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The purpose of Bush's "Iran threat" theory

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posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 01:13 AM
when the white house and congress were arguing about the Bush's decision of adding more troops to Iraq,the war drum of US invade Iran is becoming more and more loud.US not only claim that Iran have the nuclear weapon plan,but also claim that iran involving into Iraq,supporting Shiite trainband against US army.when the situation become more and more intense,a Washington's middle east expert come out and explain to the outside world that Bush administration pull the alarm of war on Iran is just intend to satisfy it's own political profit,they don't want start war on Iran now.

"It's just the exhibit of so called gunboat diplomacy"Washington Middle East Institute expert Dr. Marvin Weinbaum said to media."the situation is not ready for them to start another war on Iran,to explain the uncompromising attitude of Bush administration toword Iran,I just can say the Bush administration is intend to transfer public attention about Iraq,blame the failure on Iraq to Iran.they can say the reason of why we cann't achieve victory in Iraq is because Iran is against us,that make things difficult.

according to Columbia University middle east academy expert Gary Sick.The Bush administration is adjusting it's middle east policy,enhance the propagandize of "Iran threat" could not only transfer the public attention about Iraq,but also make a policy that can accept by both republican and Dlemocrat,and fix the relation between US and it's middle east ally.

"the new policy is mainly about to against Iran,limits the influence of Shiite who stand on Iran side",Gary Sick said to media."this policy of US can accept by some of it's ally in middle east,not only Israel,but also some Sunnite country,like Saudi Arabia,Egypt and Jordan.the characteristic of this union is that some Arabia country may inhibit it's own fear toword Israel,even cooperate with Israel,because they also afraid of Shiite become too powerful.

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