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Night vision Equipment.

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posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 07:18 PM
Hello, i am a Canadian who is working on Equipping for investigative work in this area of interest(ATS Subjects)
What I am asking for is some advice on purchasing Night Vision equipment.
I can get a limited supply of Russian second and third generation stuff in a surplus shop near vancouver...
Prices run from 800 to the high teens in canadian bucks...
Is there any expertise out there who can direct me to a cheaper or better
buy in this gear?
I am persona non grata in the good old USA....but i do have a credit card and email so figure the states may be a better place to find good stuff.
The sec gen soviet stuff hurts my eyes to use...the the third gen is getting expensive, and batteries may not be available for ever.
How about commercially available stuff?
All i have right now is an illuminated redfield scope for a rifle...
any tips?
I believe that this gear is an nessential and am willing to go to some trouble to get good dependable gear,but am not unlimited as to funds...
it isnt available at Canadian Tire stores thats for sure.....

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