chicken/turkey,

the birds that where infected where no where near the food chain so really no chance of getting in to what we eat, and even if it did as long as what we eat is cooked well, then there's no risk,

This is the same strain that killed in indonesia BUT they live with there chickens, something that is not done on these farms in the UK.

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 01:08 PM
Jsut some Facts to keep in mind,

What is bird flu?
Also known as avian influenza, bird flu is an infectious disease of birds caused by a variant of the standard influenza A virus.
It was first noted by veterinary scientists in the early-1900s.Since mid-December 2003, a growing number of south east Asian countries have reported outbreaks of bird flu in chickens and ducks.
The virus can spread rapidly through flocks of domestic poultry. It is the H5N1 strain which is infecting humans and causing high death rates.

How does it affect humans?
Humans can catch bird flu directly through close contact with live infected birds, and those who work with infected chickens are most at risk.
If the virus mutates into a form that can be passed between humans, it could result in the infection spreading rapidly across the globe.

What are the symptoms?

In humans, symptoms include fever, sore throats and coughing.
People can also develop conjunctivitis.
It takes three to five days to develop symptoms.
The H5N1 strain is the most deadly type of the bird flu virus with 50 per cent of victims dying.
Chickens may die without showing any symptoms but typically birds suddenly show swelling about the eyes and ear lobes.

How severe is the disease?

It varies. In Hong Kong in 1997 an outbreak of the H5N1 bird flu virus affected 18 people and caused six deaths.
In the current outbreak human illness is very severe in most cases.
Forty nine countries have so far had H5N1 outbreaks among birds, and 200 million birds have died or been culled.
Which countries have been affected in the current outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI)?
So far the disease has been found in Japan and Korea, south east Asia, north east and the north west coast of Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan and across Europe, especially in Germany.

Should we stop eating chicken?
No. There is no evidence that cooked poultry can infect people. You need to be in close proximity to live, infected birds to catch the current mutation of the virus.

What should I do if I find a dead wild bird?
The Health Protection Agency advises the public should not unnecessarily handle dead or diseased wild birds or other dead animals, which almost always pose a variety of disease risks.
The agency warns almost all human cases of infection with HPAI H5N1 confirmed to date have been associated with close contact with infected poultry.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has a hotline for people to contact on 08459 335577.

Taken from The Sun

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