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Thomas the Doubtful

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posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 12:28 AM
there were 12 apostles
scratch that
judas killed himself
there were 11 apostles

10 of them were so happy to see "jesus" again
they had absolute faith
they did not question

and then 1 by the name of thomas asked for proof
he doubted

and this story is told to make the 10 apostles out to be better for their blind faith

why don't we view thomas as the greater for not being subject to blindness and peer pressure?
why is the actively questioning apostle seen as the bad one?

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 11:54 AM
I think there were like 3 misfits and a chick....

and none were named Jesus THEN because Mexico was not yet raped by the Spaniards...and Quetzalcoatl was not in two places at once....
but Judas was Thomas who was also Didymus...twins with the one was kissed the other but none really doubted...what was there to doubt when it was all about establishing faith to create the here and now?

names repeat over and over mostly James and John and Mary (the last two being the most popular boys and girls name for the biggest part of the 20th century!)

later jimi janis jim but always there is a john yet the name jane and janis and joan mean the same as john as does even ann and hannah....john and jane doe...easy to lose such a one in the crowd, too

remember toward the end of jerusalem the romans crucified so many jews in general they ran out of trees
and seemingly verified

doesn't matter though i guess

the end justifies the means

BUT i think most will be either really pissed
or highly entertained
if its like it appears to me (in my crystal ball which has not lied once to me and even proved one vision on TV in front of lie) at any rate i plan on in the street because any change at this point is going to be an opportunity for improvement

Summer of love do-over: 2008
Be there or be
somewhere else

at any rate the old and tired solutions just aren't working! for anyone! but who has a plan? i do....and i got....people
and i tend to agree with Mark Twain on that subject - and many others as well

hope you salted all that liberally, my dear...i'm just feeling ornery today - because what i could say no one would hear so i'll just make it into mud pie

peace madness
happy groundhog day!

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