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A Few Dream Experiences - Feedback Please (sort of long)

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posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 06:43 PM
Hello BTS,

This is one of my first posts and have been an avid reader for quite a while now. Lately i've been having some really odd experiences and figured what a better place to get feedback then BTS. So without any further delay, lets begin to explain..

The first account is a reoccuring dream from as far back as I can remember. This dream carrys a significant persona of sleep paralysis, and ill do my best to paint your minds with what happened. As I lay in bed and begin to dream, even before it happens, I know when I am going to have this dream. There is no signs, lights, sounds, anything of any sort to warn me, but for some reason I just know. This is when every time I attempt to run towards the door before it happens, but always slams shut right before I reach it. Then sets in the paralysis, but not total. Think of swimming in a very thick substance where you can barely move. A terrible sense of dread and fear used to come with these dreams, that is until recently. During my dreams, when I feel this event begin to unfold, I actually try to confront this force. When I wake up, I try to get back to sleep to re-enter into this state of paralysis and fear, why? I have no idea, but I acutally enjoy the sensation.. anyway, yes, a bit odd, but thats just the first.

The second weird dream-like event for me is what I call "limbo". On the verge of falling asleep and dreaming I find myself in a paralysis state. This is not your normal sleep paralysis though, there is no "unseen being" just out of sight, there is no negative energies, its just me and my body and mind. This is where my futile attempts at seperation occur. I can feel my astral body trying to "sit up" out of myself.. but each time im unable to "disconnect" totally, although I am able to look around, hear, and see just as if I was awake... I think because I try to hard. The weird thing is, I am able to enter and exit this state several times before finally just going to sleep. Again, extremely lucid while doing this, I know that I am not awake yet not sleeping.

Next on the list is just your normal lucid dream. I awoken to my room and conciously floated about, slowly testing the water because this was one of my first lucid dreams where I was able to fly. What a wonderful feeling, so free, and nothing to worry about. This was the best lucid dream so far in my opinon because there was no negative undertones, only a very positive experience.

Now for the fourth occurance, this isnt so much a dreaming thing, but its in my head. Sometimes while laying in bed at night, ill hear voices yell into my ear. Now I know people say they hear voices, and ill get into that next paragraph, but this is literally sounding like someone is standing next to me and yelling right next to me. It dosent happen all the time, but it happens,

Lastly, this last one was so profound it made me want to post these on here. It happened today at work, I was sitting in my chair as normal and started to get a little tired. I put my head down to rest it and little and heard oddest noises... first, i would heart what sounded like chairs rolling on a tile floor. Hundreds of them. Then the second I lifted my head up, it went away. I repeated this several times all for the same result... except for the last time. The last time I heard the voice of a young girl talking to me very rapidly yet extremely coherent. I forget what she was talking about, but i was completely concious during this. She spoke for approxamately a minute, where then I started hearing a male voice asking questions, but was unable to move. I could of asked questions back but decided just to listen. After this, then I resume my normal work routine, just with a bit of the unexplained in the mix..

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